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Which STEEL Pen is Right for You?

Assorted of Zebra Pen STEEL products

Originally published June 4, 2014. Updated July 14, 2021. Tired of settling for ordinary writing tools? Our metal lineup of pens and mechanical pencils are durable but stylish which means they are not only reliable but will make a great first impression. Different projects require different tools—which is why we designed the STEEL line to […]

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The Gel Pen Guide

Assortment of Zebra gel pens

A gel pen is a true jack of all trades. Its smooth ink and availability of colors make it an excellent match for all kinds of writing including daily use, journaling, planning, study notes, and much more. Zebra Pen offers a wide selection of gel ink pens with different features and properties, like smudge-free Rapid […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Mildliner Highlighters

Array of Mildliner Highlighters

The Mildliner Double-Ended Highlighter & Marker is the OG tool for artists, students, and everyday use. The two unique ends—including a chisel tip and a bullet fine tip—and its mild translucent ink make it a truly unique product that is often imitated but never duplicated.

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Guide to STEEL and StylusPens: Pens Designed for Quick Sanitization and Limiting Hand Contact

STEEL and StylusPens with mask, hand sanitizer, laptop

Finding ways to keep hands clean and sanitized is more important than ever, as Covid-19 is changing the way we interact with each other and our surroundings. We need to be especially vigilant when using our many screened devices, PIN pads and touch screens. Learn how a stylus or stainless-steel pen may be able to […]

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The Ballpoint Pen Guide

Ballpoint Pen variety

Originally published May 27, 2020. Updated March 12, 2021. With all the writing instruments available these days, why choose a ballpoint? Ballpoint pens guarantee a steady and reliable flow of ink that dries faster than other ink formulas, like gel ink. Ballpoint pens use oil-based ink that is dispensed over a metal ball at the […]

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New to the Herd: G-402, Sarasa Grand, and more!

Zebra Pen is proud to announce the release of several new products designed to enhance your writing experience. These new additions make perfect stocking stuffers and gifts for the upcoming holiday season. Whether you’re looking for something sophisticated, an everyday tool, a new and improved highlighter, or even the perfect gift, Zebra Pen has got […]

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Which Writing Bundle is Best for You?

Haven’t quite found the perfect pen for you? Or do you want to have a variety of writing utensils to choose from? Now you can try them all, based on your individual needs with Zebra’s new bundles! Whether you’re a teacher looking for your classroom necessities, a student trying to organize your planner, or a […]

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Is Your Pen Tough as STEEL?

Zebra’s Steel pens are sleek, smooth and strong. As rugged as they are stylish, these pens can withstand the most extreme work conditions and deliver a professional look in the office. Favored amongst college students, Zebra Steel pens are great for the classroom as well! Choose from the everyday 3 Series, high quality 4 Series, […]

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Guest Blog: A Simple Bullet Journal Day (with bonus announcement and new product preview)!

We’re thrilled to share this guest blog from influencer Alec Fischer (@fischrjournals).  Alec helps you get organized through Bullet Journals every day. Read to the end and find a special announcement from Zebra Pen and make sure to follow Alec on social! Are any of you feeling stressed? Do you need an outlet to help […]

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Stylus Pens: A Complete Guide

Why does Zebra, a maker of pens and pencils love technology? Because it has changed all our lives for the better. Instant access to information – anywhere, anytime – is not just a need but an expectation. People carry a computer with them wherever they go, like smart phones and tablets. But people also carry […]

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