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Easter banner

How to Make A Festive Easter Banner

By: Hazel Ung of @hazels.pineapple.patch

Hello Spring! It’s that time of year, when the frost starts to melt, and the flowers begin to bloom. It’s also that time of year when we celebrate Easter. With family and friends gathering for this occasion, it’s always a fun idea to create festive décor to add to the celebration. Today I’ll be showing you how to create this festive Easter banner using a few simple materials.



Materials & Tools:


Step 1: Make your banner

You can buy a paper/cardstock banner (already shaped), or you can make your own using white cardstock. If you love to craft, having white cardstock handy is a must for simple projects like this one. You can create a banner-shaped stencil and then use it to create as many cutouts as you need. Once you have cut out all your pieces, you can punch the hole at the top corners.
Banner crafts


Step 2: Let’s get creative with your banner

I started off by lettering the individual banner pieces with each letter to spell E A S T E R. I used the Sarasa Fineliner in Black to create a block letter and then outlined it with a pastel colored Mildliner Highlighter. The Zensations Brush Pen would also work great for outlining your letters if you prefer a bolder outline. I alternated 3 different colors to keep it bright and festive.

Here’s a tip: You can use an alphabet stencil if you need help with creating your block letters.

Easter banner materials

Since it’s Easter, I chose a theme of “Eggs.” The pattern was simple yet cute and festive. Whatever you decide, you get to create it! I used the Sarasa Fineliners & Mildliner Highlighters to add a colorful pattern to my banner.


Easter banner hung on a door

Step 3: Assemble your banner

Now you can put your banner together. Get your twine or ribbon and weave it through the holes that you punched out at the top of your cutouts. Looking at your cutout, weave the end of your twine or rope from the front left hole, pull through and weave it back into the right hole pulling from the back to the front. Repeat this with each cut out.


Easter banner

Step 4: Add embellishments

Once you’ve weaved your twine through, you can add embellishments to your banner. I attached ribbon tassels in between each letter. It gave the banner some dimension and tassels are perfect for any celebration.

Banners look amazing on a mantle or even an entry way. Whatever you decide, it will make your occasion a little more personal and create a memorable experience. For more spring-themed crafts, check out How to Draw a Baby Chick in 7 Easy Steps.

How to Make Your Own Holiday Cards

Due to fast-paced, busy lifestyles, many people often opt for a quick email, e-card, or store-bought greeting card to express their thanks and celebrate life events. These convenient shortcuts to send holiday greetings have made homemade holiday cards less popular.

However, there’s a sense of joy and warmth that comes from giving, as well as receiving a personal, handmade card from someone you love. Making your own holiday cards is a great way to show your deep appreciation for friends and family this holiday season. After all, isn’t that what the holidays are all about?

Zebra Pen has some great products to bring out your inner artist while creating your own holiday cards. Here are some tips to inspire and help you create beautiful and personal holiday cards.

Craft Paper

Head over to your local craft store and check out the selection of craft paper. There are always hundreds of designs and colors to choose from. Select some holiday-themed designs or stick to the basic holiday colors: reds, greens, whites, blues, golds, and silvers.


Layer your craft paper with the edges showing beneath to give your card the look of having a trim or border. Use a piece of patterned paper beneath a solid sheet for a clean and elegant, multi-dimensional look.


The words "Merry Christmas" handlettered with a Zebra Metallic Brush Pen

Hand Lettering

For deep, rich color and varying line widths, check out Zebra’s Zensations Brush Pens, perfect for hand lettering. To add some shine to your hand lettering, try Zebra Metallic Brush Pens. They are available in 7 colors that are sure to help make your holiday cards pop.

Small Details

To tackle smaller, more detailed fonts, try Zebra’s Sarasa Fineliners for the performance of a fine tip pen but ink lay down of a marker. Fineliners are the perfect tool to write your holiday message. They are available in 24 colors to make your holiday cards colorful and vibrant.


If drawing just isn’t your thing, stickers are a quick and easy way to spruce up your holiday card. Stickers with holiday greetings, characters, and more are a simple way to embellish a homemade card.


Simply Stylish

It’s okay to keep the drawings simple and instead, use your thoughts to fill your holiday cards with love. A quick snowman drawing, or Christmas tree doodle could work wonderfully. Go for simple style or go for intricate drawings with Zebra’s Sarasa Clip Retractable Gel Pens. Available in 37 different colors, including metallic and milky shades, they’re equipped with quick drying gel ink and are the perfect tool for holiday card making.

The most important part of any holiday card is the message behind it. No matter your style or artistic ability, your loved ones are sure to appreciate your handmade cards.

Find the best tools to add a personal touch to your holiday cards by visiting DIY Holiday Cards. For more great gifts to give the artist in your life, check out Give the Gift of Creativity.