If you’re a student, you’re most likely a heavy writer. From taking notes, to writing essays and completing homework, the frustration of a broken pencil point is like no other. Afterall, a trusty pencil is one of the most important school supplies for students of all ages.

With Zebra Pen’s DelGuard Mechanical Pencil, you can solve all your lead breakage problems, and still write with precision and comfort. The unbreakable lead breakthrough in our DelGuard Mechanical Pencil is the latest in mechanical pencil invention. This new innovation will allow you to write smoothly while eliminating lead breakage to keep you writing without irritating interruptions.


A standard mechanical pencil is typically constructed with one spring around the lead. With only one spring surrounding the lead, it is left vulnerable to breakage. The more the pencil is clicked, the more likely the lead is to break. However, the DelGuard Mechanical Pencil is changing the game for how mechanical pencils are assembled. Instead of only one spring protecting the lead, this new pencil has two springs playing defense.

Made a slip while writing in your notebook? No worries! The convenient eraser located under the plunger cap easily fixes mistakes with minimal shedding and no ripping or ghosting to ensure clear and concise writing every time.

The DelGuard Difference

With a double spring mechanism that absorbs pressure at any angle, the DelGuard Mechanical Pencil works with all writing styles.
The DelGuard features include:
  • 3 Click Lead Advancement: Click the pencil once, click it twice, click it even three times and the lead still will not break.
  • Zero Lead Clogging: Lead clogging is also prevented because the internal mechanical parts guard the lead. This feature even solves the problem of those small lead bits, so they won't get misaligned and clog the pencil.

  • Double Spring Mechanism: technical novelty, the double spring mechanism absorbs pressure at two angles. No matter how it is held or how hard it is pressed, this new technology does not let lead break or clog. The lead is protected by the double spring mechanism leaving it virtually unbreakable. One spring softens the vertical pressure, while the second spring absorbs pressure from the diagonal writing angle. This reduces the overall pressure on the lead causing less breakage.
  • Innovative New Design: Currently, there is no other mechanical pencil with this new technology on the market. The advancements made by the engineers of the DelGuard Mechanical Pencil will leave even the most devoted mechanical pencil users impressed.

The sleek barrel and precise point of a Zebra DelGuard Mechanical Pencil take style and innovation to the next level, making it the perfect pencil for all your studying, notetaking, and daily needs. Say goodbye to the annoyance of lead breakage and hello to smooth and confident writing. This cutting-edge mechanical pencil is the last mechanical pencil you will ever need. It is available in three stylish colors: Black, Blue, and White and is offered in 1 pack or 3 packs that include lead refills.  We also offer DelGuard eraser refills. 

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