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The Best Zebra Pen Illustration Tools

Colorful artwork by Zebra Artist Ambassador Jerome

By Jerome of kulorbandit It’s that time of year again when we put down our pencils and pick up our favorite ink pens in anticipation of Inktober®. My name is Jerome (aka kulorbandit), an artist based in Phoenix, AZ, and today I’ll be showing you which Zebra Pen tools I like to use for the […]

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How to Draw a Fennec Fox with Zebra Metallic Brush Pens

Illustration of a Fennec Fox on black paper next to a Zensations Drafix Technical Pencil, two Metallic Brush Pens and several Sarasa Clip Pens

By: Artist Ambassador Sandra Strait Hello! I’m Sandra from lifeimitatesdoodles. Today, I’m going to show you how to create a realistic illustration that pops on black paper with Zebra Pen products. We’ll be drawing a Fennec fox. It’s about the size of a chihuahua and is a nocturnal desert animal. Let’s get started! Tools: Zebra […]

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3 Summer-Themed Bullet Journal Layouts to Simplify Your Life

Preview of the August bullet journal design created with Zebra Pen Mildliner Highlighers and Zensations Brush Pen

By: Fatimah of @studychaii Hi! It’s Fatimah from @studychaii and I’m here to introduce you to different ways you can use your creativity to effectively bullet journal over the summer. Summer can always become a bit hectic, so creating organized monthly spreads can help keep you grounded and ready for summer productivity. Here are some ideas […]

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Five Easter DIY Cards

Hello there! I’m Angie from @anjcreativeletters. Today I want to show you how to make easy and simple Easter cards using different Zebra pen products! Let’s Begin! Card 1: Happy Easter Materials: ● Zebra Funwari Brush Pens How to make it: Just simply write “Happy Easter” at the center of the card. You can use […]

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How to Create Gorgeous Watercolor Florals Using Mildliners

By: Artist Ambassador Courtney Bray Hello there!  I’m Courtney from @tulippoplarco! I love creating watercolor paintings, but today I want to share a secret with you!  You can get that beautiful watercolor look with your Zebra Mildliners! I’m going to walk you through the process step-by-step on how to create a faux watercolor floral painting! Materials […]

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8 Heartfelt DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts

  While it’s important to show appreciation for our loved ones year-round, Valentine’s Day offers us a special opportunity to treat them to something special. Flowers, jewelry and chocolates are great, but the best gifts come straight from the heart and not from the store. It is incredibly impactful to spend time and effort on […]

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10 Easy DIY Holiday Cards

By: Christina MacArthur Hey guys! Christina here from Pocketful of Letters! I am popping in today to show you 10 Easy DIY Holiday Cards using your favorite Zebra Products! Card 1: Christmas Lights Holiday Card Materials: –  Zensations Technical Drawing Pens – Zensations Colored Pencils Draw a drooping line at the top of the card […]

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Best Drawing Tips To Use During Inktober

By: Mark Klein During late September, every artist, professional or beginner begins drawing to participate in “Inktober,” the time of year that gives creativity a chance to shine. Inktober is a month-long challenge meant to inspire artists to hopefully create new drawings daily, and establish productive, artistic habits. Most of all, we get to share […]

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Stay Organized During Back to School with Zebra Mildliners

By: Laura Geraci The beginning of fall semester is both my favorite and least favorite time of the school year. It’s tough to leave the relaxing monotony of summer, and it is daunting to take on a full school schedule after three blissful months of relaxation. On the other hand, it’s always exciting to be […]

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How to Draw a Grevy’s Zebra Tutorial

By: Alice Hendon Anyone has the power to experience art by following instructions and using the right tools. By following this step by step tutorial, you too can draw the beautiful Grevy’s zebra! There are many free sites online where you can download photos to use when illustrating. I knew I wanted to draw head […]

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