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Zebra’s Guide to Bullet Journaling

With the new year right around the corner, it’s time to start reflecting on the past year and planning for the future. Set your goals, make your to-do lists, start a new journal or sketchbook, and jot down notes to keep you on track this year. A bullet journal is a convenient, all-in-one organization system that can be all of these things and more this new year!

Bullet journals have become increasingly more popular, especially on social media. If you’ve heard of bullet journaling but still aren’t certain exactly how or why to do it, you’re not alone! To help you understand bullet journaling, Zebra has created a guide so that you can start your bullet journal this year!

What Is Bullet Journaling?

It’s a planner, to-do list, journal, notepad, and sketchbook all in one! Include what you want and leave out what you don’t want, as they’re completely customizable! Most importantly, your bullet journal can be whatever you want it to be. It’s meant to be convenient and suiting to your needs, to better ensure that it’s a system you can stick to and enjoy!

Some bullet journals use symbols to represent different items on a list. For example a small star can show priority. A heart can symbolize a quote you enjoyed and jotted down. An “X” can represent a cancellation. Create a key for all of the symbols you choose so that you can remember what each symbol means, and after a while, when you open your journal you will be able to skim it for the symbol of the item you are looking for!

Color coding is another way some people choose to organize their bullet journals. For example, you can use a red pen or pencil to write down your school work. You can use green for social events, blue for personal events such as doctors appointments, and orange for errands. Sarasa Fineliners are perfect for color coding. With 12 vibrant and quick-drying colors to choose from color coding will be a breeze, not to mention a great way to organize your bullet journal by distinct activities! If you prefer sophisticated writing and trendy colors, Sarasa Grand Retractable Gel Pens might be the right color scheme for you! With navy, gold, and rose gold color barrels, your bullet journal can be fun and stylish.

Why Should I Have One?

To reflect, plan, get organized, or to set goals and stick to them, bullet journaling can help with all of this! Ring in 2018 with healthy and helpful habits and track them with your bullet journal. Each year, many of us set goals and find ourselves falling short of them as the months progress. A bullet journal is the perfect way to keep yourself in check all the while organizing and planning your schedule by the day, week, month, or year! You should start a bullet journal to get creative, have fun, and help yourself in 2018.

 Inspiration for your Bullet Journal

Day Summary: Jot down some notes about what you did each day. This can help you to be productive or keep track of fun memories.

Daily Peak and Pit (High and Low): Make a note of the high part and low part of your day to think positively and critically about how you spend your time each day.

Meal Planner: Sometimes meal prepping just isn’t an option; meal planning is a useful alternative. Write down meal and snack ideas to stay on track with your goals this year.

Spending and Savings Tracker: Keep track of the money you earn and the money you spend to stay on top of your saving. If you’re planning to make a big purchase soon, this could help you meet your goal.

Inspiration Page: Write down inspirational quotes, movies, books, websites, and more. When you’re feeling down, open your bullet journal to your inspiration page to brighten your day!

When it comes to bullet journaling, there is no right or wrong. With creativity and the right tools, anyone can create a bullet journal designed to enhance your day to day, and stay organized all year!

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Spring Cleaning: 8 Ways to Clean Your Desk at Home and at Work and Boost Productivity

Spring is in the air! After an always-tiring winter, the promise of spring right around the corner is the perfect excuse to start making some changes. Spring is a time of renewal and beginnings. Though we are a few months into 2017, it’s not too late to start getting into good habits and dropping your old, bad ones. Truly, a good spring cleaning is all you need to kick-start a new found way of being. Spring cleaning isn’t limited only to your humble abode. Clean your desk at work, too! A clean workspace makes for a productive workspace. Use these tips to help you get started today.

shutterstock_5342568791. Set a date and stick to it
First and foremost, stop putting off cleaning your desk! Words only mean so much.  Action is required. Look at your calendar. Find a day that works for you at home and then one for at work. Write it down. Stick to it. When those dates roll around, start cleaning.

First and foremost, stop putting off cleaning your desk! Words only mean so much.  Action is required. Look at your calendar. Find a day that works for you at home and then one for at work. Write it down. Stick to it. When those dates roll around, start cleaning.

mailbox2. Clear out your inbox
Your desk isn’t the only thing that’s likely to be cluttered! Go through your inbox.  Delete old emails that are irrelevant. Unsubscribe to that email list you got put on after ordering that one thing that one time. You can even designate folders for certain emails, so now you no longer have to scroll through endless email when you’re looking for a memo about the sales meeting. Peace of mind, in regards to your emails, is attainable if you make the effort.

shutterstock_5343589033. Organize your desktop on screen
Do you ever boot up your computer or laptop and feel immediately overwhelmed by the state of your desktop? Organize it! Make folders. Use the folders. Get rid of old files that are now useless. You will feel so much better knowing that everything has a place to go and be easily accessible.


4. Sort through drawersdesk
Throw out those old takeout menus. Declutter your desk by sorting through everything you have in your drawers. You’ll be amazed by what you actually have in there once you sort through it all. Also, consider the space you will free up by getting rid of your junk! Clear desk, clear mind.



5. Actually clean with cleaning productsshutterstock_530572219
You don’t even want to know about all of the germs living in the keyboards of computers and laptops. Take the extra time to bust out the disinfectant and wipe down your space.  Don’t forget to dust! Your immune system will thank you.


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6. Redo your writing instrument collection
Chuck all those old pens that no longer work.  You don’t need them.  Revamp the pens you have on your desk with Zebra’s Sarasa Gel pens.  Say Goodbye to Smears and Smudges. Say hello to proven faster drying ink – perfect for organizing and creativity.
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folder7. File File File
Organization is key to productivity.  Find a way to organize and file your paperwork through your own filing system will be so beneficial. Goodbye endless stacks of paper and rogue memos laying around.




8. Reward Yourselfshutterstock_533440450
Perhaps the most important.  Treat yourself! You took the time to hunker down and get organized to help improve your productivity, so you deserve it.


Find Zen in (and getting organized with) your pen. Zebra Pen.