Shannon Higginbotham

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Artist Name: Shannon Higginbotham
Artist Location: Lubbock, Texas

Shannon Higginbotham

Shannon Higginbotham is a Texas native who has made art an integral part of her life. As an elementary school art teacher, Shannon teaches children from pre-k to 5th grade full time. She has a bachelor’s degree in fine arts, and a master of art education degree. Shannon finds inspiration everywhere, including literature, nature, and everything in between. She loves creating watercolor flowers and uplifting quotes, as well as illustrating poetry.

In her free time, Shannon creates art for fun and as a business. Shannon’s biggest advice to other aspiring artists is to practice doing something creative each day. She finds Zen in art by sitting down and creating something out of nothing. She feels that art is an escape from the stress of life.

Fun facts about me

I am completely and happily addicted to coffee.
I love to live with my head in the clouds and in my own fairy tale.
I love reading and being transported to different worlds that wouldn’t be possible without literature.

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