Hazel Ung

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Artist Name: Hazel Ung
Artist Location: Los Angeles, California

Hazel Ung

Hazel Ung has found Zen in creativity since she was a little girl. In college, she explored graphic and web design, and has recently discovered her love of hand lettering. Hazel loves trying new products and mediums, and sharing her art with friends and family on social media. She enjoys encouraging, empowering and inspiring others who are passionate about art and creativity.

Hazel finds inspiration in everything around her, and she likes to create customized pieces for people using unique details and personal touches. She hopes to one day craft, letter and create full time.

Fun facts about me

I was born and raised in Hawaii, but swimming didn’t come naturally to me.
I am part Japanese and I love sushi.
I am left-handed and my daughter is too.

Printable Art Tutorials

Learn how to create your own holiday ornaments in this art tutorial by Hazel. Click to download this printable PDF.

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