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Ink Innovation - Advanced Ink Technology - Zebra Pen

New Advancement in Ink Technology from Zebra Pen

Rapid Dry InkThere are many products in the market touting quick drying ink capabilities. The investment into an ink that dries quickly was made to aid left-hand writers, those who use pens for creative purposes, and anyone who wishes to eliminate smearing and smudging of their penned creations.

Here’s the kicker. The speed within which an ink will dry is contingent upon a variety of variables:

  • Users writing pressure when putting pen to paper. The more pressure put on the pen point the more ink laid down on the writing surface, the more ink laid down on the writing surface the longer it will take to dry.
  • Bold point sizes, like a 1.0mm; will also influence dry time. Think of point size as a hole size. The larger the point size, the larger the nib hole; which means more ink is laid down on the writing surface. The more ink that is laid down on the writing surface the longer it will take to dry.
  • Paper Stock is another important factor in ink dry time. If a paper has any type of coating it will impact the inks absorption capacity. In other words, if the ink is not capable of being absorbed by the paper it will obviously not dry very quickly.
  • Ink color is another variable, especially metallic. If you think about the pen nib as an opening through which the ink flows; the wider the opening (1.0mm) the more ink that is placed on the surface. The more ink on the surface the slightly longer it takes to dry. For metallic inks, which are made up of “color flakes”, the nib opening needs to be wide enough to let the ink flow onto the paper. In turn, metallic ink pens will dry a little slower than standard colors.

Zebra took all of these variables into account and worked to optimize its RDI Ink for a variety of surfaces. Below is a chart outlining our dry time on the most commonly used paper stock. Additionally, we have also provided a color vibrancy comparison to exhibit that dry time does not have to infringe on color vibrancy.

Sarasa Third Party Testing

Testing completed by Third Party Lab Facility

Test Procedure: Wrote out with pen, tested, immediately ran finger across line to test for smudging, then tested in 1-second increments.

Ink Innovation - Sarasa Third Party Testing - Zebra Pen

Key Findings: Fastest Drying on the following substrates:

  • Slick surfaces (80lb cover stock)
  • Greeting cards
  • spiral notebook
  • index cards
How to Ease Stress Through Writing

5 Ways to Ease Stress Through Writing

April is stress awareness month. Stress is something that affects all of us at some point or another. It is important to develop methods to counter stress as it arises. Writing is proven to be a simple, yet powerful, way to combat stress.

Here are 5 ways to ease stress through writing:

5 Ways to Ease Stress Through Writing

1.       To-Do List

As soon as you learn of something you need to do in the future, write it down, this will help you stress less about having to remember so many things. Writing down your to-do list for the next day before bed helps clear your head so you can sleep better, knowing that when you wake up, everything you need to do is written down.

2.       Emotions

Write about your emotions to ease your mind. According to the Harvard Medical School’s Harvard Health Publications, writing about emotions can ease stress and trauma.

3.       Decisions

If you are faced with a difficult decision, writing about it, or writing down pros and cons can lessen stress and make your decision more clearly. Studies show that writing for decision-making results in less biased and more confident decisions.

4.       Daily Journal

Keeping a daily journal is a proven way to keep stress at bay by checking in with yourself and your feelings on a consistent basis. Zebra pens make a beautiful accompaniment to journaling–they come in so many varieties and colors to help make your writing and sketching beautiful.

5.       Writing to Heal

Did you know there are health benefits to writing? Expressing rather than suppressing thoughts by writing them down can significantly improve immune function.

How does writing help you ease stress? Share with us–comment on social media! @ZebraPen on Twitter, ZebraPenUS on Facebook, @zebrapen_usa on Instagram.

Zebra Eco Pens are made from post-consumer waste

Zebra Eco Pens, A Choice for the Environment

In April we celebrate Earth Day, but there are many ways to celebrate Earth Day all year long. One way to do that is by using eco-friendly products. Did you know Zebra has an Eco pen line? Conscientious Creation: when you use Zebra’s Eco pens, you are making a choice for the Environment. All Zebra Eco pens are made from recycled materials. Social responsibility and compassion are endeavors for us all. Even the smallest of efforts can have a lasting impression on our environment and the individuals living within it.

Here’s a look at our Eco pen products:

Jimnie Clip Eco Ballpoint RT

Jimnie Clip Eco Ballpoint RT - Black
Jimnie Clip Eco Ballpoint RT - Blue
Performance. Fashion. Value. The Jimnie Clip Eco Ball Point Retractable is made from recycled materials, and delivers on quality, value and social responsibility.

·         Refillable with H Refill

·         Easy Glide Ink Performance

·         Extra-Wide Pocket Clip for Secure Clasp

·         Contains recycled materials

·         1.0mm Point Size

·         Available 2 Core Ink Colors: Black/Blue

Zebrite Double-Ended Highlighter

Zebrite Double-Ended Highlighter - Blue
Eco Zebrite Highlighter - Green
Eco Zebrite Highlighter - Yellow
Eco Zebrite Highlighter - Orange
Containing recycled materials, the Eco Zebrite Highlighter offers double-ended color vibrancy and a medium plus fine point tip in one environmentally conscious product.

·         Easy Glide Ink Performance

·         Extra-Wide Pocket Clip for Secure Clasp

·         Contains recycled materials

·         Double-ended highlighter

·         Available in 5 vibrant colors

·         Features fine and medium point tips

Z-Grip Max Bold Retractable Ballpoint Pen (Pink) – Breast Cancer Awareness

Z-Grip Max Bold Retractable Ballpoint Pen (Pink) – Breast Cancer Awareness
Dare to be different and maximize your writing experience with the Z-Grip Max Bold from Zebra. This retractable ballpoint pen features a translucent barrel to easily check ink levels and the color makes it easy to determine ink color at a glance. Wide comfort barrel and designer metal clip delivers on the style barometer, while value and performance exceed expectation.

·         Maximized Performance

·         Wide comfort barrel

·         Designer metal clip

·         Contains recycled materials

·         Available in 1.2mm BOLD point size

BCA Pink Ribbon Retractable Ballpoint Pen Dual Ink

Zebra Pen BCA Pink Ribbon Pen
A small symbol in recognition of the brave efforts of those who battle breast cancer and those who seek a cure*. Show your support with this BCA Pink Ribbon Retractable Ballpoint. This pen is also made from over 70% recycled materials and has dual ink – choose red or black at the click of a color-coded button.

·         Features the symbolic BCA pink

·         Dual ink in red and black

·         0.7mm Point Size

·         Refillable with Zebra’s SK-Refill

·         Easy Glide Ink Performance

·         Smooth Rubber Grip and Wide Barrel

·         Designer Pink Ribbon Clip

*Zebra Pen is a proud sponsor of the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.

To celebrate Earth Day, all of Zebra’s Eco Pens are 75% off. You can also enter our Earth Day promo during the month of April for a chance to win a Zebra prize pack by sharing your best conservation tips.

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10 Facts to bring Harmony during tax time

10 Facts to Bring Harmony During Tax Time

Tax Time can be very stressful. Here are 10 Tax Time Facts that can bring you harmony and ease your mind:

1.    The IRS has issued 7.6 million refunds worth $26.8 billion

2.    The average refund is $3,120

3.    There are 4 million words in the U.S. tax code

4.    The average IRS hold time – 28 minutes (10 minutes in 2010)

5.    $21 Billion in Expected IRS losses due to tax fraud in 2016

6.    5 Thousand changes in tax code since 2001

7.    7 weeks – the estimated timetable for refunds from paper returns

8.    80% of returns are filed electronically

9.    The IRS has a smartphone application called IRS2Go to check refund status and get tips and assistance

10.  80% of U.S. tax filers get a federal tax refund

10 Facts to Bring Harmony During Tax Time Infographic

The Internal Revenue Service
The Washington Post
Congressional Budget Office
The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
The Tax Foundation

USA Today Zebra PenSupport Early Childhood Education

National Campaign to Foster Early Childhood Education

USA Today Zebra PenSupport Early Childhood EducationZebra Pen Corporation has partnered with USA Today on an initiative to support early childhood education. Early childhood experiences have a deep impact on the rest of a child’s life, and America’s future economic prosperity will ultimately be determined by the success of today’s children. This initiative aims to supply parents, teachers and children with the resources and education to provide children with equal opportunities, so that more of America’s children are prepared to succeed in the 21st century.

“Zebra Pen proudly supports early learning goals to build a solid educational foundation for our children and our future,” said Ken Newman, Director of Marketing at Zebra Pen Corporation.

Research shows that children acquire a working knowledge of the alphabetic system through both reading and writing. Moreover, they experience joy and a sense of accomplishment from reading and writing while mastering basic concepts – a strong predictor of achievement. Zebra helps beginning writers by providing easy-to-hold pencils designed for little hands. Pencils with playful patterns and colored lead make learning to write fun and encourage creative expression.

“Zebra offers pens and pencils that make writing fun for beginning learners,” said Newman, “Finding joy and a sense of accomplishment in learning early on builds a strong foundation for life-long achievement in education.”

Zebra Pen is dedicated to providing products for the developing, aspiring and achieving stages of educational development from preschool through college and beyond. Zebra continues to build relationships in education with associations and many educational programs that reflect our vision.

Zebra Pen developed an educational resource with Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) that teaches conservation. This resource for teachers includes downloadable lesson plans and activities for ages K-12 grades ( Zebra Pen has also been a long time supporter of The Kids in Need Foundation’s mission is to ensure that every child is prepared to learn and succeed by providing free school supplies nationally to students most in need (

May 2 – 6 is National Teacher Appreciation Week. Throughout May and June we will be celebrating teachers and education with a special We ❤ Heart Teachers promotion. Follow us here to stay up on all the latest:  @ZebraPen on Twitter, ZebraPenUS on Facebook, @zebrapen_usa on Instagram.

5 Fun Easter Basket Ideas - Zebra Pen

5 Fun Easter Basket Ideas

The Easter Bunny is on his way, and candy isn’t the only thing he’ll be putting into kids’ Easter baskets. In addition to the traditional chocolate bunnies and treats, many parents will be giving children something fun in their Easter baskets this year to keep them busy!

5 Fun Easter Basket Ideas - Zebra Pen

Here are 5 types of fun and creative Easter gift ideas to keep your child’s mind and body active this spring.

1. Creative

Give your child the freedom to create something beautiful from real life inspiration or their imagination. Place colorful spring and Easter-themed pens and pencils in their Easter basket along with a blank sketch pad, journal or coloring book. Zebra has Cadoozles® mechanical pencils with Easter print and other fun patterns, Cadoozles® Starters colored pencils designed for the beginning writers, the smooth Z-Grip® Ballpoint Pen in floral patterns, and smudge-free Sarasa® Gel Retractable Pens, which come in 14 vibrant colors.

Pens and Pencils Hop into the Easter Basket

2. Active

Keep your kids moving with basket stuffers like, jump ropes, hackey sacks and Hi-Bounce Pinky® balls, most of which can be found at your nearest dollar store. You can find games, activities and instructions for each online from sources like the Jump Rope Institute, hackey sack for beginners and classic Pinky® ball games.

5 Fun Easter Basket Ideas - Jump Rope

3. Outdoor Fun

For some outdoor creative fun, sidewalk chalk and bubbles are always a hit. You can even find egg-shaped sidewalk chalk, or make your own. Pinterest has a lot of fun sidewalk chalk games and even recipes. Bubbles are also relatively easy to DIY. Gifting your child with fun outdoor activities will enable the whole family to take advantage of warmer, sunny days this Spring and into Summer!

5 Fun Easter Basket Ideas - Sidewalk Chalk

4. Green Thumb

Another activity that can go from indoors to out is planting a garden. You can pick up colorful seed packets and tiny terracotta pots at your local garden center or discount store. The floral seed packets make a bright and beautiful addition to the basket, and you can even decorate the little terracotta pots with paint and ribbon. Gardening is a great activity you can do with your children and enjoy the benefits of spring into fall. You can find lots of helpful info on

5 Fun Easter Basket Ideas - Gardening

5. Indoor Fun

For those rainy Spring days when you can’t get outside, there are some fun Easter gifts you can throw in the basket as well, such as small puzzles, LEGOs®, yo-yo’s and Easter-themed books. From bunny and chick LEGOs® to Easter print yo-yo’s, there are plenty of options in the Indoor Fun category.

5 Fun Easter Basket Ideas - Puzzle

Speaking of rainy April days, parents, be sure to stay tuned to our blog next month for our new Zen adult coloring book.

So, what are you waiting for? Now that you’ve got some ideas, start hunting for the best creative and active Easter basket gifts for your child. After the holiday, leave us your comments on what your child enjoyed the most. Happy Easter!

Find Enlightenment through the History of Writing

The history of the world is documented through writing and illustration. We know about our ancient ancestors because of the drawings on cave walls, hieroglyphics, and carvings in stone that they left behind. Without written record documenting the passing of time, we would miss out on the story.
Zebra Pen - Cave Drawing

Written documents have been instrumental in affecting change in major events throughout history. The written Declaration of Independence and Constitution recorded the creation of the United States of America. The writing of treaties and purchase documents helped officially register colony formation and land ownership. Written amendments to the Constitution affected how people were allowed to go about their lives. Legendary speeches that sparked and fueled major political and social movements started as written words on paper. Writing is, in large part, the reason we have documented history.

History of Writing - Zebra Pen

These written documents chronicle our history, and the handwriting reminds us of the influential people who made it happen. Each person’s handwriting is as unique as the person who held the pen, and looking at someone’s handwriting creates a personal connection and a window to their soul. Seeing a handwritten work from a famed poet or a handwritten contract from an historic event evokes emotion and makes it real.

Writing also documents personal histories. Childhood journals document long-forgotten friendships, tribulations and transitions. Copies of signed legal documents, certificates, and reports track a life full of decisions, transformations and key moments. Handwriting captures these moments in a way other documentation can’t. Records like a document with script painstakingly crafted to perfection, or an impassioned letter formed with scribbling and crossed out words because the motivation for writing was greater than the need to be careful, all document, not only the moment, but also the emotion of the moment.

Woman Journal Writing - Zebra Pen

People write every day, documenting their personal histories and the history of the world as a whole. Why not make your mark? Grab your favorite pen or pencil and write your story, and your contribution to history.

4 Ways to find your zen during tax season

4 Ways to Find Your Zen During Tax Season

Stay Smart this Tax Season

The April 15th deadline is just around the corner, and tax season stress is here. You’re careful to compile all of your receipts and to fill out the forms completely, but you should be especially careful to protect your identity. With checks being exchanged and sensitive tax information being left at your doorstep, tax season puts identity theft at an all-time high. In 2013, the IRS paid nearly $6 billion in refunds to people submitting false claims using someone else’s identity.  Here are four tips to protect yourself from fraud and find your Zen during tax season:

4 Ways to Find Zen During Tax Season Infographic

1.      Get Your Mail Right Away

Identity thieves are able to steal your information by getting your social security number and then filing a claim in your name with their address. Identity thieves retrieve this sensitive information from the tax documents that get mailed to you. Don’t leave your mail out in the mailbox; bring it in as soon as you can so that identity thieves can’t steal it.

Protect Yourself From Identity Thieves

2.      File Your Taxes Early

In order to prevent someone from filing a claim in your name, file your taxes early. Identity thieves won’t be able to take your tax return if you’ve already filed it.

3.      Check Your Credit Score

In order to reclaim your identity quickly, you need to catch an identity thief early. Regularly check your credit score, especially during tax season, to find evidence of your identity being stolen. If the numbers don’t match up to your behavior, investigate what might be causing the discrepancy.
Check Your Credit Score

4.      Use Check-Safe Ink

Most pens do not penetrate the surface of checks deeply. Identity thieves take advantage of this and steal people’s identity through check washing. Check washing is the process of stealing a personal check that has been filled out, using chemicals to wash off the information, and then filling in their own information. Pens like Zebra Pen’s Orbitz Gel Pen feature check-safe ink, which is ink that penetrates the surface of checks deep enough to withstand most check washing techniques.

Use Zebra Pen Check Safe Ink

Tax season can be stressful and confusing. Protect your identity by being mindful: Use an Orbitz Gel Pen with check-safe ink, and you’ll be one step closer to a hassle-free tax season.

During the month of March, all Zebra Check Safe Pens are buy two get one free! 

Saving the Grevy's Zebra - CNN

Saving the Grevy’s Zebra by Its Stripes

The Grevy’s Zebra is quickly disappearing, and in an effort to save them, activists are collecting data on the Grevy’s by using the natural barcodes of their stripes.

This video from CNN documents how they are gathering stripes data and using it to make recommendations to governments on how to save the Grevy’s zebra from extinction.

Grevy's Zebra Video - CNN

Zebra Pen is an avid supporter of the Grevy’s Zebra Trust and partner of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA).

Learn more about the Grevy’s Zebra Trust and how you can help by clicking here.