Guide to STEEL and StylusPens: Pens Designed for Quick Sanitization and Limiting Hand Contact

STEEL and StylusPens with mask, hand sanitizer, laptop

Finding ways to keep hands clean and sanitized is more important than ever, as Covid-19 is changing the way we interact with each other and our surroundings. We need to be especially vigilant when using our many screened devices, PIN pads and touch screens. Learn how a stylus or stainless-steel pen may be able to help you keep germs at bay.

STEEL Series

The STEEL line is the perfect writing tool for everyday use. Not only do these pens give you a silky writing experience and feature a sleek metal barrel, but they are easy to clean and sanitize compared to plastic pens. This makes the STEEL line perfect for pen use on the go. Here are our top choices:

STEEL F-301 Ballpoint Retractable Pen

The STEEL F-301 is a classic ballpoint pen that has a sleek steel barrel, textured grip, and a stylish metal clip. It is equipped with smooth ballpoint ink that delivers an exceptional writing experience. It is available in four ink colors, including black, blue, green, and red, with a matching metal grip that makes it easy to sanitize after each use. The STEEL F-301 is also available in two additional options; with a pink accented barrel to support the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. and a compact version, which allows you to collapse your pen for added portability.



STEEL G-301 Gel Retractable Pen

The STEEL G-301 features the same elements as the STEEL F-301 but with gel ink for those who prefer the added smoothness and fluidity of gel. The G-301 makes writing and drawing clean and effortless and is available in both black and blue ink. It is quick and simple to sanitize with a disposable wipe to help you stay safe and healthy.



STEEL F-701 ALL METAL Ballpoint Retractable Pen

The STEEL F-701 features a heavy-duty stainless-steel barrel with a knurled metal grip, making it a rugged, durable, and reliable option for every day. It is all metal from tip to clip, including an all metal ring and ballpoint ink refill. This makes it easy to clean and sanitize, while still allowing you to convey and show off your personal style.



Dual-ended with a pen and a stylus tip, this multipurpose tool makes it easy to write while also limiting hand contact with public pin pads, tablets, and screens. Check out our picks for the best everyday StylusPen.



StylusPen Ballpoint Retractable Pen

The StylusPen Ballpoint is the perfect multi-functional tool. One end features an easy-glide ballpoint ink and a cushiony rubber grip for ultimate comfort while the opposite end is equipped with a stylus nib that slides seamlessly across touch screens and smart phones. The StylusPen Ballpoint makes it easy to limit hand contact with public technology and comes in 8 stylish colors. Plus, a convenient clip makes sure that it will always be available when you need it most.



StylusPen Telescopic Ballpoint Pen

The StylusPen Telescopic Ballpoint Pen is the best choice for those who are short on space but still want all the benefits of the traditional StylusPen. The Telescopic is full size when in use but can condense down to half its size for easy storage and portability in any pocket, purse, or bag. It is made with a brass barrel for a sleek sophisticated look and available in five fashion colors. Keep your hands clean by limiting hand contact with public pin pads and screens with the StylusPen Telescopic Ballpoint Pen.

Trying to keep germs at bay can be difficult during these times, but there are small things you can do to keep your hands and phone sanitary. Investing in one of our Stylus or STEEL pens can help reduce how much you touch digital screens or pin pads in public while also allowing you to express your personal style without settling on the writing experience.