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10 Easy DIY Holiday Cards

By: Christina MacArthur

Hey guys! Christina here from Pocketful of Letters! I am popping in today to show you 10 Easy DIY Holiday Cards using your favorite Zebra Products!

Card 1: Christmas Lights Holiday Card


–  Zensations Technical Drawing Pens

– Zensations Colored Pencils

Draw a drooping line at the top of the card then one crossing and dropping just below the other line.

Add little ovals throughout the line.

Color the ovals in with whatever Christmas colors you desire, using Zensations colored pencils

Take your Zensations Technical Drawing Pens and add a fun saying in the bottom corner. Let’s go with “May your days be merry and bright!” and there you go!

Card 2: A Joyful Wreath


– Black Zensations Brush Pen

– Green Zensations Colored Pencil

– Zensations Drafix Technical Pencil

– An Eraser

Draw a large oval in the middle of the card with your pencil. Make little leaves with your green colored pencil around the oval.

Take your brush pen and outline some of the sides of the leaves you created.

Erase the pencil lines in the middle of the leaves. Write whatever phrase you decide in the middle of the leaf. This time I am going to use the word, “Joy.” Enjoy!

Card 3: Rudolph Holiday Card


– Red and Brown Zensations Sarasa Gel pens

– Black medium point Zensations Brush Pen

– A pencil with an eraser

With your pencil draw a medium size circle in the middle of the paper. This will be Rudolph’s nose. About a finger length about the circle create 2 little eyes.

About a finger length slightly above/to the side of the eyes you are going to want to create your antlers. Kind of like a “t,” but with two lines crossing it rather than one.

Now use your red Sarasa pen and draw horizontal lines in the circle of the nose.

Do the same with the eyes but with black. Now, draw over the antler lines with Brown 2 parallel lines for the antler ears.

And it’s just that easy!

Card 4: A Fun Christmas Tree


– Pencil

– Ruler

– Green and Brown Sarasa Pens

– Colored Pencils

Take your ruler and with your pencil make a triangle to be the shape of the tree. Draw a little stump under the triangle. A square or rectangle works great. Take the ruler and draw 3 lines horizontally through the triangle. Use your Technical Drawing Pens to outline the triangle and the horizontal lines inside of it. Don’t forget to trace the stump.

Use the green pen for a horizontal lines in the tree. Then pencil in some patterns.

Outline the patterns in green.

Use your colored pencils to color in those patterns.

Write “Merry” above the tree and “Christmas below” and you have yourself another card!

Card 5: Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel


– Black Brush Pen

– Blue Colored Pencil

– 2 Brown Colored Pencils (different shades)

– Washi Tape

Sketch a dreidel to the side of your card.

Add the symbols to the dreidel. I googled the symbols but you could use the ones I used too! Letter “Love & Light” around the dreidel. Outline everything with the black Brush Pens.

Color in the dreidel with the lighter brown and then the darker brown to add some texture. Add some washi tape to the edges of the card to create a frame. Then color the background light blue.

Tear off the washi tape and you are finished!

Card 5: Ornament


– Pencil

– Technical Drawing Pen

Create a circle in the middle/lower portion of the paper with your pencil. Top it off with a little box and a line coming from the top of the card to the little box. (See photo below)

Use your pen and “scribble” sideways up and down in the circle. Do not outline with the pen because it will look cool without an outline. Scribble in the little box. And draw the vertical line coming from the top down to the ornament.

Erase the pencil marks. Add a quote or a saying below the ornament. “I like hanging with you” is a good one!

Card 6: Joy


– Technical Drawing Pens

– Red Colored Pencil

– A Pencil

Sketch a hollowed version of the word “Joy.”

Outline it with the Technical Drawing Pens. 

Make little bendy lines to make the candy cane shape. Color in every other block with red.

It’s that easy!

Card 7: Santa Suit


– Red Colored Pencil

– Black Colored Pencil

– Yellow Colored Pencil

– Washi Tape

Make a square in the lower third of the paper with your pencil. Make a horizontal belt going through that square. Draw 2 circles vertically above the squares.

Add some washi tape to the edges to make a frame.

Color the buttons and belt black, the belt clip yellow, and his suit red. 

Then remove the washi tape and you are all finished!

You have a Santa suit card!

Card 8: Holly-Days Watercolor


– A ziplock bag or any sort of flat plastic

– Water

– A green and red Fude Brush Pen

– Technical drawing pens

– Black medium tip brush pen

Since this card is a bit more difficult I have attached a video for you to watch. Check out the step by step below the video.

You will first color your red and green Fude Brush Pen on the ziplock bag or whatever flat piece of plastic you choose.  Take some water and dampen the colors. Rub the plastic onto the paper to create a watercolor effect. Then use your technical pen to doodle whatever Christmas theme item you like. In my case I am choosing some holly!

Write a fun saying under the holly. Let’s go with “Happy Holly-Days!” Write your note in the middle and you are good to go!

Card 9: Hanukkah Card


– Blue, Orange, and Yellow Mildliners

– Blue Brush Pen

– A Pencil

– Technical Drawing Pen

Draw 9 vertical lines with the blue Mildliner chisel tip. I used a ruler to get the spacing just right. You can totally do that too or free hand it.

Color in little flames above the candle sticks.

Use the blue brush pen to letter Happy Hannukah around the card.

Now outline everything with the Technical Drawing Pen.

I added some dots to add some texture to the candles. I added them to the right of every candle to add a little extra flare. No pun intended. And there you go! A super easy Hanukkah card.

Card 10: Candy Cane


– Technical Drawing Pen

– Red Colored Pencil

This one is so simple that you could probably figure it out using the image below. But I have included a video too!

Here’s a description just in case you are like me and would rather read the instructions than watch a video. Make an upside down J a sideways J and a right side up J. Draw little swooping lines inside. Color every other block red.

Write out or letter “oh Christmas treat.” Easy peasy!

Thank you for joining me today! With these tips and pictures each of these cards shouldn’t take you more than 10-20 minutes depending on your experience!

Happy Holidays! Catch you next time!