Kelsey Seufer

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Artist Name: Kelsey Seufer
Artist Location: Denver, Colorado

Kelsey was born and raised in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado. At a young age, Kelsey knew that she was created to create. She began to be interested in all things creative from various art mediums to dance. Kelsey attended Colorado State University, where she studied Fine Art with a concentration in Graphic Design and Business. She graduated with a BFA and was motivated to immediately begin her design career.

Kelsey is a full-time art director and designer with a focus on in-house marketing agencies. While she enjoys graphic design, she missed being creative with her hands (instead of a mouse). Kelsey picked up hand lettering and calligraphy as a hobby in February 2018. Since then, she has been growing her lettering skills and utilizing a wide variety of mediums from brush pens and pointed pen calligraphy to watercolor and digital lettering.

Kelsey strives to create her own unique lettering style. It is ever-changing, though. She enjoys playing with various letter forms, ligatures and typographic layouts. She aspires to combine her hand lettering and design skills to create unique and effective pieces, whether it is for pure art and entertainment, or marketing initiatives in her professional career. She aspires to be a Creative Director some day and to be able to lead and mentor a full team of creatives. She is excited about how her skills have developed and can’t wait to see where they go in the upcoming years.

Kelsey lives in Parker, CO with her husband and two dogs. She is an active individual who enjoys working out, dancing, watching sports, and spending quality time with friends and family.

Fun facts about me

Kelsey has a background in competitive dance. She danced competitively growing up and on her high school and college dance teams. She has since danced in a local company, is a certified judge for dance competitions, and has taught dance and coached multiple competitive dance teams.

Kelsey’s creative design and lettering skills run deep in her blood. Her grandmother, a fine artist and calligrapher, her aunt, a graphic designer and creative director, and her mother, an interior designer, have all passed creative genes on and serve as constant inspiration for Kelsey’s creative career.

Kelsey owns over 1,000 pens, paints, and watercolors in order to create art in her small studio in her house.

Printable Art Tutorials

For designs that pop, check out this printable art tutorial by Kelsey. You’ll learn tips for hand lettering metallic ink on black paper. Click to download this printable PDF.

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