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Notebook with to-do packing list scribbled on it, beside a laptop bag and a coffee cup

6 Essential Tools for Starting a New Job

Is there anything more exciting, yet nerve-racking, than starting a new job? Beginning a new position exposes you to new people, tools, and exciting challenges. But being new can also be a little daunting. One way to relieve the new job jitters is to know you are walking into your first day fully prepared for whatever’s ahead. Here are the essential tools you’ll need to start off your first day on the job right.

Infographic of essential items to bring on your first day of work including personal identification, notebook, reliable pen, professional workbag, lunch bag, and confidence

Personal Identification

Unless you completed all your paperwork prior to starting the position, you’ll need to meet with HR on your first day to set up payroll, benefits enrollment, and fill out other company-specific paperwork. Some of this will require a form of personal identification such as a driver’s license, passport, or social security card. Bringing one or multiple forms of ID on your first day will not only show your preparedness, but also let you concentrate on your new duties and responsibilities earlier.


On the first day of a new job, it’s best not to rely just on your memory. Bringing a notebook will ensure that you have a place to store critical information such as office procedures, login credentials, security codes, and even your colleague’s names. Choose a notebook or notepad that is easily portable, so you’re able to take—and retrieve—notes while you’re on the go.

A Reliable Pen

A notebook doesn’t do any good without a proper writing instrument in hand. You need stylish pens that are reliable and smudge-free. For a pen that makes a statement, choose the Sarasa Grand gel pen. Its sleek design and quick drying ink is perfect for taking notes on a busy first day on the job. For other great professional but stylish options, turn to the STEEL line. Both of these are also great interview pens.


You’ll want to make a good first impression when you first walk into the door. Carrying a briefcase or purse not only looks professional, but also frees yourself from carrying belongings in your arms, so you’ll be ready for a handshake without any awkward stumbles. A briefcase or bag also provides a safe and organized place to put important papers or items you’re given throughout your day.

Lunch Bag

The first day is critical for meeting your coworkers and starting to build a working relationship. While it can be tempting to leave your workplace for lunch to take a deep breath and digest everything, bringing your lunch allows you to connect with your coworkers and show you are interested in being part of the workplace culture. Bring your lunch in an insulated lunch bag that will keep everything fresh and look stylish. It will also save you money in the long run!


The most important tool you need to bring with you is confidence and a positive attitude. Remember to be true to yourself—after all, it’s how you landed the job in the first place! Show up on your first day with the confidence to learn and grow, and a positive attitude that’ll show everyone you are the real deal.

There is a lot of new job advice out there, but what you bring with you is just as important as what you do. Whether you are preparing for your first job or you are a seasoned pro, these items are vital for a successful first day on the job. You’ll be prepared for anything that comes your way. Learn more about how you can Choose Different.

5 Professional Items You Need To Start Your Semester

For students and professionals, it’s important equip yourself with the right tools to take to a job or internship. Being prepared will allow you to feel confident and ready for whatever tasks are thrown your way. Make sure you have these five professional items before you start this school year.


Whether you’re embarking on the job search, or starting a new job or internship, keeping a professional planner is a helpful way to stay on top of upcoming deadlines, vacation days, and important meetings. Keep all of you work-related notes in one organized planner to hold yourself responsible for finding or maintaining that dream job.


Not all pens are created for the professional world. However, Zebra STEEL pens are designed with style, strength and professionalism in mind. The Zebra STEEL F-701 is an all metal, stainless steel ballpoint retractable pen making it the perfect writing instrument for note-taking, interviews, and a professional setting. For all your professional writing needs, check out Zebra’s STEEL line of pens, in addition to the sleek and stylish Sarasa Grand.

Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth headphones are perfect for getting work done in coffee shops, bookstores, or other public places. They’re also great for the daily commute and relaxing before interviews on public transportation. Listening to career-related podcasts on your lunch break or even at the gym can be a great way to supplement your learning – and impress your boss.

USB Drive

Keep and save your hard work by using a USB drive. If you’re a student, keep a USB or hard drive to save extra copies of papers, assignments, and study material. At work, use a USB to gather portfolio materials and other work-related examples along with your resume. This will allow you to access your files anywhere.


Though it may seem simple, carrying a notebook or journal is a great way to make a good first impression. Take notes in an interview, and every day at company meetings. Hand writing notes has been proven to help students retain information better than writing on a laptop of tablet. It’s also important to keep in mind that sometimes unfortunately, technology does fail us however if you take care and hold onto a notebook, you may keep those notes forever.