Why settle for ordinary workplace pens, when you can have long-lasting and reliable Zebra pens, pencils and markers that deliver professional-grade performance. Our STEEL line of pens features heavy-duty stainless steel for quality and durability you’ll notice right away. Reliable and stylish, it also doubles as the perfect everyday accessory to elevate your professional look. Make a great first impression with Sarasa Grand, a stylish gel pen that is perfectly balanced for all-day writing comfort. And for anyone who relies on mechanical pencils, the cleverly designed DelGuard is unbeatable because it’s unbreakable. Don’t settle for ordinary. Choose Different. Choose Zebra.

STEEL 7 Series

The  STEEL 7 Series offers the sleekest look in the STEEL line. Rugged and strong, featuring heavy-duty stainless steel, the F-701 and M-701 are favorites among engineers and architects. Plus, the F-701 is also available in an all-metal design, making it easily detectable on the work floor for food and beverage professionals. If making a permanent mark is your thing, try the PM-701,  with a 5-day cap off time. The new X-701 is as tough as they come, featuring a pressurized barrel that allows for writing in harsh weather conditions from any angle.

STEEL 4 Series

The STEEL 4 Series features the same classic stainless-steel look as the 3 Series, but takes it next level with an upgraded, weighted barrel and a comfort rubberized grip. For an easy glide gel ink performance with a fine point, the G-402 is a no-brainer. The F-402  on the other hand, features a slightly thicker ballpoint tip that’s ready to get the job done.

STEEL 3 Series

The STEEL 3 Series is our most robust line, including everything from ballpoint pens, to pencils and highlighters. With its stainless-steel body, textured grip, convenient metal clip, and easy glide ink, the ballpoint F-301 is the #1 selling steel pen in America. Enjoy the same look and feel of our bestseller in a mechanical pencil, the M-301 featuring effortless refilling and a handy eraser. If the super smooth glide of gel ink is more your thing, look no further than the G-301.

Sarasa Grande

Sarasa Grand

For those who love the Sarasa gel pen but crave a weighted, more sophisticated pen body, the Sarasa Grand is the pen for you. It combines the crisp, precise writing experience of a gel pen with a polished, professional look to instantly elevate your style. With Rapid Dry Ink Technology (RDI), and a brass barrel, this pen is the perfect everyday essential.


You don’t break under pressure, and neither should your mechanical pencil. DelGuard features a patent-pending mechanism that ensures lead is secure, adding protection from breakage at any angle. Coupled with its smooth and sleek design and everyday writing comfort, you’ll never reach for another mechanical pencil again.

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