Earn Your Stripes with Zebra STEEL

Rugged yet sleek, highly functional yet stylish, this hard-working stainless steel pen makes a statement before you even write a word. Combining style, strength, and value, this pen ensures your writing comfort with industry-leading precision and stability. It’s called a classic for a reason -- it’s the right pen for any job.


The STEEL 3-Series is perfect for those looking for a classic everyday metal pen or metal mechanical pencil. With the most options out of any of the series, there is something for everyone and every project.

The STEEL 4-Series takes a step up in refinement. It is ideal for everyday users looking to elevate their writing experience and show off their distinctive style. Compared to the STEEL 3-Series, the STEEL 4-Series offers a more weighted, luxurious experience.

For top of the line writing experience, look no further than STEEL 7-Series. It is designed to provide a comfortable writing experience while offering the ultimate sleek and stylish look.

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