Sandra Strait

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Artist Name: Sandra Strait
Artist Location: Portland, Oregon

Sandra Strait

Sandra Strait has been drawing ever since she can remember. Though art has never been her “day job,” Sandra has always found her way back to art. Social media has allowed Sandra to share her techniques and learn from others by posting art, blogs and step-out tutorials. She enjoys creating pieces by experimenting with different materials, and using each tool in inventive ways to diversify her creations.

Sandra finds Zen in art simply by putting marks on paper, and always trying new things. She is inspired by something new each day, and loves to make “accidents” on paper. She believes the best way to create new things is to try new things.

Fun facts about me

I like to start drawing and decide what to draw as I go.
I had lions and tigers as pets as a child.
I’ve been known to read up to 300 books a year.

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