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Celebrate Z-Month - Zebra Pen

All About Z-Month

So what is Z-Month anyway?

Z-Month is all about celebrating Zebras, during the month of June – a fun-filled month of adventure and giveaways – all to help spread global awareness for the conservation of the world’s largest zebra species – The Grevy’s Zebra.

You Win and the Grevy’s Win

Each year during Z-Month Zebra Pen Corporation gives $20,000 to the Association of Zoos and Aquariums to help save the endangered Grevy’s Zebras, and in celebration of these beautiful animals. You get to celebrate with us. Each week in June we will be giving a 4-pack of tickets to your local AZA-affiliated zoo or aquarium.

Follow us on Facebook for your chance to win.

Our Facebook page will have featured content all month long including:

  • Facts about Zebras
  • Ways to donate to support The Grevy’s Zebra Trust
  • Funs zebra polls and quiz
  • Giveaways
  • Zebra product information
  • Fun, interactive activities

A new quiz will be posted each Wednesday in June on Facebook. If you answer all three questions correctly, you could win a 4-pack of tickets and be off to your nearest AZA Zoo or aquarium! We’ll also be posting fun facts about Grevy’s all month long like how they got their name and what makes them unique. Be sure to stay tuned on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all month long to join in the celebration and help us spread awareness about these beautiful creatures.

Grevy's Zebra Z-Month - Zebra Pen

More Z-Month Giveaways!

ZGripBlogImageIn addition, to celebrate Z-Month we’re running a giveaway of our Z-Grip pens June 6-10. Find out more here!

Also during the month of June, we’re offering 50% off all wide-barrel items in our shop the whole month in honor of Father’s day! Check it out!

Join Us!

As you can see June is a very special month with a lot of adventure, offers, fun and facts about Grevy’s Zebra. Join us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and share our posts with your friends!

Learn More

Want to know more about the Grevy’s Zebra and how you can help? Visit the Grevy’s Zebra Trust website and read more about our partnership with AZA to save the Grevy’s Zebra.

succeed at life after college

6 Tips on Dealing with Life after College

Up until now, your calendar year has revolved around school schedules. Now you’ve graduated, and suddenly it’s all about whatever career choice you’re planning to make. You have more freedom than before, yet your choice of career will determine how much freedom – and happiness – you have for the rest of your life. Be sure to make choices authentically aligned with your highest self and you’ll at least be on the right path to a fulfilling life that’s right for you. Here are 6 tips on dealing with life after college:

Plan Ahead – Make sure to allow yourself some thoughtful time to develop a plan for your new schedule. Gather as much information as you can so you are informed and prepared for this next stage of your life—career-wise and life-wise.

plan ahead - tips on dealing with life after college

Have fun, live a little – Be sure you also leave room for plenty of fun without sacrificing your career goals. Allow some regular time for friends and hobbies, even if it’s only a little bit each day/week.

tips on dealing with life after college - live a little

Choose healthy habits – a big key to happiness is making healthy choices along the way. Taking some steps to create balance in your life will set you up for optimal health and success.

choose healthy habits

Travel – See as much of the world as you can while you’re young. Perhaps you were able to do a lot of this in college…be sure to make some time for this now as well.

travel after college

Write about it – It’s always good to write about your experiences. This can be an exciting time that’s fun to write about and look back on later. Or incorporate writing simply as a habit to help you unwind at the end of a busy day, or de-stress during a stressful one.

tips on dealing with life after college - write about it

Allow for enough sleep when you can – Coffee and energy drinks can be welcome treats, just be sure you’re also allowing time for your mind and body to refresh so you can take on the next day.

tips on life after college - get enough sleep

In addition, don’t forget to consider things like your finances, paying off your student loans, where to live, and keeping in touch with old friends. Here are additional tips and resources on excelling at life after college from:

Ink Innovation. Think Ink. Zebra Pen.

Ink Innovation. Think Ink.

Introducing Ink Innovation by Zebra Pen.

There is a whole world of writing instruments, including the pen that is perfect for you. We “think ink” all the time so that we can offer a broad range of writing experiences, which are delivered through our extensive line of high quality, affordable pens.

Did you know there are many different kinds of ink, each with unique properties? Our Ink Lab team is always testing, innovating and perfecting ink formulas. There are also various features and characteristics that affect pen performance and pen output, such as smooth ink lay down (reach for Z-Grip Plus®), quick-drying ink (try Sarasa®), check safe ink (Orbitz 1.6mm), and so much more.

At Zebra, we’re serious about making the best pens possible. We’ve developed this guide to familiarize you with pen terminology, ink types, features and more, so you can choose the best pen to meet your specific needs.

Pen Terminology

Pens have various characteristics that affect the way they perform. such as line thickness, amount of ink used, drying time and shelf life. Here are some insider pen terms explained.

Pen Terminology - Zebra Pen

Point Size

Point Size is defined as the diameter of the nib (tip) of a pen or pencil, in millimeters, e.g. 0.5mm, 0.7mm (one of the more popular sizes), 1.0mm, 1.2mm and 1.6mm.

Do you want a fine line, a thick line or something in between? This is determined by the point size, and the lower the number, the finer the line.

Write Out

Write Out is a term to describe how much one can write with a single ink cartridge or refill. Think of it as the capacity or “life expectancy” of a pen. The Write Out measure indicates how long you can write with a particular pen before the ink cartridge runs out.

Lay Down

Lay Down refers to how much ink flows out of the pen and is applied to the writing service while writing. Lay Down is impacted by point size—the bolder the line (higher point size), the greater the amount of ink is laid down.

Dry Time

Dry Time measures how long it takes for the ink to dry on the writing surface. Pens that lay down a lot of ink take longer to dry. Other factors that can affect Dry Time are the type of paper used, the amount of pressure applied by the user of the pen, and the type of ink. Most people prefer ink that dries fast.


Viscosity is a measure of ink’s ability to flow. If you remember science class, you know that fluid viscosity refers more or less to the thickness of a fluid. In pens, it refers to how easily and smoothly the ink flows from the pen. The lower the viscosity, the smoother the writing experience.

Types of Ink

Oil-Based Ink & Water-Based Ink

Oil-based ink is found in ballpoint pens and is ideal for every day, heavy usage. If you are writing all day long this is the pen for you. Oil based ink benefits:

·         Dries quickly

·         No smudges

·         Ink efficient

·         Cost effective

See all Zebra Pen Oil-Based Ink here.

Water Based Ink (Gel) is very smooth, doesn’t skip and is available in bold colors. This water-based gel flows freely and is fun to write with. If you love to express yourself in writing (or coloring), this is the pen for you. Benefits of water based ink:

·         Smooth

·         Highly pigmented for vibrant colors

·         No skipping

See all Zebra Pen Water Based Ink here.

Emulsion Ink

Emulsion ink is the next generation of oil-based ink. It takes all the benefits of standard oil-based ink and minimizes the drawbacks. Emulsion ink delivers an ultra-smooth writing experience with a silky smooth ink lay down that won’t skip, and is available in an array of vibrant colors. Go bold with emulsion ink.

·         Smoothest writing on a variety of surfaces

·         Less writing pressure required to make bold writing

·         Silkier formula that won’t skip

·         Comes in vibrant colors

See all Zebra Pen Emulsion Ink here.

Rapid Dry Ink (RDI)

Rapid Dry Ink is the latest and greatest water-based ink. It has all the benefits of gel pens without any drawbacks! Hate smudges? With Zebra’s breakthrough Rapid Dry Ink technology, ink dries in just a second on most surfaces, so it’s a favorite for left handers. Super smooth and available in many vibrant colors, it is perfect for creative art projects and everyday use.

·         Smooth write out without scratching or skipping

·         Dries in less than a second on most surfaces

·         Available in 14 vibrant colors and different point sizes

·         Ideal for left handed writers

·         Great for creative art projects

See all Zebra Pen Rapid Dry Ink here.

Check-Safe Ink

Have peace of mind with check-safe ink. Our acid-free, archival quality check-safe ink cannot be “washed” off, which means you don’t have to worry about check fraud.

See all Zebra Pen Check Safe Ink here.

7 Cool Gifts to Get Your Grad

7 Cool Gifts to Get Your Grad

Graduation season is upon us. Need some cool gift ideas for your favorite graduates? Here are some gifts any grad will be sure to love:

Journals and Pens – to document all their new experiences. There are many benefits to writing including problem-solving and stress relief. This is an invaluable and affordable gift you can give to any grad. Zebra’s F-701™ Steel Ballpoint Pen is a favorite amongst grads, and you can’t go wrong with a StylusPen™ that they can use to write in their journal and then flip around and use as a stylus on their tablet or smartphone.

7 Cool gifts to get your grad - Journals and StylusPens

App store gift card – Where would we be without our most trusted smartphone apps? Gift your grads a gift card to the app store associated with their phone, so they can stay on top of whatever they need to track.

Premium Music Subscription – Who doesn’t love to listen to their favorite music uninterrupted? With services like Spotify premium, you can listen to all the albums from all your favorite artists all day long.

gift your grad with coffeeCoffee – Fuel your graduate with a gift card to favorite coffee shop, or coffee beans, a coffee grinder and a coffee maker or French press. Need some ideas? Grad favorites might include coffee beans from Starbucks, Stumptown or specialty nano-roasters such as Monocacy Coffee Co.

Amazon Prime Membership – Busy grads will have little time for picking up what they need. Let Amazon help them do their shopping on the run – and get access to free entertainment in their downtime with access to Amazon Prime Video and original series.

Gift Card to their favorite local grocery or market – Don’t let your favorite grad go hungry.

Gym Membership – Keep your grad’s mind happy and their body healthy with a membership to a nearby gym. Regular exercise is shown to increase energy, keep spirits high, and, of course, benefits health by staying fit!

gift your grad a gym membership

What gifts are you getting your grad? Share with us on social media! @ZebraPen on Twitter, ZebraPenUS on Facebook, @zebrapen_usa on Instagram.

Zebra Pen F-701 Graduation Gift

We Heart Teachers Promo - Zebra Pen

We Heart Teachers

Teachers, thank you for all the important work you do!

We Heart Teachers ❤ In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, we’re celebrating teachers from now through the end of June!


Save $5 on $20 purchase*
And You Could Win a $25 Visa Gift Card
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We Heart Teachers - Zebra Pen

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Zebra Pen - Rainy Day Adult Coloring

April Showers Bring… Adult Coloring?

Zebra Pen - Rainy Day Adult Coloring

Who says coloring is just for kids? Adult coloring has quickly become a very popular activity. Did you know that five of the top ten best-selling books in print on Amazon are adult coloring books?

Maybe it is because coloring has some positive benefits:

Adult Coloring - Zebra Pen - Sarasa Gel Pens

Want to give it a try? Here are some tips & tools to get started:

Adult Coloring - Rainy Day - Zebra Pen - Zen

Remember, have fun with it! Share pics of your finished product with us by posting them to social media, and don’t forget to tag us:  @ZebraPen on Twitter, ZebraPenUS on Facebook, @zebrapen_usa on Instagram.

How can you prevent check fraud? - Zebra Pen

How Can You Prevent Check Fraud?

check safe icon_FNLHow Can You Prevent Check Fraud? Use Orbitz Gel Pens!  Mail snatchers use a process called check washing to erase the ink on a check using common household chemicals and then re-write the check sometimes in amounts far more than the original check was written for!  Protect yourself from this criminal act using check safe pens, such as the Orbitz Gel Pen.  Orbitz’s ink includes pigments that penetrate the paper’s surface making impenetrable to many check washing techniques.


What is Viscosity? - Zebra Pen

What is Viscosity?

Viscosity is a measure of a liquid’s ability to resist flow. A thick liquid that does not flow easily has high-viscosity; a thin liquid that readily flows has low-viscosity.

The impact of a low viscosity ink is writing smoothness. Below is a quick overview of the advantages and disadvantages of using low viscosity inks.


  • Less pressure needs to be applied to the pen to have it write cleanly. This permits holding the pen with less stress on the hand, saving energy and improving comfort. This can also translate to quicker writing speeds.
  • The inks usually have a greater range of colors.
  • They tend to write finer lines and more clearly.


  • More likely to smudge due to longer dry time.
  • More likely to “bleed” through the paper due to its absorption into the paper.
  • Generally run out of ink more quickly as more ink is flowing through the nib.

Low viscosity inks are generally found in rollerball or gel pens, where as a high viscosity oil-based ink is generally found in ballpoint style pens where dry time is more critical than smoothness.

Emulsion InkAs a company rich in ink innovation, Zebra’s Emulsion Ink is a reflection of its continual effort to enhance and evolve what is already quite good.

We recognize that writing smoothness is of great importance to most consumers. When they are not using technology and are required to put pen to paper they want their writing experience to be effortless; they want the writing instrument to glide across the paper.

Zebra’s Emulsion Ink Technology is the premium in effortless writing performance, providing a superbly smooth writing experience.  Emulsion Ink provides more ink flow than other inks for fluid luxurious strokes covering a broad area.   It is the smoothest pen currently available on the market.