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Learn How to Bullet Journal Effectively in the New Year

By: Fatimah Coppin 

Preparing for the upcoming New Year is definitely a must.  What better way to start off 2019 than to set up a new bullet journal?

Bullet journaling is a conceptual planning system created by Ryder Carroll, where you can plan ahead for an organized lifestyle, and unleash your creativity onto the pages of your notebook. Here are some ways in which you could effectively bullet journal in the new year. Grab a pen and a notebook and let’s get organized!

Yearly Overview

Incorporating a customized yearly overview into your bullet journal is a great way to look at your year in a bigger perspective. Not only can you keep track of all the days and weeks of certain months, but you can highlight any days of personal importance. This reference prevents you from forgetting important days, and allows you to see the days ahead to see deadlines, projects, and more.

Tip: Include an “Events” portion so you could become more interactive with your calendars. Highlight or write down holidays, deadlines, or other events from your calendar.

Year in Pixels

Setting up a “Year in pixels” will make your journal a little more personal. It also encourages you to write into your journal more often! Every day, color in a box with a color in according to how you feel every day of the year. This master mood tracker will also give you a chance to reflect on your feelings for the year.

Tip: Use Zebra Mildliners for a unique variation of color, as it will help distinguish the different moods you want to include in your tracker!

Monthly Goals

Creating a list of goals for yourself in your journal for an assigned month will help you achieve your objectives. Creating realistic goals each month will help you remain focused.

Tip:  When creating goals, organize them under categories (such as fitness, academics, or habits) to help you take things one step at a time and to prevent any confusion in setting up different goals. This will allow you to achieve your goals faster.

Idea Pages

Creating idea page(s) for your journal is a great way to quickly jot down formulated ideas, or even plan for projects you may be working on. For instance, this page can include artistic or organization ideas you could implement in your journal or daily life. It can also include academic ideas for when you come up with studious plans.

Tip: Make the page blank! Create enough space to branch out your thoughts and jot down ideas that may leave your mind the next second.

Creativity pages

Creativity pages are a great way to unleash your artistic or creative abilities. Save some pages in your journal solely for creative purposes for you to brainstorm new artistic styles, inspire and motivate yourself, or even relieve some stress.

Hope these Journaling idea layouts and components will help you in your bullet journaling adventures for 2019. Wish you the best of luck, and happy planning!

Fatimah Coppin is a New York-based creator, and runs the popular Instagram account @studychaii

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Professionals

The new year is here, making it an ideal time to start implementing new resolutions. As a professional, it’s also a great time to start fresh with new habits that optimize productivity at work and at home. Consider using one of these resolutions to kick start your year in a positive way.

Focus on Financial Health

Minimize your financial stress this year and commit to your financial health. According to Forbes, a Stress in America survey published in November 2017 by the American Psychological Association states that 62% of Americans report being stressed about money. Everyone’s financial situation is different but creating a plan that combines your financial goals and objectives for the year can help you plan ahead and budget your money wisely. For more guidance, make an appointment with a financial advisor.

Utilize Career Resources

In a digital society, there is one social media platform that all professionals should be using—LinkedIn. According to Forbes, the majority of employers look for an online presence before hiring, even after an interview. Additionally, 98% of recruiters and 85% of hiring managers use LinkedIn to find candidates.

Prior to LinkedIn, employers were investigating personal social media before hiring. LinkedIn is a professional platform that when used correctly, can give employers and recruiters the chance to pre-screen candidates before requesting an interview. This is not to say that employers don’t look at other social media platforms, because they do. However, LinkedIn is the perfect way to establish your professional persona.

Start Journaling

Keeping a journal is more helpful than you may realize. According to Entrepreneur, keeping a journal can not only help you disconnect from scrolling through apps and emails, but it can also help you reflect each day. Listing helpful advice from mentors in your journal can be a great way to stay motivated in a time of stress. Use your journal to vent in a productive way, collect compliments or words of encouragement, and share your dreams and goals for the future. Don’t worry about perfection, simply write what you feel and be authentic with your thoughts. This is a place for you to be unfiltered and real. Choose a high-quality journal and pen to make your journaling experience even better.

Love Your Writing Instruments

Whether you consider yourself a writer or not, most professionals use a pen or pencil on a daily basis. If you’re looking for professional success in 2019, set yourself up for success. Think about the habits you create, the positive attitude you demonstrate, and even the writing instruments you use. For a gel pen experience in a more weighted, sophisticated body, use Zebra’s Sarasa Grand. If you need a pen or pencil that is durable and stylish, Zebra’s STEEL collection of pens and pencils provides a diverse line of professional instruments.

Make Time for Yourself

One New Year’s resolution that should be on every professional’s list is to make time for yourself. It’s a common concept to try and achieve a healthy work/life balance, however, very few professionals maintain it. Take time this year to focus on you, however you see fit. If you feel that you need more time with your family, commit to spending more time with your loved ones regularly. Don’t forget to make time for yourself, and try to spend at least half an hour each day devoted to something you love, whether it’s exercising, reading, watching your favorite show or listening to a music or podcast.

10 Easy DIY Holiday Cards

By: Christina MacArthur

Hey guys! Christina here from Pocketful of Letters! I am popping in today to show you 10 Easy DIY Holiday Cards using your favorite Zebra Products!

Card 1: Christmas Lights Holiday Card


–  Zensations Technical Drawing Pens

– Zensations Colored Pencils

Draw a drooping line at the top of the card then one crossing and dropping just below the other line.

Add little ovals throughout the line.

Color the ovals in with whatever Christmas colors you desire, using Zensations colored pencils

Take your Zensations Technical Drawing Pens and add a fun saying in the bottom corner. Let’s go with “May your days be merry and bright!” and there you go!

Card 2: A Joyful Wreath


– Black Zensations Brush Pen

– Green Zensations Colored Pencil

– Zensations Drafix Technical Pencil

– An Eraser

Draw a large oval in the middle of the card with your pencil. Make little leaves with your green colored pencil around the oval.

Take your brush pen and outline some of the sides of the leaves you created.

Erase the pencil lines in the middle of the leaves. Write whatever phrase you decide in the middle of the leaf. This time I am going to use the word, “Joy.” Enjoy!

Card 3: Rudolph Holiday Card


– Red and Brown Zensations Sarasa Gel pens

– Black medium point Zensations Brush Pen

– A pencil with an eraser

With your pencil draw a medium size circle in the middle of the paper. This will be Rudolph’s nose. About a finger length about the circle create 2 little eyes.

About a finger length slightly above/to the side of the eyes you are going to want to create your antlers. Kind of like a “t,” but with two lines crossing it rather than one.

Now use your red Sarasa pen and draw horizontal lines in the circle of the nose.

Do the same with the eyes but with black. Now, draw over the antler lines with Brown 2 parallel lines for the antler ears.

And it’s just that easy!

Card 4: A Fun Christmas Tree


– Pencil

– Ruler

– Green and Brown Sarasa Pens

– Colored Pencils

Take your ruler and with your pencil make a triangle to be the shape of the tree. Draw a little stump under the triangle. A square or rectangle works great. Take the ruler and draw 3 lines horizontally through the triangle. Use your Technical Drawing Pens to outline the triangle and the horizontal lines inside of it. Don’t forget to trace the stump.

Use the green pen for a horizontal lines in the tree. Then pencil in some patterns.

Outline the patterns in green.

Use your colored pencils to color in those patterns.

Write “Merry” above the tree and “Christmas below” and you have yourself another card!

Card 5: Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel


– Black Brush Pen

– Blue Colored Pencil

– 2 Brown Colored Pencils (different shades)

– Washi Tape

Sketch a dreidel to the side of your card.

Add the symbols to the dreidel. I googled the symbols but you could use the ones I used too! Letter “Love & Light” around the dreidel. Outline everything with the black Brush Pens.

Color in the dreidel with the lighter brown and then the darker brown to add some texture. Add some washi tape to the edges of the card to create a frame. Then color the background light blue.

Tear off the washi tape and you are finished!

Card 5: Ornament


– Pencil

– Technical Drawing Pen

Create a circle in the middle/lower portion of the paper with your pencil. Top it off with a little box and a line coming from the top of the card to the little box. (See photo below)

Use your pen and “scribble” sideways up and down in the circle. Do not outline with the pen because it will look cool without an outline. Scribble in the little box. And draw the vertical line coming from the top down to the ornament.

Erase the pencil marks. Add a quote or a saying below the ornament. “I like hanging with you” is a good one!

Card 6: Joy


– Technical Drawing Pens

– Red Colored Pencil

– A Pencil

Sketch a hollowed version of the word “Joy.”

Outline it with the Technical Drawing Pens. 

Make little bendy lines to make the candy cane shape. Color in every other block with red.

It’s that easy!

Card 7: Santa Suit


– Red Colored Pencil

– Black Colored Pencil

– Yellow Colored Pencil

– Washi Tape

Make a square in the lower third of the paper with your pencil. Make a horizontal belt going through that square. Draw 2 circles vertically above the squares.

Add some washi tape to the edges to make a frame.

Color the buttons and belt black, the belt clip yellow, and his suit red. 

Then remove the washi tape and you are all finished!

You have a Santa suit card!

Card 8: Holly-Days Watercolor


– A ziplock bag or any sort of flat plastic

– Water

– A green and red Fude Brush Pen

– Technical drawing pens

– Black medium tip brush pen

Since this card is a bit more difficult I have attached a video for you to watch. Check out the step by step below the video.

You will first color your red and green Fude Brush Pen on the ziplock bag or whatever flat piece of plastic you choose.  Take some water and dampen the colors. Rub the plastic onto the paper to create a watercolor effect. Then use your technical pen to doodle whatever Christmas theme item you like. In my case I am choosing some holly!

Write a fun saying under the holly. Let’s go with “Happy Holly-Days!” Write your note in the middle and you are good to go!

Card 9: Hanukkah Card


– Blue, Orange, and Yellow Mildliners

– Blue Brush Pen

– A Pencil

– Technical Drawing Pen

Draw 9 vertical lines with the blue Mildliner chisel tip. I used a ruler to get the spacing just right. You can totally do that too or free hand it.

Color in little flames above the candle sticks.

Use the blue brush pen to letter Happy Hannukah around the card.

Now outline everything with the Technical Drawing Pen.

I added some dots to add some texture to the candles. I added them to the right of every candle to add a little extra flare. No pun intended. And there you go! A super easy Hanukkah card.

Card 10: Candy Cane


– Technical Drawing Pen

– Red Colored Pencil

This one is so simple that you could probably figure it out using the image below. But I have included a video too!

Here’s a description just in case you are like me and would rather read the instructions than watch a video. Make an upside down J a sideways J and a right side up J. Draw little swooping lines inside. Color every other block red.

Write out or letter “oh Christmas treat.” Easy peasy!

Thank you for joining me today! With these tips and pictures each of these cards shouldn’t take you more than 10-20 minutes depending on your experience!

Happy Holidays! Catch you next time!




Top 5 Stocking Stuffers for Professionals

The holidays are quickly approaching, and for many, it can be a stressful time of year. While scrambling to attend every holiday get together, cooking and baking, and buying perfect gifts for your loved ones, buying stocking stuffers may feel like a last-minute purchase. However, sometimes the smallest gifts are the most meaningful. When it comes to buying gifts for working professionals, practical and stylish options are foolproof. Use this guide to buy the professional, coworker, or colleague in your life a gift they won’t soon forget.

Yearly Planner

A new year calls for new resolutions—and new planners. Help your coworkers, friends or spouse be more organized with a new planner. Planners are perfect for keeping track of important meetings and deadlines, appointments, vacation days, and more. Using a planner also helps increase productivity, manage stress, and practice time management. With so many brands and styles to choose from, you’re sure to find one that fits the style and needs of any professional.

M/F–701 Gift Set

The perfect pen can make a great first impression at a new job or with a new boss or client. Zebra’s STEEL M/F-701 Gift Set includes the all-metal STEEL F-701 Ballpoint Pen and the STEEL M-701 Mechanical Pencil. Both are made with stainless steel and feature a knurled grip for a unique writing experience. Sleek, sophisticated and durable, this gift set was created for the working professional. Learn more about how you can Choose Different with Zebra’s line of everyday premium pens.

Business Card Holder

In any industry, networking is crucial. It’s important to always be prepared with business cards when travelling, attending conferences, or meeting new people. Give the gift of style and confidence with a business card holder. This will make carrying cards even easier and will prevent the cards from tearing or bending in a bag, purse or pocket.

Ear Buds

Between a morning and evening commute, lunch breaks, and long days, ear buds or headphones make the perfect gift for the professional in your life. Surprise a colleague, boss or mentor with a pair of sleek headphones for listening to music, business podcasts, and more. Listening to music during the day can relieve stress and feelings of anxiousness during busy days at work. Some studies show that music can help make repetitive tasks more enjoyable and can also help boost productivity and creativity.

Sarasa Grand

The right accessory can help you stand out from the crowd and boost your confidence at work. Surprise your friends or coworkers with Zebra’s Sarasa Grand Retractable Pen this holiday. Available in rose gold, gold, and navy, the Sarasa Grand is perfect for professionals who value self-expression and a smooth, premium writing experience.

Sometimes the best gifts come in small packages. Keep gifts practical and professional this holiday season and get your coworkers gifts they are sure to use every day.

Ace Your Finals With These Study Tips

Are you ready for finals season? There’s no better time to develop strong study habits to prepare for upcoming exams, papers and projects. Use these tips to minimize stress and nail your finals.

Study with Classmates

Organize a study group with fellow classmates to help each other out. Most likely, know information your classmate doesn’t quite understand and vice versa. Use your knowledge and skills to help someone out and they can use theirs to help you.

Re-Write Notes

A great way to kick off a study session is by rewriting your notes. Whether you write terms and definitions on index cards or you simply re-write your notes in your notebook, it’s important to use the right instruments and focus on the information you are writing. Handwriting information serves as a great review before you really dive deeper into your learning.

Get a Full Night’s Sleep

Going to sleep at a reasonable hour will allow for more productive study sessions in the days leading up to your final, and especially the night before your final. If pre-test jitters keep you awake, try meditating to put your mind at ease.

Stay Organized

Each semester, you most likely have multiple finals to study for. It’s important to find ways to keep your notes and study guides organized. Color-coding is a great way to do this! Use Zebra Mildliners for a unique mild color that appears softly on paper, featuring a broad and fine tip for all hand lettering and marking applications.

Take Breaks

Breaks are not selfish, they are absolutely necessary. Grab a snack, take a walk, or even go to the gym to take a well-deserved mental break. You will return to studying refreshed and ready to work.

Meet With Your Professor

They are there to help! Even if you’re just confused on a certain topic, going to meet with your professor shows initiative and proves that you care about your studies. It’s never a bad idea to meet with your teacher or professor before a final.

Teach Someone Else

Research shows that students have better memory and recall ability when they learn with the intention of teaching the information to someone else. Test your memory and try to teach someone else the information you are studying. Ask them to repeat back to you what they understood from your lesson to make sure that you are being clear and concise in your teaching and learning because this will be reflective on your exam.

Make It Fun

You shouldn’t dread studying. Get creative and make your study sessions custom fit your personal preferences. For example, if you enjoy drawing, try creating images to help you recall information. If you enjoy poetry, try coming up with an acrostic poem or rhymes to remember information. Check out Zebra’s Zensations line to awaken your inner artist and let the creativity flow.

Try a New Study Spot

Where you choose to study has more of an effect on your retention than you may realize. According to a study, instead of sticking to one study location, simply alternating the room where a person studies improves retention If you’re used to studying in the same spot all the time, switch it up and try a new location.

Use Reliable Instruments

The last thing you need on the day of a final is to be well-studied and prepared only to find that your pen is being spotty or running low on ink. Stick to utensils that you can rely on and always bring extras. Check out Zebra’s STEEL line of pens for a instruments that combine style, strength, and value to ensure your writing comfort with industry-leading precision and stability to ace your finals this semester!

5 Ways to Boost Creativity at Work

When work feels admittedly boring or redundant, it can be difficult to get your head back in the right space to be productive. Use these tips to boost your creativity at work and make the most of your workday.

Be Mindful of Your Productive Peaks and Pits

According to Business Insider, it is more beneficial to work with your natural rhythms than against them. Some people tend to work more efficiently in the morning while others are more creative in the afternoon. It’s important to acknowledge these peaks so that you can take advantage of your most productive time frames. On the other hand, acknowledging and coping with your pits is just as important. Work through slumps by getting some fresh air or collaborating with a coworker. If you’re able to, sit in a different room for a fresh perspective.

Use Color to Get Organized

Colors greatly affect your emotions and thinking; you can use this to your advantage at work. According to Shift Learning, using the different colors can have a huge impact on behaviors and attitudes while learning or working. Green is said to promote concentration, while orange is said to be uplifting. Blue and orange paired together while highlighting information promotes high levels of thought and comprehension. For soft, beautiful colors to use while highlighting, use Zebra Mildliners. These pastel highlighters are double-ended, perfect for organization all while being easy on the eyes and giving you an opportunity to express your creativity.

Take an Inspiration Break

You can’t pour from an empty cup. Sometimes the best way to focus on the task at hand is to step away for a moment. Read some motivating quotes, watch an inspiring video, or listen to your favorite song or a portion of a podcast to refocus and refresh. Allow yourself to take ten or fifteen minutes to clear your mind and search for inspiration elsewhere. Taking a break is a great way to stay motivated and keep the creativity flowing throughout your work day.

Start Your Day with a To-Do List

Hold yourself accountable by creating a to-do list at the beginning of your day. Give yourself some time to plan for the day ahead and prioritize your tasks. Physically writing these lists out helps to keep your goals and actions aligned while working. As you work, check off each task as it is completed to give yourself a sense of accomplishment, no matter how small the task. Use fun stationary to keep track of your weekly schedule.

Write Handwritten Notes When You Can

Looking at a computer or phone screen for too long can begin to irritate your eyes. Try your best to take breaks from screen time by writing handwritten notes as often as possible. When attending a meeting, leave your laptop or tablet at your desk and grab a pen and paper instead. The products you use to write matter. For a premium, work-friendly line of writing instruments, check out Zebra’s STEEL line of sophisticated and stylish products. Not only does handwriting information boost creativity, it produces a more complex thought pattern and can help with memory as well.





Best Drawing Tips To Use During Inktober

By: Mark Klein

During late September, every artist, professional or beginner begins drawing to participate in “Inktober,” the time of year that gives creativity a chance to shine.

Inktober is a month-long challenge meant to inspire artists to hopefully create new drawings daily, and establish productive, artistic habits. Most of all, we get to share our art and process with our peers. It’s challenging, helpful, and most of all, fun.

Luckily, my friends at Zebra Pen to write a blog on my Inktober process and share with you. I hope you can use these helpful hints throughout Inktober!

I often get asked, “how did you learn to draw?” The answer is, I was never taught, because I believe that a person cannot be “taught”. Everyone can draw, but just like athletics or music, it requires practice and a lot of disappointments. Much like any other hobby, drawing requires practice, practice, and more practice. During Inktober, you will shock and surprise yourself on what you can do. Inktober gives us 31 days to practice and share with others. You will be amazed at your progress from October 1st until we finish on Halloween!

Here are some tips for those new to Inktober, and just beginning:

Draw what you enjoy.

Inktober gives us prompts, but most of all to be successful, draw what you enjoy.

Draw like you, and in your style.

Our art “styles” are what make us so vastly different and wonderful.

Experiment with different pen or ink types, or entirely new medias.

Find what makes you comfortable and let your work shine. You will be surprised.

Stick with it.

31 drawings in 31 days can seem like a marathon. Take a day off here and there, because everyone works at their own pace. We are here as an artistic community to have each other’s backs, and to motivate and support.

Most of all, enjoy yourself.

Have fun, share your work. You will be amazed at your process and progression!

I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s work this year. Just tag your work with #Inktober,  #Inktober2018, and #ZensationsChallenge for a chance to win your own Zebra Zensations products.. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram at @officialartmark

Good luck, and get those fingers inky. Cheers.

Mark A. Klein


Top 5 Fall Activities For The Whole Family

Temperatures are cooling down and leaves are falling, which can only mean one thing. It’s time to take advantage of the autumn weather with the whole family! The cozy weather and beautiful foliage are only here for a short time. Use these tips and enjoy these fall activities to embrace all the fun and adventure this season has to offer.


With the start of a new school year, it’s especially important to take advantage of weekends. Optimize your weekends with fun day or overnight trips by camping or hiking. Whether you’re enjoying gorgeous views, building fires for s’mores or learning about nature— there are so many ways to make hiking and camping both fun as well as educational. Keep a journal or sketchbook to document your experience and allow yourself to get creative. Zebra’s new STEEL X-701 Retractable Ballpoint Pen is the perfect writing utensil to take with you on your getaway. Its patent-pending pressurized barrel allows you to write in even the harshest weather conditions, making it the perfect outdoor pen!

Pumpkin and Apple Picking

Pumpkin and apple picking are both classic autumn activity that are perfect for kids and adults alike. Allow kids to select their own pumpkins and help them carve funny faces or their favorite characters. Enjoy a hayride and take in the sights, sounds and smells of fall at a local farm.

Fall Baking

One of the best parts of the season is enjoying warm comfort food with the ones you love.  Follow a handwritten family recipe or try something new using ingredients you picked yourself.  Get the whole family involved with the process from start to finish.


Autumn’s beauty awakens the senses. Channel your inner artist with the whole family and create fall portraits. Doodle or sketch your favorite fall scene and share it with your family as part of your autumn decor. Use the Zebra Zensations line of calligraphy pens, brush pens and colored pencils to doodle, hand letter, and more.

Fall Crafts

Bare branches and fallen leaves are an autumn staple. Savor their beauty by collecting and pressing your favorite leaves for a journal or scrapbook. Take a walk and search or look through your own yard to find your favorites then press them between pages of a book to preserve their color and shape as much as possible. After a few hours or days, they can be glued onto pages of a journal or scrapbook to keep for as long as you’d like! You could also use leaves to create a leaf rubbing craft by placing the leaf under a sheet of paper and using a colored pencil to color lightly over the bends and stems of the leaf.

Don’t let the beautiful weather and scenery slip by this fall and get outside to enjoy the season with the whole family.

3 Ways To Incorporate Writing Into Self-Care Practice

Practicing self-care is more than just exercising and eating healthy.  However, it’s also crucial to develop habits that nurture your mental health. Writing can be a powerful tool to ease your mind and allow your creativity to flourish.

According to writer and psychotherapist Karen Dempsey, writing is a self-care activity that she highly recommends to her clients. “In my work as a psychotherapist, I encourage my clients to keep a journal – or at least to allow themselves to write freely when they have pent-up emotions that need to be aired. ‘Better out then in’ is my mantra,” Dempsey explains in her article, “How Expressive Writing Can Support Your Mental Health.” Whether you choose to keep a daily journal, anyone can use writing to improve their mental health. Anyone can benefit from exploring and understanding emotions through writing.

Self-Care Daily Recap 

Incorporating writing into your daily routine allows you to unwind and spend quiet time alone before bed, after work, or whenever suits you best. Write and reflect on the peaks and valley of your day to track your progress, accomplishments, and challenges you have overcome. Using your favorite pen will help you look forward to writing at the end of the day. Try the new Sarasa Grand, or the STEEL G-402 for a smooth performance and attractive barrel.

Optimist-Only Writing

This technique allows you to find positivity in any day. Optimist-only writing exercises your ability to let go of negativity, and focus solely on positive emotions that you may feel on a daily or weekly basis.  Write about how obstacles will make you a better employee, student, and person. Create a bullet journal spread of positive mantras, and use Zebra Mildliners to decorate and color.

Expressive Writing

Expressive writing allows you to record an authentic, raw stream of consciousness without paying attention to perfect handwriting or grammar. Allow your creativity to take over, and use fun products like Zensations Fountain Pens or Sarasa Fineliners.

Nail Your Next Interview With These Easy Tips

Interviews can be tough. The goal is to to present your most authentic self, all while explaining the depth of your experience. Stress can alter how you behave and interact during an interview and may impact how you are perceived. Use these tips to help combat pre-interview nervousness and make a powerful first impression.

Do Your Research Before The Interview

Take some time to learn about the position and company you are applying for, and determine how that role and employer can help you achieve your future goals. Determine a few questions you’d like to ask during the interview that prove you’ve done your research, and to show you’re truly interested in working there.

Embody Your Best Qualities

How do you want your interviewer to remember you? Focus on how you can portray those two qualities. For example, if you consider yourself professional and knowledgeable you may place some extra focus on your appearance and research when preparing for your interview. If you consider yourself passionate and personable you may show up a little early for your interview and allow your personality to guide the conversation. Remember to stay true to yourself throughout the interview.

Prepare Thoroughly

Be sure to discuss any relevant experience you have that could benefit the company. Write down a few talking points and previous roles before the interview so you feel comfortable and confident speaking. If you have held any leadership positions, don’t be afraid to mention them and how they have prepared you for your career. According to Forbes, mentioning your other involvements including sports teams or other groups can help you connect with the interviewer on a deeper level.

Bring Your Resume And Your Favorite Pen

If you have a padfolio, be sure to bring a few copies of your resume, a cover letter, and some extra pages to take notes. For professional and stylish writing instruments, check out Zebra’s STEEL line. If you prefer a smooth, gel pen that makes a statement, use a Sarasa Grand. Prepare these items the night before and put them on the counter or in your car so that you don’t forget them on your way out the door.

Arrive Early

Find directions, plan for traffic, or even take the drive to the interview location ahead of time so that you can prevent being late. Being late can give the wrong impression, and make you seem careless and unprepared.

Be Mindful

Take a minute and just focus on your breathing before you go into your interview. Try to remain calm, and think positive thoughts. Get a drink of water if you need one, and know that you prepared to the best of your ability.

Follow Up

Send an email that evening or the following morning thanking the interviewer for their time.. Make sure you give the interviewer the appropriate information they may need in order to call you back or inform you on the status of your interview. End the email by letting them know that you are eager to hear back from them.

Be Proud of Yourself

If you did your research and prepared to the best of your ability, know that no matter what happens you gave it your all. As long as you tried your best, you should feel confident and know that even the interviews that don’t turn into jobs, are great practice.