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Picture frame with metallic pops of color

Perfect Father’s Day Gift: Metallic Picture Frame

Hi everyone! It’s Christine Asciutto of @twinkleplansherday. With Metallic Brush Pens from Zebra Pen, creating cards and gifts for Father’s Day has never been easier. Today I’ll be showing you how to decorate a black frame in just a few simple steps.

Metallic Brush Pens Assorted 7pk

Materials Needed

Step 1: Prepping Your Frame

This frame was already black, but if you are unable to find one you can just as easily paint a regular wooden frame with black paint.

Picture frame being decorated with Metallic Brush Pens

Step 2: Use Metallic Brush Pens to Create Teardrop Shapes

Metallic Brush Pens are the perfect tool for creating colorful teardrops for any project, especially for this DIY picture frame. Take the Metallic Brush Pen in Gold and lightly press it on its side to give a teardrop effect. Start with the corners of the picture frame and work your way around until you have approximately two inches covered in teardrop petals.

Picture frame being decorated with Metallic Brush Pens

Step 3: Mix and Match Metallic Colors
Once the four corners are finished, add on to the design with another Metallic Brush Pen color. Continue making teardrop petals on each side of every corner (about an inch on each side).

Picture frame being decorated with Metallic Brush Pens

Fill in the remaining areas, alternating the two colors until the entire area is covered. 

DIY picture frame with pops of metallic color

Step 4: Add A Photography to Your Picture Frame

The final step is to fill the picture frame with one of your favorite photos. Your Father’s Day gift is now complete!

I hope you enjoyed learning a new and easy technique for adding interesting pops of color in your projects. For more Father’s Day inspiration, check out How to Make A DIY Father’s Day Card.

Easter banner

How to Make A Festive Easter Banner

By: Hazel Ung of @hazels.pineapple.patch

Hello Spring! It’s that time of year, when the frost starts to melt, and the flowers begin to bloom. It’s also that time of year when we celebrate Easter. With family and friends gathering for this occasion, it’s always a fun idea to create festive décor to add to the celebration. Today I’ll be showing you how to create this festive Easter banner using a few simple materials.



Materials & Tools:


Step 1: Make your banner

You can buy a paper/cardstock banner (already shaped), or you can make your own using white cardstock. If you love to craft, having white cardstock handy is a must for simple projects like this one. You can create a banner-shaped stencil and then use it to create as many cutouts as you need. Once you have cut out all your pieces, you can punch the hole at the top corners.
Banner crafts


Step 2: Let’s get creative with your banner

I started off by lettering the individual banner pieces with each letter to spell E A S T E R. I used the Sarasa Fineliner in Black to create a block letter and then outlined it with a pastel colored Mildliner Highlighter. The Zensations Brush Pen would also work great for outlining your letters if you prefer a bolder outline. I alternated 3 different colors to keep it bright and festive.

Here’s a tip: You can use an alphabet stencil if you need help with creating your block letters.

Easter banner materials

Since it’s Easter, I chose a theme of “Eggs.” The pattern was simple yet cute and festive. Whatever you decide, you get to create it! I used the Sarasa Fineliners & Mildliner Highlighters to add a colorful pattern to my banner.


Easter banner hung on a door

Step 3: Assemble your banner

Now you can put your banner together. Get your twine or ribbon and weave it through the holes that you punched out at the top of your cutouts. Looking at your cutout, weave the end of your twine or rope from the front left hole, pull through and weave it back into the right hole pulling from the back to the front. Repeat this with each cut out.


Easter banner

Step 4: Add embellishments

Once you’ve weaved your twine through, you can add embellishments to your banner. I attached ribbon tassels in between each letter. It gave the banner some dimension and tassels are perfect for any celebration.

Banners look amazing on a mantle or even an entry way. Whatever you decide, it will make your occasion a little more personal and create a memorable experience. For more spring-themed crafts, check out How to Draw a Baby Chick in 7 Easy Steps.

Ways to Document Your Summer #adZENtures

We’re often left with so many memories from vacations, trips, or fun summer days that we want to look back on and share with friends and family. With summer coming to a close and for all of your future memories awaiting you, don’t forget about them, document them! Here are some creative new ways to document your #adZENtures!


If you like to travel or explore new places, postcards are a great way to document your summer adZENtures. Just pick up a postcard from the gift shop or convenience store. For a fun, new twist on this old-school activity, write down the date and a memory from that day. For longer trips, do this each day. At the end of the trip or at the end of the summer, punch a hole through the corner of each post card and keep them together on a binder ring. You’ll have a booklet of postcards and memories of your adZENtures to look back on whenever you want!


Scrapbooking is another old-school activity making its comeback as a great way to document your summer adZENtures. Collect photos, diary excerpts, concert, movie, and game tickets from your favorite summer adZENtures, then put them together into a scrapbook. Mark the dates and memories on the back of each scrapbook page so you can relive your summer adZENtures forever.

Travel Journal

Another way to document your summer adZENtures is through keeping a travel journal. Big trip or small, take your journal with you wherever you go and write down what you did that day! If you go on trips often, you could keep a travel journal for each, individual trip.

Story Journaling

A story journal is an innovative way to document all those small summer adZENtures! Keep a journal of stories that you want to look back on and laugh about or relive in the future. Any story worth remembering should go into your story journal this summer!


Sketchbooking is for the artists or people who love to draw! Sketch a scene of your summer adZENtures or draw a picture to tell the story of your day. Sketch-booking creates visuals that can take you back to your favorite summer adZENtures.


Featured image by: @lyrical.bujo

Fall Crafts for Kids with Cadoozles

With autumn just beginning, now is the perfect time to create some adorable autumn inspired crafts with your kids!  Our Cadoozles Starters Colored Mechanical Pencils are the ultimate accompaniment to any and all crafts.   Cozy up with some apple cider and slippers and get to crafting.

Craft Stick Scarecrowscarecrow

Suggested Supplies:

  • Cardstock paper
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Felt
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Cadoozles® Starters Colored Mechanical Pencils
  • Googly Eyes

Assembling Craft:

  1. Cut the hat and nose out of the felt
  2. Glue sticks to cardstock to keep them together and sturdy
  3. Use Cadoozles® to color sticks for hair
  4. Glue eyes, nose, hair and hat to already adhered sticks in that order
  5. Use Cadoozles® to draw on mouth for scarecrow


Paper Plate Owl

Suggested Supplies:

  • Paper Plate
  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Cadoozles® Starters Colored Mechanical Pencils



Assembling Craft:

  1. Use Cadoozles® to draw on the feathers of the owl’s chest
  2. Fold the two sides of the plate to create the wings of the owl. Then fold down the top to create its head
  3. Color the wings with Cadoozles®
  4. Cut the eyes, beak, and feet from the construction paper
  5. Glue the eyes, beak, and feet to the paper plate

Original craft can be found here: http://huppiemama.com/fall-kids-craft-paper-plate-owl/


paper plate pumpkin maskPaper Plate Pumpkin Mask

Suggested Supplies:

  • Paper Plate
  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Cadoozles® Starters Colored Mechanical Pencils
  • Toilet Paper Roll
  • Green Pipe Cleaner
  • Stapler
  • Craft stick



Assembling Craft:

  1. Use Cadoozles® to color the paper plate as the pumpkin
  2. Cut out the center of the plate with scissors
  3. Cut about 3 inches off the toilet paper roll and staple to the top of pumpkin plate to create the stem
  4. Twist pipe cleaner around a Cadoozle® and carefully slide off to create the vine
  5. Staple this vine near the stem of the pumpkin
  6. Cut leaves from construction paper and staple them near vine and stem
  7. Glue a craft stick to the bottom to the pumpkin to complete mask

Happy crafting! Find zen in your pen. Zebra Pen.