Your Guide to Mechanical Pencils

Mechanical pencils are more popular now than ever before. There are an endless amount of options to pick from, so how do you decide which one to buy?  Whether you are a professional or a student, Zebra Pen offers a wide selection of pencils; each thoughtfully designed to meet your needs. We’ve developed this guide to help you choose the mechanical pencil that is just right for you.  First, we would like to introduce a variety of reason as to why using mechanical pencils will make your life that much easier.

Advantages of Using a Mechanical Pencil

  • No need to sharpen it. Unlike the standard wooden pencil, you will never have to sharpen a mechanical pencil. The lead is never going to get dull and more lead is just a few clicks away.
  • Consistency of lines. As you write with a regular pencil, the lead becomes duller and wider making the lines change. This change causes the writing to appear thicker.  With a mechanical pencil, the width of the lead never changes.  The lines remain consistent regardless of how often the pencil is used.
  • Balanced. The more a regular pencil is used, the more it loses its balance. The constant sharpening makes it shorter and shorter.  Mechanical pencils never lose their balance and stay the same size because they do not get sharpened.
  • Refillable.  Regarding both lead and erasers, mechanical pencils are refillable.  There is no need to dispose of a mechanical pencil when you finish up all its lead.  Simply just fill it back up with lead and continue on writing.

Now that you know several advantages of using a mechanical pencil, consider some of its most important features.

Key Features

  • Lead size. Mechanical pencils are available in different lead sizes. These sizes typically range anywhere from 0.5mm to 2.0mm depending on your needs.
  • Retractable tip. Like to carry a pencil on you at all times? Mechanical pencils are deemed safe for all types of pockets. They have a retractable tip that prevents damage to clothing and legs, depending on what pocket you stash your pencil in!
  • Comfortable grip. Gone are the days where you have to search for a grip that you end up struggling to attach to your wooden pencil. Many mechanical pencils come equipped with a grip made of rubber so you can write comfortably while holding your pencil.  Zebra Pen offers select styles of mechanical pencils with a steel grip to please any rugged or sleek aesthetic you want to achieve.
  • Clip.  Feel like you are constantly looking for a pencil that you swore you just had? Most mechanical pencils have a pocket clip so you can securely place your pencil in a shirt or pants pocket. These clips also prevent mechanical pencils from rolling around on a surface. 
  • Erasers.  The erasers on mechanical pencils are small and typical hidden underneath a cap. Some mechanical pencils can even go as far as having a retractable eraser.
  • Not bulky. Mechanical pencils are not bulky in size and are easily portable.

Mechanical pencils have numerous important features that all come into play depending on how you will use your pencil.

What Can You Use Your Mechanical Pencil For?

  • Writing.  A mechanical pencil is perfect for notetaking, journaling, or office work.  Since you won’t have to worry about sharpening it, you can keep on writing to your heart’s content.
  • Drafting/technical writing. Mechanical pencils are becoming the preferred writing utensil of many technical writers.  A good drafting mechanical pencil should have a comfortable, textured grip and long, narrow lead sleeve.  Most drafting pencils use a lead size of 0.5mm or 0.7mm.
  • Art and sketching. The balance of mechanical pencils and variety of different leads size make them very appealing to artists and avid sketchers.

With all of the knowledge you now have about mechanical pencils, you should be able to make a confident decision when it comes to selecting the right mechanical pencil.  Zebra Pen offers a wide array of mechanical pencils available in a range of styles, colors, and sizes for you to choose from based on your needs.

We should begin with one of our most popular lines, Steel.


M-301 Mechanical Pencil


The M-301 Steel Mechanical Pencil has many of the same amenities as the best-selling F-301 Retractable Ballpoint pen.  With its steel body, comfortable grip and a handy eraser, the M-301 is a great pencil for drafting as well as everyday use.  Sized perfectly for pockets and equipped with a metal clip, this pencil is perfectly portable. Refillable with standard lead.  Available in 0.5mm and 0.7mm lead sizes.

M-701 Mechanical Pencil


Featuring designer stainless steel barrel and a knurled metal grip for writing confidence, the M-701 is sleek, sophisticated and superior in functionality. It is a quality mechanical pencil that is top of the line in writing comfort and control.  The M-701 is ideal for drafting and for someone looking to convey style through their writing instrument. Available in 0.7mm lead size. Refillable with Standard Lead.


DelGuard Mechanical Pencil


Here’s the latest in mechanical pencil innovation, our new Zebra DelGuard Mechanical Pencil.  This genius new pencil features a patented double spring mechanism absorbs pressure regardless of how you hold it or how hard you press down.  Standard mechanical pencils only have one spring guarding lead, but the DelGuard has two springs protecting the lead at all time.  This technology leaves the lead much less vulnerable to breakage—practically impossible!  The DelGuard Mechanical Pencil is the perfect pencil for notetaking and great for all writing styles.  Refillable with DelGuard lead refill and erasers.  Available in 0.5mm Lead Size.


Z-Grip Mechanical Pencil


The Z-Grip Mechanical Pencil is a top-selling, everyday tool that doesn’t look or perform like one. This mechanical pencil comes preloaded with 2 leads and is never in need of sharpening. A great pencil for writing or taking notes, this easy-grip mechanical pencil features a ridged grip making every writing experience a comfortable one.  The clear barrel allows you to monitor your lead supply.  Choose from Black, Red, or Blue matching grip and clip colors or Safari or Fashion prints.  Available in 0.5mm and 0.7mm Lead Sizes.

Z-Grip Mechanical Pencil—Animal Prints


If you feel like taking a little walk on the wild side then the Z-Grip Mechanical pencil in an animal print is the pencil you’ll need.  You can express yourself both on and off of the page using this pencil.  Delivering the same comfort and performance as the traditional Z-Grip Mechanical Pencil, the animal prints version just adds that always needed bit of flare.  Available in Cheetah, Tiger, and (of course!) Zebra print. Refillable.  Available in 0.7mm Lead Size.

Z-Grip Max Mechanical Pencil


If you’re looking to maximize your writing performance try the Z-Grip Max, a wide-grip mechanical pencil.  A user-friendly barrel and smooth grip ensure writing confidence and comfort.  The Z-Grip Max is designed with a translucent barrel and chic metal clip.  A top performing mechanical pencil is paired with effortless style in the Z-Grip Max.  Available in Black or Blue.  Refillable. Available in 0.7mm Lead Size.


Zebra #2 Mechanical Pencil



The Zebra #2 Mechanical Pencil is a modernized take on the classic wood case pencil.  Simple, but still highly functional, the #2 Mechanical Pencil features a large eraser that serves as an easy lead-advancing mechanism.  With a hexagonal barrel, it still has that classic pencil feel.  Ideal for note-taking, list-making, and test-taking, each pencil comes with 3 leads.  Refillable. Available in 0.7mm Lead Size.  The standard #2 Mechanical pencil is compact in size at 5.125” and available in Black or Yellow.


Style #2 Mechanical Pencil


A stylish step up from the Zebra #2 Mechanical Pencil, the Style #2 Mechanical Pencil offers the same amenities as its predecessor.  The hexagonal barrel still allows users to get that classic pencil feel while writing.  It has a large eraser that acts as an easy-to-use lead-advancing mechanism.  This mechanical pencil is ideal for note-taking, list-making, and test-taking.  It comes with 3 leads.  The Style #2 Mechanical Pencil comes in the standard 6” size and is available in 6 fun patterns! Refillable.  Available in 0.7mm Lead Size.


MLP2 Mechanical Pencil


The Zebra MLP2 Square Lead Mechanical Pencil will help you ace whatever you are embarking on.  This heavy-duty pencil is perfect for test-taking. Its unique elliptical barrel shape prevents rolling, while the sturdy, square lead promotes identifiable markings needed for exams. The MLP2 mechanical pencil is also ideal for carpentry work. Extra-wide, strong lead discourages breakage and allows for heavy marking and pressure.  Refillable.  Available only in 0.9mm Square Lead Size.


Cadoozles Mechanical Pencils


As functional as they are cute, the Cadoozles Mechanical Pencils are designed specifically for young writers.  These fun kids mechanical pencils have vibrant, playful barrel patterns that are great for collecting and trading!  Simply push the built-in eraser to advance lead and remove eraser to refill.  The perfect tool for every classroom, these mechanical pencils come in fun seasonal and reward patterns that make learning fun.  They are compact in size—great for small hands!  Available in 0.9mm Lead Size.

Cadoozles Starters Mechanical #2 Pencil


Start ‘em off right with Cadoozles Starters Mechanical #2 Pencil, a classic #2 mechanical lead pencil that is long-lasting and hard to break.  This awesome pencil is easy to hold and can withstand the pressures of beginning writers.

Cadoozles Starters Colored Pencils


Cadoozles Starters Colored Pencils are perfect for kids who love to live and learn in color.  Brand-new writers get a little bit of extra help with this well-designed beginner’s mechanical pencil that features a triangular barrel for easy gripping (and no rolling!). Thicker lead promotes a proper grip and means less lead breakage too! With 12 vibrant colors, your child’s imagination will run wild.  Available in 2.0mm Lead Size.


Product Name Style Barrel Colors Lead Advancement Lead Size (mm) Eraser Grip Features Advanced Features
M-301 Everyday Steel Push Button 0.5mm 0.7mm YES Black Plastic Durable steel barrel  
M-701 Executive Stainless Steel Push Button 0.7mm NO  knurled Stainless Steel Sleek look
DelGuard Professional Black Push Button 0.5mm YES Plastic groove Two spring technology Lead Cushioning, Extending Lead Sleeve
Z-Grip MP


Everyday Black



Tiger Zebra Cheetah

Push Button 0.5mm 0.7mm YES Rubber Great everyday mechanical pencil Multiple colors and wraps to choose from
Z-Grip Max MP Everyday Black


Push Button 0.7mm YES Rubber Ergonomic barrel  
Zebra #2 Student Black


Push Button 0.7mm YES Plastic classic-look  
Style #2    Student 6 patterns Push Button 0.7mm YES Classic Pencil Hexagonal Barrel


MLP2 Craftsman Blue, Black Push Button 0.9mm Square YES Rubber elliptical barrel with metal pocket clip  
Cadoozles Everyday Student Animal and various patterns Push Button 0.7mm 0.9mm YES Plastic Classic Pencil Hexagonal Barrel


Cadoozles Starters Mechanical #2


Everyday Student Classic yellow Push Button 2.0mm NO Plastic


Perfect for beginner writers  
Cadoozles Starters Colored Pencils Everyday Student 12 colors match lead Push Button 2.0mm NO Plastic


Perfect for beginner writers Great for coloring

 Zebra Pen offers an expansive line of mechanical pencils in a variety of styles to meet your every mechanical pencil need.  Find Zen in your pen.