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Everything Students Need for Back to School

Everything Students Need for Back to School

It’s that time of year again!  The new school year is almost upon us, and now is the time to stock up on all the school supplies that you or your kids will need come the first day of school (and you better get out there and shop soon, before all of the good stuff is gone!).  At Zebra Pen, we love the back to school rush almost as much as we love pens—and that’s a lot of love.  But really what’s not to love?!  Back to school time means new beginnings, cooler weather, and, of course, new school supplies! Here’s a list of supplies you’ll probably need.

Writing Implements

  • Pencils

The pencil is a humble tool, except when it’s not. Every student in every grade needs one for test-taking, note-taking, math problems, sketching and drafting. Now more than ever, people are choosing mechanical pencils, because they are versatile, refillable, never need sharpening, and are fun to write with. Zebra offers a wide range of mechanical pencils, from the simple #2 needed for standardized tests, to the Z-Grip collection featuring fun patterns, to the DelGuard, the most advanced mechanical pencil for everyday use, with lead that is virtually unbreakable.





  • Pens
    A good pen is always appreciated, and there’s a world of pen options for every kind of student. Choose from ballpoint, gel, fountain and more. A range of point sizes, ink colors and barrel patterns provide both function and style, so you’re sure to find your new favorite pen from among the well designed, reliable and affordable pens offered by Zebra. Look for sturdy, well priced pens for younger students. Middle and high schoolers can find a pen that expresses their personality, and older students will appreciate mature options that are attractive and functional. Here are two popular choices: the sleek F-301 steel barrel pen, and the super smooth Z-Grip Plus.



  • Highlighters
    When it comes to test prep, highlighters are essential and improve study habits. But not all highlighters are alike. A versatile chisel tip like the one found on the no-smudge Steel H-301 lets you highlight blocks of text or underline precisely. Students also love the bold, versatile Zazzle Liquid Highlighter and the double-ended tip that doesn’t bleed through on the Zebrite Double-Ended Highlighter.






  • Colored Pencils
    Whether students are working hard on a drawing for their mom on Mother’s Day or color-coding their periodic table, they are going to need colored pencils. Our Cadoozles Starters Colored Mechanical Pencils are part of a whole new generation of colored pencils, wildly popular with kids of all ages. (Parents have been known to “borrow” Cadoozles Starters for their own projects.) Share the love!


  • Erasers
    Even the most perfect students make minor mistakes! A handy Eraser makes every student’s life just a little bit easier, while they toil away on math problems or attempt to find an object’s velocity. Stock up on these little essentials.


Craft Supplies

  • Crayons
    Crayons are a must-have for younger students, and many teachers include them on back to school supply lists. Every student should have crayons – just to bring a little color to their school projects.


  • Markers
    The crafty cousins to crayons, markers are also an essential for the creative student and art class projects. And don’t worry about your kids getting marker all over their clothes or hands, most markers are washable and non-toxic.


  • Glue Sticks
    Another essential, the youngest learners will be sure to need glue sticks when working on class projects. They come in different sizes, and most are washable and non-toxic.


  • Safety Scissors
    An arts and crafts staple, safety scissors are exactly what they sound like, and safe for little hands. They are the perfect addition to any basket of supplies needed for young students as they head back to school this fall.







  • Ruler
    As a rule, students will need a ruler. For classwork, art, crafts and projects, rulers come in different sizes, materials and colors. As students move up grades in school, math and science classes often require implement rulers, too!


Travel Essentials

  • Backpack
    For many students, the best part about going back to school is all the new accessories they get to sport. New backpacks are a perennial favorite.  Nothing makes students happier than getting to stroll into school on the first day with a brand new backpack with a cool design or their favorite superhero.


  • Lunchbox
    The perfect accompaniment to a new backpack is a new lunchbox! Kids will love busting out their cool, new lunchboxes to show their friends during lunchtime.  Find the cutest sets of backpacks and lunchboxes at your local retailers.



  • Pencil Case/Crayon Keeper
    Help your student to keep all of their pens, pencils, markers, crayons, etc. all together with a nice pencil case. It will make their lives that much easier when they know they can always reach in their bags and know exactly where to get a writing instrument.


Organization Tools

  • Notebooks
    Every student is going to need notebooks to take notes and do their schoolwork. From college-ruled lines to spiral binding to having graph paper, all notebooks are different so find the right one for your child’s back to school needs.


  • Folders
    Folders are ideal for helping students keep all of their handouts and assignments organized. There are many different styles, colors, and materials to choose from when it comes to folders, so find the one that best suits your child’s needs.


  • Planner
    Help students stay organized and on top of all their homework assignments and test dates by equipping them with a planner. The most studious and meticulous students will thank you for it!


  • Post-Its
    For the ultra-organized student, post-its are vital. They can be used to jot down memos, take small notes, study, make reminders, and so on.  You can start your student off small with a simple stack and move on to larger piles of post-its down the road.



  • Book socks
    As students begin to enter middle school and high school, teachers may start to require that they cover their text books. Book socks are a great and inexpensive way to protect your child’s text books.


  • Calculator
    Calculators get bigger and fancier as students move from grade to grade. From the simplest calculator to a big graphing calculator, make sure your student has what they need to succeed in their math and science classes!



  • USB Flash Drive
    High school and college students alike will need a flash drive to ensure that all of their files are backed up and saved. They save time and are hassle-free!