New Jimnie Gel Pens Leave Their (Smudge-free) Mark—with Lefties


Zebra launches everyday pen for left-handed users


EDISON, NJ – Lefthanders of the world rejoice! Zebra Pen has your back!  With the release of their economical Jimnie Gel everyday pens in blue and black, south paws can enjoy smudge-free writing, thanks to Rapid Dry Ink (RDI) technology.

“We’re thrilled to release a product that appeals so strongly to our consumers across the board, but especially to a community that actively seeks out and embraces innovation.  RDI technology dries in less than a second on most surfaces, without smudging or smearing – a major hindrance to left-handed writers. It really doesn’t get any better than that,” said Ken Newman, Director of Marketing at Zebra Pen Corp.

Water-based gel ink doesn’t fade or bleed, making it ideal for use at school or in the office.  With the inclusion of smudge-free RDI, lefties can focus on what they need to say, and not whether they’ll be able to read it later.

Though not the first to market a pen for lefties, Zebra’s newest innovation offers the ideal implement for general use, thanks to a comfortable grip and low viscosity gel ink technology.  “Roughly 10 percent of people are left-handed, which causes a unique set of challenges when writing.  We wanted to offer a product that meets their need for smudge-free writing, whether doing homework or a complex ink drawing,” said Newman.

Newman added, “Jimnies are versatile and perfect for any scenario.  Gel ink is seamless and smooth on its own, but in traditional colors for school, home or office, we are offering the perfect implement to travel with you all day long. As far as stick gel pens go, the new Jimnie Gel offers an economical everyday option that is comfortable to use.”

Lefties are an active buying demographic.  With stores and web sites dedicated solely to sales of products for their unique needs, left-handed people are always seeking out the best items to meet their needs. Zebra Pen offers other products that appeal to lefties such as the Sarasa line of gel pens, but Jimnie is the first product in their line targeted to the everyday office and school everyday leftie user, solely available in traditional colors.

Jimnie Gel medium point rollerball stick pens are available in black and blue ink.  They feature an ultra-soft rubber grip and rugged clip for true everyday use. For more information, check out Jimnie Gel pens on our site.

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