How to Make Picture-Perfect Cupcake Wrappers

Hi everyone, it’s Erin from @gofontyourself. Today I am going to show you how to easily make rainbow cupcake wrappers. Since the dessert is always the star of the birthday party, it’s fun to dress them up and really make them shine! For this rainbow themed birthday, I’m using Zebra’s Mildliner Brush Pens to make these wrappers really pop!


Cupcake Wrapper Template
Cardstock Paper
Mildliner Brush Pens

Step 1: Find a Template

First, you’ll need a cupcake wrapper template. There are so many free ones on Pinterest and you can pick whatever shape works best for you. I chose a simple ruffle top and cut them out with scissors. You can also find these templates in SVG format and cut them out on your Cricut or Silhouette machine.

Step 2: Decorate the Wrapper

Determine which side of the wrapper will be the outside and which side will be the inside. Once you have chosen which side is the outside, use your Mildliner Brush Pens to decorate it!

Step 3: Secure the Wrapper

Once the wrappers are completely decorated, fold and secure them in the back.

Step 4: Place Cupcake in Wrapper

Presto! You’re now ready to place them over your cupcakes. You have matching cupcake wrappers for your rainbow themed party.