Make Cards Personal Again

So many occasions, so little time for greeting cards!

dear happy valentine day greeting

You’ve got your Birthdays, Holidays, Thank You’s, and a ton of other greeting cards for events that happen throughout the year. Let’s face it: Greeting cards are used for almost every special occasion, and it will continue like that for a long time.

With all of these occasions, it may seem easier to spend a few minutes searching online and sending greeting cards through the internet, but is that really the best choice? Sure, they’re quick and easy, but they also have a tendency to remove the personal touch that comes with each tangible greeting card.


Drawn heart

Greeting cards are a great opportunity for us to take a few minutes out of our day to show the people in our lives that we care about them. Even if it’s only writing a few words, or drawing a little something special to remind someone of a memorable moment, taking the time to make something meaningful is what it’s all about.

Here are a few great ways that you can make your cards personal again:


  • Draw a doodle:

1390560_10153009653853538_1614323009_nDo something that reminds your card-reader of a special memory. You don’t have to be great sketch artist or doodler, just give it a shot! Trust us, they’ll be happier that you thought of something special. Doodle your heart away with our Candy pens!



  • Customize your entire greeting card:

1535685_10153009654248538_456506335_nFor the extremely courageous, try going all-out with one of your own personal greeting cards this year. Go all out with the Sarasa 14-pack!





  • Write a personal note:


Cards already do a great job of summarizing our feelings, but they don’t say everything. Even if it’s only a couple words, be sure to write something personal and spend some time doing it. You never know how long that person may hold on to that special card. Make your words count with Z-Mulsion technology!