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Zebra Pen U.S. Turns 35

EDISON, NJ ( AUGUST 27, 2017) – Zebra Pen Corp., a global leader in the writing and creative products industry, is celebrating Zebra Pen’s 35th birthday. Zebra Pen Corporation was founded in New York City in August 27, 1982. Though this was the beginning for Zebra Pen in the United States, its history started long before this date.

The parent company, Zebra Co. Ltd. of Tokyo, Japan has existed as a manufacturer of writing instruments since 1898 and has operated since then as a manufacturer of solely writing instruments. The company was founded by Mr. Tokumatsu Ishikawa to manufacture the traditional brush pen used in writing the Japanese language characters.

When Zebra Company expanded to the U.S. market, it took a much different path. Due to the size and the potential of the U.S. market, it was decided to establish an independent company to market and sell the Zebra line. From this, the company, Zebra Pen Corporation was born in 1982 and proudly carries on the long and humble history of commitment to innovation and quality, the hallmark of Zebra Company.

Since its founding, Zebra Pen has expanded very rapidly and effectively with a product line geared to the tastes and demands of the U.S. market. Zebra Pen Corporation offers a complete line of writing and creative instruments, all of which are guaranteed to provide quality and reliability.

In the 1970’s that Zebra Company achieved a major innovation with the perfection of the ballpoint pen – mechanical pencil combination known as the “Sharbo.” The introduction of the Sharbo established Zebra Company as a manufacturer and designer of state of the art instruments and as a company that would shape the future of writing instruments.

31 Days. 31 Drawings. Inktober is Here!

Pumpkin spice, football games, red and yellow leaves; there’s no denying October is in the air. Along with all of the Fall fun, Zebra pen is also excited to take part in this year’s Inktober events!

Inktober was created in 2009 by artist, Jake Parker as an initiative for artists to share their work and get into daily drawing habits through the month of October! Since then, Inktober has not only given artists a reason to share their work, it has also helped to build the artist community by encouraging one another through the entire month of October.

At Zebra Pen, we fully support individuality and self-expression, the basis of Inktober! This year, we are celebrating Inktober with a chance to win our new line of artist products called Zensations.

Inktober is the perfect opportunity to break out your favorite Zebra products and show off some of your own original artwork!

The rules are simple:

  1. Create a drawing
  2. Post it on your social media accounts
  3. Hashtag it with #inktober and #zensations
  4. Repeat this each day through the month of October

At the end of each week, we will select a winner to receive our new Zensations line of products including tools and utensils specifically made for artists like you!


Put yourself out there and get your work exposed to the artist community! Show off what Zebra products you used to make your artwork and tell us what you like about them!

Sarasa FinelinerInk-spire

Sharing your art might just inspire someone else to share theirs! It also might inspire you to keep drawing. Many Zebra products were created with artists in mind. Try out our Sarasa Fineliner or Zebra Fountain Pen to get inspired!


Build the community of artists and encourage one another through the Inktober journey! Like and comment on other art to show your support. Don’t forget to add #zensations so we can find your awesome work!

Which Writing Bundle is Best for You?

Haven’t quite found the perfect pen for you? Or do you want to have a variety of writing utensils to choose from? Now you can try them all, based on your individual needs with Zebra’s new bundles! Whether you’re a teacher looking for your classroom necessities, a student trying to organize your planner, or a working professional looking for the everyday writing essentials, Zebra Pen created bundles to fulfill all of your needs.

You can choose from four different essentials bundles starting in September. In November, Zebra will be releasing a Zensations bundle perfect for the artist in your life. No need to shop around or place multiple orders, because bundles will be an online exclusive so you can get everything you need in one click and it will be delivered to you for convenience.

Which writing bundle is best for you?

Steel Essentials

Looking for the sleek, sophisticated style of Zebra’s Steel line? Be the envy of your office with the Steel Essentials bundle. Try 14 different pens from the Steel line and see how each fits seamlessly into your daily life. Whether it’s in the office, classroom, or out on the job, this bundle contains all the writing tools you need! From ballpoint pens to mechanical pencils and highlighters, each writing utensil comes in a steel body for strength and style.

Classroom Essentials

Teachers, college students, and high school students, we’ve got a bundle to meet all your classroom needs. Pens, mechanical pencils, gel pens and highlighters make going back to school a breeze. With plenty of utensils to choose from, this bundle contains everything you need to write your way to success this school year!

Everyday Essentials

For the everyday writer, this bundle contains useful, high quality products to fulfill all of your writing needs. Perfect for note taking, homework, journaling, and highlighting, this bundle can help maximize your efficiency at home or at the office.


Planner Essentials

There are an unlimited amount of ways to utilize a planner. Using the right tools can make your planner even more effective! Gather all the products you need to get organized in this bundle. With colored ink and pens for bullet journaling, as well as highlighters for emphasizing important notes, this bundle will take your planner to the next level of organization!

Zensations Sampling

Coming in November, there will be a Zensations bundle ideal for any artist! With a perfect medley of products including fineliners, fountain pens, technical pens and pencils, colored pencils, and more, our Zensations bundle has everything you need to express your creativity.

Is Your Pen Tough as STEEL?

Zebra’s Steel pens are sleek, smooth and strong. As rugged as they are stylish, these pens can withstand the most extreme work conditions and deliver a professional look in the office. Favored amongst college students, Zebra Steel pens are great for the classroom as well! Choose from the everyday 3 Series, high quality 4 Series, and top of the line 7 Series featuring an array of different colors, grips and barrel designs to suit all your writing needs.

The 3 Series is a family of pens including everything from ballpoint pens to highlighters. With its stainless-steel body, textured grip, and convenient metal clip, the F-301 is the #1 selling steel pen in America. Its easy glide ink makes it the perfect everyday pen. The F-301 also comes in a compact ballpoint pen. Experience the same quality as the original F-301 in a collapsible, go anywhere version!

The 4 Series features the F-402 Ballpoint Retractable Pen. With the same classic stainless-steel look as the 3 Series, but upgraded, weighted barrel, the F-402 combines durability and style. The upgraded rubberized grip has a simple, streamlined look and the metal clip helps to keep it secure in your folder, pocket, or bag. The F-402 is the perfect accessory for professionals.

The 7 Series offers the sleekest look in the Steel family. Available as a ballpoint retractable pen or mechanical pencil, the 7 Series offers a top of the line writing experience. With a full stainless steel body, grip, and clip, the F-701 and M-701 are favorites among engineers and architects as well as first responders who have to rely on their tools in rough working conditions. The 7 Series is not only rugged and strong, the features make it practical and stylish for a pen that works as hard as you do!

If you’re looking for a pen that is professional, comfortable, durable and tough as steel, check out Zebra Steel.

Unique Men’s Accessories

Watches, ties, wallets and belts. It can be hard to find men’s accessories that stray from the norm. When it comes to men’s style, you should think outside of the box to stand out and be unique. Check out these unique men’s accessories if you want to improve your style, make a statement, or boost your everyday functionality!

  • Steel Pen

Accessorize for success! The sleek, sophisticated look of Zebra’s Steel Pen makes a statement before you even write a word. With its convenient metal clip, it is the perfect pocket accessory.

  • Cufflinks

Traditionally for semi-formal wear, cufflinks have been making their way back into men’s style as an everyday accessory for business attire.

  • Pen Carrying Case

Protect your pen and your pockets in style, with a leather carrying case.

  • Padfolio

Practical and stylish. For important notes and reminders, keep your padfolio in your workbag, car, or at your desk for convenient access.

  • Laptop Case

Protect your laptop and make a style statement all at once! A laptop case is perfect for taking your laptop to work, meetings, or anywhere on the go.

  • Tie Clip

A quintessential men’s style accessory. A tie clip keeps your tie fastened to your shirt for a clean, put-together look.

  • Leather Work Bag

Whether you prefer backpacks, brief cases, or messenger bags, a leather bag makes a stylish statement while showing your professional side as well!

10 Things Every Guy Should Carry

Zebra Steel‘s convenient metal clip makes it the perfect pen to take with you on the go. Combining style, strength, and value, carrying this pen makes a sophisticated statement. Show that you are prepared for anything by carrying your Zebra Steel Pen and these small, yet practical, 10 items with you when you’re on the go.

1. Utility Keychain
Keep your keys and pocket trinkets organized on a utility keychain. A stainless steel utility keychain is not only durable, it’s sleek and efficient as well!


2. Business Cards
Always be prepared, carry business cards! Networking can happen at the most random times so show that you are professional and ready for success in case someone ever asks you for your card.

3. Pen Refills
Never fret when your favorite Steel ballpoint pen runs out of ink. Carry refills and enjoy Zebra Steel’s easy-refill ink!


4. Pocket Flashlight
Perfect for working on a car, or when you get home late at night, keep a pocket flashlight on your utility keychain for easy access!

5. Leather Notebook/Pocket Notebook
Jot down important notes and reminders to stay on top of your schedule.

6. Portable Phone Charger/Charging Cord
Stay charged and accessible with a portable charger or charging cord for your phone!

7. USB
Store and secure vital information, back up your photos, or print documents and photos from it. A USB is the perfect back-up for when technology fails.

8. Mints
When chewing gum seems inappropriate, pop a mint and enjoy fresh breath. Use a stainless steel mint container for efficiency and a sleek look.

9. Money Clip or Wallet
No need for bulky wallets! Keep your money secure with a money clip or slim card wallet.

10. Headphones
Isolate yourself from distracting noise, listen to some soothing music, or be prepared for your evening workout by always carrying headphones!

Teacher Must-Haves!

Teachers, we know back to school shopping is more than just picking up some folders and notebooks for you. Back to school means coming up with new ideas to motivate your students and keep them involved in their learning. At Zebra Pen, we know how difficult it can get to be original while keeping the attention of young minds, that’s why we have products that were designed just for you! If you’re looking for ways to encourage your students to work hard in school, these products might help!

Award Pencils

Motivate your students with a Cadoozles Awards Mechanical Pencil! The Cadoozles Awards cup features both boy and girl award refillable mechanical pencils, packed in a display cup perfect for setting out on a teacher’s desk. Each pencil contains 0.9mm durable lead and eraser that serves as an easy lead advance mechanism.





Giveaway Pencils

For special occasions or when they forget their pencil, the Cadoozles Classroom Pack contains enough pencils for the entire class! The Cadoozles Classroom Pack includes mechanical pencil designs for special occasions, seasons, and holidays. Box includes 8 different pencil designs, 40 of each for a total of 320 pencils and an easel back box lid for easy display on your desk! Each pencil contains 0.9mm lead and eraser.

Colored Ink

For making marks and corrections, colored ink can is an expressive way to give notes and feedback to your students. Zebra’s Sarasa Gel Retractable Pens are perfect for all your “Great work!” “Good job!” and “Awesome!” moments. Choose from 14 vibrant colors to decide how you want to make an impact on your students!



For showing your students important words or phrases without bleed-through that ruins their work, check out the Zebrite Double-Ended Highlighter. Make clear vibrant marks with this double-ended medium plus fine tip highlighter. The Zebrite Double-Ended Highlighter also promotes environmental consciousness for impressionable young minds as it contains recycled material! Get your Zebrite Double-Ended Highlighters while you still can, and be sure to keep your eye out for our newest highlighter coming soon!

Ways to Document Your Summer #adZENtures

We’re often left with so many memories from vacations, trips, or fun summer days that we want to look back on and share with friends and family. With summer coming to a close and for all of your future memories awaiting you, don’t forget about them, document them! Here are some creative new ways to document your #adZENtures!


If you like to travel or explore new places, postcards are a great way to document your summer adZENtures. Just pick up a postcard from the gift shop or convenience store. For a fun, new twist on this old-school activity, write down the date and a memory from that day. For longer trips, do this each day. At the end of the trip or at the end of the summer, punch a hole through the corner of each post card and keep them together on a binder ring. You’ll have a booklet of postcards and memories of your adZENtures to look back on whenever you want!


Scrapbooking is another old-school activity making its comeback as a great way to document your summer adZENtures. Collect photos, diary excerpts, concert, movie, and game tickets from your favorite summer adZENtures, then put them together into a scrapbook. Mark the dates and memories on the back of each scrapbook page so you can relive your summer adZENtures forever.

Travel Journal

Another way to document your summer adZENtures is through keeping a travel journal. Big trip or small, take your journal with you wherever you go and write down what you did that day! If you go on trips often, you could keep a travel journal for each, individual trip.

Story Journaling

A story journal is an innovative way to document all those small summer adZENtures! Keep a journal of stories that you want to look back on and laugh about or relive in the future. Any story worth remembering should go into your story journal this summer!


Sketchbooking is for the artists or people who love to draw! Sketch a scene of your summer adZENtures or draw a picture to tell the story of your day. Sketch-booking creates visuals that can take you back to your favorite summer adZENtures.


Featured image by: @lyrical.bujo

Top 5 Pens for College Students!

Heading back to college or getting ready for your first year? You’re going to need some writing utensils that can handle the pressures of college classes. For sleek, sophisticated, reliable pens, check out these Zebra brands while shopping for your college school supplies this year!

This steel pen works as hard as you do! Combining strength, style and value this pen ensures your writing comfort with its precision and stability.

The Steel 3 Series features a sleek, sophisticated, appearance offering  variety of pen types from ball point to fountain pens. Check out America’s number one steel ballpoint pen, our F-301 Ballpoint Retractable Pen, the perfect everyday pen for college!

The Steel 4 Series provides a more weighted experience with enhanced writing comfort, stainless steel casing, and rubberized grip for comfort.

And finally, the Zebra Steel 7 Series is designed for the serious communicator. It features all stainless steel construction from tip to clip and the innovative retraction mechanism is soft and silent for convenience.

The mechanical pencil you’ve been waiting for! With its sleek look and clever patent-pending designs, the DelGuard Mechanical Pencil resists breakage and clogging.

Z-Grip is the everyday value pen that you’ll reach for time and time again. Where simple meets high performance, this series was crafted with the writer in mind. With its reliable, smooth-flowing ink, it is the pen that you’ll reach for time and time again. Choose from pens, mechanical pencils and different styles to best suit your needs!


Quickly identify important text and what you really need to know with smooth ink flow for consistently vivid highlighting! Zazzle Liquid Highlighters come in 10 bright colors.

Say goodbye to smears and smudges. Say hello to fast-drying ink with this smear-proof gel pen with vibrant color pay off. This pen has more than smooth ink flow, it has a comfortable grip, wide barrel, and retractable feature too! Sarasa Gel Pens are ideal for avid writers, lefties, and college students looking to get creative!

Sarasa Fineliner Pen is preferred by those seeking the performance of a fine tip pen, but the ink lay down of a fine tip marker. Perfect for journaling, it’s available in 12 vibrant, quick-drying colors for you to choose from!

Sarasa Gel Retractable Pen is our top-selling retractable gel pen. It combines color vibrancy with flowing rapid-dry ink technology. Choose from 14 deep, vibrant colors!



Students walk to school with backpacks

Back to School Must-Haves!

With each new school year, comes a need for new school supplies. Luckily, Zebra Pen products were designed with different styles and uses in mind, so whether you want to enhance your note taking, redefine your writing style, or simply choose from fun colors and designs, Zebra Pen is stocked up on items to fulfill all of your back to school needs!

Don’t forget these must-have items during your back to school shopping and make sure you check out these Zebra Pen products before deciding how you want to write your way through this school year.

Elementary School Must-Haves:

Kid-Friendly Pencils

This line of pencils was designed to keep the “fun” in functional! The Cadoozles Starters generation of mechanical pencils was created with kids in mind. With their smaller length and 2.0mm thick lead, these pencils are perfect for little hands. The triangular barrel promotes proper grip, plus they won’t roll off the table! Cadoozles also come in colored mechanical pencils, and different designs to spark creativity as well as classic styles that are durable enough to handle the pressures of beginning writers!


Use them as a reward system or to personalize folders, notebooks and crafts. Stickers are an elementary favorite because kids love them and teachers swear by them!

Pencil Pouch

Keep pens, pencils, markers, crayons, and erasers organized in a pencil pouch. They come in all different colors and designs to fit any style. Match your pencil pouch to your backpack or lunchbox for an extra flair.

Sketch Book

For recess or free time, a sketch book is the perfect way to let your imagination grow! Draw, color, and design to your liking and bring your sketch book home to keep designing.

Middle School Must-Haves:


Check out Zebra’s Zazzle Liquid Highlighter for highlighting main points and important words or phrases to return to while reading! Utilize its liquid ink technology that delivers smooth ink and vibrant color to easily make marks, underline, and highlight in an assortment of different colors!


Journaling can help keep the stresses of middle school to a minimum through a motivational journal, success journal, gratitude journal, or free-form journal! Keeping a journal can also lead to better writing skills and more confident writers.

Stylish Pencils

The Style #2 Mechanical Pencil combines a traditional pencil look with mechanical pencil functionality. Choose from different colors and designs to show off your individuality or go classic with the Classic #2 Mechanical Pencil, perfect for test taking!

Leisure Book

It can be hard for students to make time for leisure reading on top of homework and extracurriculars but keeping a leisure book handy makes it a bit easier. During free time, lunch, or recess, it is the perfect time to read for fun! Keep notes in the margins or in a notebook to better retain reading as well.

High School Must-Haves:

Everyday Writing Utensil

The perfect everyday writing utensil! Choose from Z-Grip Basics, Retractable, Fashion, and more to define the way that you will write! This brand was made for comfort, with its rubber grip and metal clip for added convenience. High school students, don’t miss out on the Z-Grip Plus Mechanical Pencil is ideal for everyday note-taking as well. With its shake advance technology, it allows you to optimally advance your lead, minimizing the chance of breakage.


Get organized with a planner to write down assignments and reminders to help get you through the week.

Colored Ink Pen

For smear-proof ink, vibrant color, and high performance, Sarasa Gel Pens are ideal for writers, lefties and students looking to get creative! These gel pens are also great for journaling and are available in a fineliner or retractable gel pen.


Keep your classes organized and assignments separated with a binder this school year! You might want to get dividers and loose leaf paper for your binder as well.

College Must-Haves:

Strong Durable Pens

The Steel 3 Series was designed with style, strength and comfort in mind. It is sleek and professional for a sophisticated appearance, yet it’s durable and crafted for an easy glide and precision. Choose from pens, mechanical pencils, and even steel barrel highlighters, perfect for college and high school students!

Desk Calendar

With all the new changes and classes, a desk calendar can be helpful for college students trying to get organized. Write down homework assignments and reminders to better your time management skills.

Sticky Notes

Another quick and easy way to get organized, sticky notes can be kept in your backpack, dorm room, or pocket to jot down reminders and notes you might need to recall later.

Stylus Pen

Multifunction pens designed for multi-tasking! Jump between hand-written notes and your smartphone or tablet to revolutionize your functionality. The Zebra StylusPen comes in different designs and ink colors and suits a professional look, most suitable for college students and high school students that utilize technology in the classroom.