Krysten Werlitsch

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Artist Name: Krysten Werlitsch
Artist Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Krysten Werlitsch

Krysten Werlitsch, a married mother of two young boys, has enjoyed creating since she was a child. In high school she studied calligraphy, but recently discovered her passion for lettering when she stumbled upon a lettering account on Instagram. Shortly after, she started a side business out of her home. Krysten creates custom made art work, letters, invitations and more. She hopes to one day turn her side business into her full-time job.

Krysten currently loves creating floral pieces, and teaching others how to improve their lettering and drawing skills. She believes that art should never be rushed, and she finds her Zen to create in a quiet, well-lit area. In addition to lettering, Krysten is a bookkeeper at a local indoor shooting range, and enjoys the outdoors.

Fun facts about me

I have been snowboarding for 22 years, and I used to be an instructor.
I love to sing, and I hope to one day pursue that dream.
I love animals, and I have two dogs, two crested geckos, and one snake!

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