Zebra Pen Launches the Unbreakable DelGuard Mechanical Pencil

Delguard-vertEdison, NJ (July 12, 2016) – Zebra Pen Corp., a global leader in the writing instrument industry, has launched the latest product in mechanical pencil technology: the DelGuard Mechanical Pencil.  This new mechanical pencil is like no other pencil on the market today.  Click once, twice, and up to three times and the lead is virtually unbreakable.

“Though it seems like a minor annoyance, the constant breaking of lead on typical mechanical pencils is such a nuisance,” expressed Ken Newman, Director of Marketing at Zebra Pen Corporation.  “Our new DelGuard Mechanical Pencil completely eliminates this issue. The design is so innovative that you can click the pencil up to three times and the lead simply cannot be broken.”

With the new technology behind the DelGuard Mechanical Pencil, consumers will be able to write into the abandon without ever having the lead of their pencil break or clog.  This benefit is all thanks to the patented double spring mechanism found in each DelGuard Mechanical Pencil.  Having this mechanism in place allows pressure to be absorbed at any angle—no matter how the pencil is held or how hard it is pressed down on.  One spring softens vertical pressure, while the second spring absorbs pressure from the diagonal writing angle.  The two springs guard the lead at all times.

This impressive pencil is as state-of-the-art as it is stylish.  Its precise point and sleek black barrel will leave consumers writing comfortably and confidently.  The clever design and engineering by the team at Zebra Pen ensure that the DelGuard Mechanical Pencil is the last mechanical pencil that consumers will ever need.

DelGuard Mechanical Pencils are refillable and available online and in-stores.

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About Zebra Pen Corporation

Zebra Pen Corporation was founded in New York in August 1982 as an independent corporation wholly owned by Zebra Co., Ltd., of Tokyo, Japan. A New Jersey-based writing instrument manufacturer, Zebra Pen Corporation’s mission is to distribute products that are of the highest quality, providing value to customers and meeting their overall writing needs with a wide variety of writing instruments. Zebra Pen Corporation offers a full line of writing instruments, including ball point pens, gel pens, roller ball pens, mechanical pencils, and highlighters. Today, with over 115 years of excellence behind them, Zebra Pen Corporation is leading the way with a wide range of quality writing products including the Steel®, Sarasa®, Z-Grip® and Cadoozles® brands. For more information, visit www.ZebraPen.com.