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What You Can Do to Help the Grevy’s Zebra

Drawing of a Grevy's zebra created with a STEEL F-301 Ballpoint Pen

The Grevy’s zebras are in grave danger. Just a few decades ago in the 1980’s, there were approximately 15,000 in population. Over the last 30 years, that number has dropped almost 80% and today, fewer than 3,000 remain. About 2,812 of these special zebras live in Kenya and 230 live in Ethiopia.

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How to Draw a Grevy’s Zebra Tutorial

By: Alice Hendon Anyone has the power to experience art by following instructions and using the right tools. By following this step by step tutorial, you too can draw the beautiful Grevy’s zebra! There are many free sites online where you can download photos to use when illustrating. I knew I wanted to draw head […]

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10 Simple Things Everyone Can Do to Help Save Endangered Species

Did you know our spokesanimal Zen is a Grevy’s zebra? Grevy’s zebras are among the most endangered species of zebra, and their population continues to decline due to hunting and loss of habitat. At Zebra Pen, we believe that animals make our world colorful. We’re committed to doing our part to help save endangered species […]

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Grevy’s Zebra by the Numbers

A zebra’s stripes are as unique as a human fingerprint. This distinction and individuality are among some of the same traits that we encourage at Zebra Pen, so when we heard about the alarming endangerment of the Grevy’s zebra, we decided to show our support for efforts to save this dying species.. Efforts Zebra Pen […]

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All About Z-Month

Celebrate Z-Month - Zebra Pen

So what is Z-Month anyway? Z-Month is all about celebrating Zebras, during the month of June – a fun-filled month of adventure and giveaways – all to help spread global awareness for the conservation of the world’s largest zebra species – The Grevy’s Zebra. You Win and the Grevy’s Win Each year during Z-Month Zebra […]

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Saving the Grevy’s Zebra by Its Stripes

Saving the Grevy's Zebra - CNN

The Grevy’s Zebra is quickly disappearing, and in an effort to save them, activists are collecting data on the Grevy’s by using the natural barcodes of their stripes. This video from CNN documents how they are gathering stripes data and using it to make recommendations to governments on how to save the Grevy’s zebra from […]

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Meet Grevy’s Zebra Trust

Have you heard of Grevy’s Zebra Trust? Let’s get acquainted: The sole purpose of Grevy’s Zebra Trust is to conserve the endangered Grevy’s zebra and its fragile habitat. The Trust was established in 2007 to address the urgent need to conserve Grevy’s zebra in the community rangelands of Ethiopia and Kenya. A Board of Trustees […]

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Saving Grevy’s Zebras

Saving Zebras in the Wild Zebras are an integral part of our culture at Zebra Pen Corporation. The traits that make zebras unique are the same traits that make us unique. So when we became aware that the largest of the zebra species, Grevy’s zebra, is endangered and at risk of becoming extinct, our ears […]

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What Month is it?

If you answered Z-Month, you’re correct! What do you get when you dedicate an entire month to celebrating zebras? Simply put…we’re calling it Z-Month. We’re taking the entire month of June, and using it to spread global awareness for the conservation efforts of the largest zebra species – Grevy’s zebra. It’s a win-win! Zebras win. […]

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