Zebra STEEL's convenient metal clip makes it the perfect pen to take with you on the go. Combining style, strength, and value, carrying this pen makes a sophisticated statement. Show that you are prepared for anything by carrying your Zebra Steel Pen and these small, yet practical, 10 items with you when you're on the go.


1. Utility Keychain Keep your keys and pocket trinkets organized on a utility keychain. A stainless steel utility keychain is not only durable, it's sleek and efficient as well!

2. Business Cards Always be prepared, carry business cards! Networking can happen at the most random times so show that you are professional and ready for success in case someone ever asks you for your card.

3. Pen Refills Never fret when your favorite Steel ballpoint pen runs out of ink. Carry refills and enjoy Zebra STEEL's easy-refill ink!
4. Pocket Flashlight Perfect for working on a car, or when you get home late at night, keep a pocket flashlight on your utility keychain for easy access!
5. Leather Notebook/Pocket Notebook Jot down important notes and reminders to stay on top of your schedule.
6. Portable Phone Charger/Charging Cord Stay charged and accessible with a portable charger or charging cord for your phone!
7. USB Store and secure vital information, back up your photos, or print documents and photos from it. A USB is the perfect back-up for when technology fails.
8. Mints When chewing gum seems inappropriate, pop a mint and enjoy fresh breath. Use a stainless steel mint container for efficiency and a sleek look.
9. Money Clip or Wallet No need for bulky wallets! Keep your money secure with a money clip or slim card wallet.
10. Headphones Isolate yourself from distracting noise, listen to some soothing music, or be prepared for your evening workout by always carrying headphones!