Zebra Pen Brings Technology to Writing Instruments

Zebra Pen Corporation, a company with a reputation for manufacturing high-quality writing instruments proves that pens and pencils will continue to exist in a world of digital technology.

Zebra Pen’s StylusPen and Steel products are proving that, with the addition of new pen and pencil technology, writing still has a place in the future.

“We are constantly creating to bring new tools to the writing world,” said Ken Newman, Director of Marketing at Zebra Pen Corporation. “Zebra Pen’s StylusPen and Steel lines are examples of the latest technology at work.”

The Steel product line features pens, pencils, and highlighters that are built to last. With stainless steel barrels, these writing instruments are durable enough to survive any situation, allowing them to go places where electronics can’t. The pens are available in ballpoint, gel, and fountain varieties to satisfy all writing needs.

StylusPens are the perfect partner for today’s mobile technologies. With a smooth ballpoint pen on one end and a stylus on the other, these pens make the transition between paper and screen effortless. They are available in capped, retractable, and twist varieties as well as a “Telescopic” offering that can be shortened to fit in a pocket without sacrificing function.

Zebra Pen Corporation plans to continue the success and innovation of Steel and StylusPen products with more additions to the writing instrument world, as the technology is developed.

To learn more about Steel pens, visit https://www.zebrapen.com/steel-using-the-right-pen

To learn more about StylusPens, visit https://www.zebrapen.com/product-category/brand/brand-styluspen/

About Zebra Pen Corporation

Zebra Pen Corporation was founded in New York in August 1982 as an independent corporation wholly owned by Zebra Co., Ltd., of Tokyo, Japan. A New Jersey-based writing instrument manufacturer, Zebra Pen Corporation’s mission is to distribute products that are of the highest quality, providing value to customers and meeting their overall writing needs with a wide variety of writing instruments. Zebra Pen Corporation offers a full line of writing instruments, including ballpoint pens, gel pens, rollerball pens, mechanical pencils, and highlighters. Today, with over 100 years of excellence behind them, Zebra Pen Corporation is leading the way with a wide range of quality writing products including the Steel, Sarasa, Z-Grip and Cadoozles brands. For more information, visit www.ZebraPen.com.