BOO! Halloween Projects

Boo! Did I startle you? Well, no need to be afraid.  I’m here to share some simple Halloween crafts to help add a little spookiness to your home decor.

The days are starting to get shorter and a cold chill creeps it’s way through at nightfall.

As we begin fall, Halloween starts the season of holidays. Whether you prefer scary and gory or cute and fun, there is always a craft project perfect for you.

The projects I want to share with you are kid friendly and simple with minimal materials. You can always make each project your own, by adding your own creative style. Gather your family and friends and invite them over for a craft session.


The style I chose for this banner highlights different lettering styles. The background is filled with spooky and scary words fit for the occasion. Minimal detail with black lettering for the background and a little pop of metallic color to help the block letters stand out. It’s modern and fun and just my style. Play around with your lettering and add color if you’d like.

Materials & Tools:

  • Zebra Zensations Technical Drawing Pens and Black & Metallic Brush Pens
  • Zebra Sarasa Felt Tip Fineliners (optional)
  • White card stock or a pre-made banner
  • Twine or ribbon
  • Scissors & hole puncher, pencil & ruler

Make your banner:

You can buy a paper/card stock banner, or you can make your own. If you love to craft, having

white card stock handy is a must for simple projects like this one. You can create a stencil and

then use it to create as many cutouts you need.

Start by lettering the individual banner pieces with each letter to spell HAPPY HALLOWEEN.

Sketch your design with a pencil. I chose block letters to help stand out from the detailed background. To create diagonal lines for the background, use a ruler. Then with a technical pen, trace each block letter.

Now for the details, I did an online search for “Spooky words for Halloween” and penciled them through out each banner piece and I added simple illustrations through out. Be creative and switch up your lettering styles or add color if you like. Use the Sarasa colored fine felt tip Fineliners for that.

Once you’ve penciled in your words, you will trace them with your technical pen and brush pen. I used two different sizes of the black technical drawing pen to create the different widths of lettering styles. The brush pen was used for modern calligraphy.

Now to add the pop of metallic color. I used orange to color the word “HAPPY” and gold for “HALLOWEEN”. Allow the ink to dry and punch a hole at the top of each corner for each banner piece. Measure the twine or ribbon by laying out your pieces and measure horizontally.

Now you can put your banner together. Get your twine or ribbon and weave it through the holes that you punched out at the top of your cutouts. Looking at your cutout, weave the end of your twine or rope from the front left hole, pull through and weave it back into the right hole pulling from the back to the front. Repeat this with each cut out. Banners look amazing on a mantle or even an entry way. Whatever you decide, it will make HALLOWEEN a little more festive and “SPOOKY”for the month of October.


These ornaments were fast and simple. All you need to do is add some color and letter a word or phrase suitable for the occasion. That’s right! Did you know that you can use the metallic brush pens to paint your wooden ornaments? I tried it and it worked out great. Minimal mess and easy clean up,

You’ll have to try it.

Materials & Tools:

  • Zebra Black Fine Tip & Metallic Brush Pens
  • Wooden Halloween ornaments (pumpkin, witch hat, cat)
  • Twine and scissors

I found a set of wooden ornaments at my local craft store. Be sure to find ones that have a smooth surface so it does ruin your brush pen tips. Paint each ornament a different color. The pens are so pigmented that it provides good coverage. Touch up if necessary.

Let your ornaments dry and then use the black brush pen to letter a word or phrase suitable for the season. Last, but not least, attach your twine.

These would be great to decorate an outdoor space. Hang them on a tree or in a bush. They’ll

even look great on a fence. This project is so simple, you’ll have custom ornaments in 30 minutes.


Here’s another simple project that highlights your creativity.  I created two cute door hangers to keep in theme. The perfect “TRICK or TREAT” decor to welcome the mini ghosts & goblins looking for something sweet.

Material & Tools:

  • Zebra Zensations Technical Drawing Pens and Sarasa Fineliners
  • Zebra Zensations Black Fine Tip Brush Pen & Metallic Brush Pens
  • Two 5×12 inch rectangular card stock (both cut down to size from a 12×12 inch sheet)
  • Pencil, Ribbon, Scissors & Hole Puncher

Start by cutting your card stock down to size.

Use your pencil to sketch out words “TRICK” and “TREAT” on each door hanger.

Then sketch an illustration appropriate for each word. Some things to consider are spiders and tombstones for “TRICK” and all types of sweet things for “TREAT.” Add some color with Sarasa fineliners. Outline your block letters with the technical drawing pens. Finish off by coloring your block letters with the metallic brush pens.

Last but not least, punch holes at top corner of each door hanger. Attach your ribbon by forming a loop at the top. I added a knot and/ or bow at the ends of the ribbon to finish this piece.

This project is super fun and easy for all ages. Hang these at your front door to determine if your guest want a “TRICK or TREAT!”


Pennants are a great addition to outdoor decor.  Use pennants to create a “WELCOME” or “WARNING” sign for your wanted and unwanted guests. You can post them near the front door or even your yard. Enter at your own risk!

Materials & Tools:

  • Zebra Metallic Brush Pens
  • Three 7×12 inch triangular card stock (cut down to size from a 20×22 inch sheet)
  • Wooden Stake or Sticks
  • Pencil, Scissors & Tape

Start by measuring your triangle pieces and cut them down to size. I made three pennants, but you can make as many as you want.

I kept my signs simple by adding cliche messages. Sketch in pencil to determine the position of your message or phrase.  Then simply go over it with the metallic brush pens. I added simple doodles for detail.

Let your ink dry then attach the stake or stick to the back of your pennant with some tape. I added some ribbon to the stake for detail. Position your signs in strategic areas around your home to keep your guests on their toes. Choose daring messages to keep them guessing. “DO NOT ENTER” or “ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK” are fun ones to try.