The holidays are a great time for teaching students to be thankful for everything that they have, and to have a kind and loving heart for others. With two seasonal holidays almost back to back, we thought it would be great to share some easy and fun lessons for kids of all ages.

Thanksgiving Activities:

Thankful Giving:
Thankful Giving

This activity will help students have a sharing heart during a time of thanksgiving. Hand out one Cadoozles mechanical pencil to each student, and allow them to offer their pencil to any student in the classroom. If done correctly, each student should be able to both give and receive a gift, and each student should feel a sense of purpose when giving another student a gift, while at the same time, feeling a sense of joy when receiving a pencil from another student. Who knows, they may want to start a collection!

What would you erase last:

What Would You Erase Last

Have students pick 5 things in their life that they love. It can be people, places or things. Ask them to write their 5 things with Cadoozles mechanical pencils on a sheet of paper (spread it out so they can write a few sentences underneath each thing). Once the students have their 5 picks, ask them to erase the least important thing, and write a few sentences of what life would be like without that thing. Continue the sequence until they are left with one thing. Ask them to try to do something nice for that person, or to visit that place during Thanksgiving break.

Draw, erase, draw, dash:

Draw Erase Draw Dash

Each student has a piece of paper, and one Cadoozles mechanical pencil. Students put their desks together in a circle, gather around in a circle and draw something that makes them smile. A timer is set for 30-seconds. Once the timer starts, the students draw something that makes them smile. Once the timer goes off, the students have to get up, move counterclockwise to the desk next to them. The timer is set again for 30-seconds. Once the timer goes off, the student will erase part of the drawing, and add something encouraging to it. Continue the rotation until every student has the opportunity to draw something. The end result will be a fun drawing that each student contributed to. Each student now has a class collaboration that they can bring home and put on the fridge for all to see!

Christmas Activities:

Oh, Christmas Cadoozles Tree
Oh Christmas Cadoozles Tree

If you’re really feeling festive, and you’re able to have a Christmas tree in your classroom, then this activity’s sure to please! Individually wrap a Cadoozles mechanical pencil, and add a nametag label for each student in your class. Add a string so each pencil can be hung from the tree, and spend some time during class letting each student come up one-by-one to redeem their reward! If you want to sprinkle in a little learning for the reward, ask each student a question that they can answer. Once the question is answered, the student can search for their Cadoozles.

Shapes of a Gift:

Shapes Of A Gift

Have your students team up in groups of 3 to 5. Give each group of students a set of 10-20 Cadoozles mechanical pencils, and give each group 5 minutes to create the outline of a gift that they would like to receive or give to someone. Have them do this 3 times, once for a gift they would all like to receive, once for a gift that they would all like to give, and once for a gift that isn’t tangible.

A Friend in Need:

A Friend In Need

Have students draw up an imaginative friend. Ask students to imagine this friend is struggling with an unfortunate situation. It could be a sickness, or just someone who is feeling sad or angry. Ask them to write a letter to this friend, and have them think of the things they would say to that person to encourage them and help them feel better.

Leader of the Pack:

Cadoozles Critter Pack

Students will answer a series of 10 fast-paced questions about Christmas history, or another subject of your choosing. A question is asked aloud, and the first student who raises his or her hand has the opportunity to answer the question. If a student answers correctly, that student will receive a point. The student with the most points wins a pack of Cadoozles mechanical pencils!