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Ways to Document Your Summer #adZENtures

We’re often left with so many memories from vacations, trips, or fun summer days that we want to look back on and share with friends and family. With summer coming to a close and for all of your future memories awaiting you, don’t forget about them, document them! Here are some creative new ways to document your #adZENtures!


If you like to travel or explore new places, postcards are a great way to document your summer adZENtures. Just pick up a postcard from the gift shop or convenience store. For a fun, new twist on this old-school activity, write down the date and a memory from that day. For longer trips, do this each day. At the end of the trip or at the end of the summer, punch a hole through the corner of each post card and keep them together on a binder ring. You’ll have a booklet of postcards and memories of your adZENtures to look back on whenever you want!


Scrapbooking is another old-school activity making its comeback as a great way to document your summer adZENtures. Collect photos, diary excerpts, concert, movie, and game tickets from your favorite summer adZENtures, then put them together into a scrapbook. Mark the dates and memories on the back of each scrapbook page so you can relive your summer adZENtures forever.

Travel Journal

Another way to document your summer adZENtures is through keeping a travel journal. Big trip or small, take your journal with you wherever you go and write down what you did that day! If you go on trips often, you could keep a travel journal for each, individual trip.

Story Journaling

A story journal is an innovative way to document all those small summer adZENtures! Keep a journal of stories that you want to look back on and laugh about or relive in the future. Any story worth remembering should go into your story journal this summer!


Sketchbooking is for the artists or people who love to draw! Sketch a scene of your summer adZENtures or draw a picture to tell the story of your day. Sketch-booking creates visuals that can take you back to your favorite summer adZENtures.


Featured image by: @lyrical.bujo

Summer AdZENtures Bucket List


Have you started your summer AdZENtures bucket list? Zen can be added to any adventure, big or small, and there’s no better time for an adventure than summertime!

Here are some ideas to add to your summer AdZENtures bucket list:

  1. Hike a local trail

With warmer weather and more hours of sunlight, hiking a local trail can be a fun summer adzenture! Bring some snacks and a water bottle and enjoy the view.

  1. Watch a sunset/sunrise

Relax in your back yard or visit a local park to enjoy a sunset, or wake up early and experience the beauty of a summer sunrise!

  1. Visit a water park

Round up some friends to experience the thrill of a water park. Cool off in water slides, a lazy river, or wave pool and get ready for a day full of fun!

  1. Get a pedicure

Break out those open-toed shoes! Everyone likes to feel pampered, so bring a friend or enjoy some alone time and go get a pedicure this summer.

  1. Do some summer reading

Lose yourself in some summer reading. Go to your local bookstore and make some time to relax and read a book!

  1. Beach day trip

Set up a beach chair, take a dip in the ocean, build a sandcastle, have a summer adzenture at the beach!

  1. Watch fireflies at dusk

It’s summertime and fireflies are beginning to show up. Sit outside and watch them light up the evening!

  1. Have a Picnic

Pack up sandwiches, snacks, and drinks of your choice then spread a blanket out in your back yard or take it to the park to enjoy some lunch!

  1. Go to a Lake

Fishing, swimming, rope swings, and just enjoying the view— visiting a lake always makes for a fun summer adzenture!

  1. Stargazing

No clouds in the sky? Then it’s a perfect night to do some stargazing! Look to the night sky and see if you can find any constellations!

  1. Have a Cookout

Invite some friends over and do some grilling outside. Everyone can bring their favorite summer side dish or dessert to share as well!

  1. Crafting

With some extra time on your hands, summer is a great time to do a little crafting. If you have any old household supplies lying around, put them to use and look up ways to make a craft out of them!

Don’t forget to keep a journal of all your AdZENtures! Try out the F-301 Ballpoint Retractable Pen for your summer journal!


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