The new year is here, making it an ideal time to start implementing new resolutions. As a professional, it’s also a great time to start fresh with new habits that optimize productivity at work and at home. Consider using one of these resolutions to kick start your year in a positive way.

Focus on Financial Health

Minimize your financial stress this year and commit to your financial health. According to Forbes, a Stress in America survey published in November 2017 by the American Psychological Association states that 62% of Americans report being stressed about money. Everyone’s financial situation is different but creating a plan that combines your financial goals and objectives for the year can help you plan ahead and budget your money wisely. For more guidance, make an appointment with a financial advisor.

Utilize Career Resources

In a digital society, there is one social media platform that all professionals should be using—LinkedIn. According to Forbes, the majority of employers look for an online presence before hiring, even after an interview. Additionally, 98% of recruiters and 85% of hiring managers use LinkedIn to find candidates. Prior to LinkedIn, employers were investigating personal social media before hiring. LinkedIn is a professional platform that when used correctly, can give employers and recruiters the chance to pre-screen candidates before requesting an interview. This is not to say that employers don’t look at other social media platforms, because they do. However, LinkedIn is the perfect way to establish your professional persona.

Start Journaling

Keeping a journal is more helpful than you may realize. According to Entrepreneur, keeping a journal can not only help you disconnect from scrolling through apps and emails, but it can also help you reflect each day. Listing helpful advice from mentors in your journal can be a great way to stay motivated in a time of stress. Use your journal to vent in a productive way, collect compliments or words of encouragement, and share your dreams and goals for the future. Don’t worry about perfection, simply write what you feel and be authentic with your thoughts. This is a place for you to be unfiltered and real. Choose a high-quality journal and pen to make your journaling experience even better.

Love Your Writing Instruments

Whether you consider yourself a writer or not, most professionals use a pen or pencil on a daily basis. If you’re looking for professional success in 2019, set yourself up for success. Think about the habits you create, the positive attitude you demonstrate, and even the writing instruments you use. For a gel pen experience in a more weighted, sophisticated body, use Zebra’s Sarasa Grand. If you need a pen or pencil that is durable and stylish, Zebra’s STEEL collection of pens and pencils provides a diverse line of professional instruments.

Make Time for Yourself

One New Year’s resolution that should be on every professional’s list is to make time for yourself. It’s a common concept to try and achieve a healthy work/life balance, however, very few professionals maintain it. Take time this year to focus on you, however you see fit. If you feel that you need more time with your family, commit to spending more time with your loved ones regularly. Don’t forget to make time for yourself, and try to spend at least half an hour each day devoted to something you love, whether it’s exercising, reading, watching your favorite show or listening to a music or podcast.