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Left Handed Pens?

Life can be inconvenient if you’re left-handed.

It seems the world is designed for righties. Everyday things that a right hander takes for granted, like door handles, spiral notebooks, and can openers add a layer of inconvenience for lefties. Computer keyboards have the number keypads on the right. A left-handed driver has to reach across his body to access the cup holder. Shaking hands is awkward.

But the number-one annoyance for left-handed Americans (there are about 28 million) is writing with an ordinary ballpoint pen. A right-hander uses an easy, natural pulling motion, whereas a left-hander has to push making writing a pain, literally. Add to that the ink smearing that accompanies the pushing motion and makes a mess of things. Is it too much to ask for a left-hander’s pen?

The right pen for lefties

There is good news for lefties. Advances in ink formulations have produced fast-drying ink, like the Rapid Dry Ink Technology perfected by Zebra Pen, and featured in Sarasa® pens. The water based gel ink dries in less than a second on most surfaces, so fast that lefties can write with confidence and no smears. A Sarasa® pen glides smoothly across the page making it easier to use for everyday writing needs. Sarasa® pens come in 14 vibrant colors, too.

If you’re an ink geek, or just want to find out more about this amazing ink, visit Zebra Pen Ink Innovation. Learn about differences in ink types and how they affect writing, and bone up on pen terminology.

Of course lefties (and righties) will also want to check out Sarasa®,
which was put to the test.

Independent test results

Fast Drying using ink innovation that is completely dry in under one second. See the test results
14 Colors Won the Color Vibrancy Test. See the test results
Rapid dry ink – this is something left-handed people have been dreaming of since 3000 BC when writing on papyrus scrolls and reed pens was fashionable. Progress takes time, but it’s worth it, thanks to the innovators at Zebra pen.

10 Key Accessories for Men

There’s an old saying, “The clothes make the man.” We at Zebra pen respectfully disagree.  Today it’s the practical accessories that have a distinctive look and style that make a man.  A man’s choice of accessories makes a statement to the world about who he is, and that extends everyday items like money clips, smart phone covers, and writing implements.

Now is the time to take stock of your accessories. What does the watch you are wearing say about you? Is your pen a reflection of your personal style? Maybe it’s time to make a change.


1  – A Good Watch

Sure, you can tell the time by looking at your phone, but a watch is a classic accessory and a must-have for the well-dressed man. A stylish and sturdy timepiece is always a worthwhile investment, and there is a wide range of styles to choose from. Many men own several watches – for casual activities, to accessorize an outfit, or to make a bold statement.

2 – Sturdy Wallet/Card Holder

When you show them the money, show them your style. Of course wallets need to be functional, after all, they carry your cash, your ID, and all your cards. But they should look good, too. Unfortunately there are a lot of men out there hanging on to the wallet they bought years ago, oblivious to how scuffed and beat up it looks. Sound familiar? If you or someone you care about needs an upgrade, now is the time, as there are so many styles to choose from. Quality, designer wallets can be surprisingly affordable, and if you prefer to carry your cash in a money clip, opt for a cardholder wallet that is small and sleek.

3 – Money Clip

Many men prefer the convenience of a money clip, which makes access to cash quick and easy, and when kept in a front pocket, harder to steal. Money clips come in many styles, materials and price ranges. Some are very simple and functional, and others are made of precious metals. Successful men know they can make a good impression by using a money clip to keep their cash organized.

4 – Fashionable Tie

You may not wear a tie often, but when you do it should be of good quality, and it needs to be in style. Believe it or not, tie styles change every year, and the pattern, color and width of the tie you are wearing tells people if you keep up with the latest trends. Nice ties don’t have to break the bank. You can easily find fashionable, inexpensive ties that reflect your personal style, or opt for a timeless look, such as a blue silk tie with a subtle pattern.

5 – Sleek Shoulder Bag

A shoulder or messenger bag is extremely functional, but it is also a stylish accessory. If you are headed off to work, or out of town for the weekend, these sophisticated bags are practical, versatile…and they look great. They are available in a very wide variety of styles, colors, and materials. Make them a staple in your wardrobe ASAP!

6 – Zebra Steel Pens


What does your pen say about you? Is it a cheap plastic throwaway with some company’s logo on it? Something you found in a drawer somewhere? You need a real pen; a man’s pen, like the Zebra F-701. A sleek beauty made of steel, that’s as rugged as it is stylish, and has a knurled grip that makes it a pleasure to write with. It’s hard to believe you can buy a pen this nice for under $10. Zebra offers a whole line of affordable (and refillable) Steel barreled pens, suitable for the workplace, whether that is an office or studio; on a worksite or in the field. Want an everyday pen? Consider the wildly popular F-301 Steel Ballpoint Pen; lightweight, but amazingly durable. Any pen from the Zebra Steel line looks good in a professional setting, and makes strong personal statement.

7 – Leather Belt

You must invest in a good quality leather belt. Seriously. Just like the trusty pair of shoes you have, leather belts will last you a very long time, and they never go out of style. When choosing a leather belt, stick with classic colors, like black or deep brown.  These colors will match just about any outfit.

8 – Cufflinks

Talk about style. Cufflinks and French cuffs are gorgeous, and they mean business. Cufflinks are like jewelry, an elegant accessory, and they come in so many styles and designs that there’s no excuse for not finding a pair that suits your personality or reflects your interests. When you want to make an impression, in a professional or personal setting, cuff links will set you apart.

9 – Handy bottle opener,


You never want to miss out on trying that new craft brew, so you better keep a bottle opener handy. Forget those bulky openers that weigh down your key chain or get lost in your glove box. Slim, card-style openers fit in your wallet (or pocket) and are extremely convenient.

10 – Sunglasses

Do we really need to remind you to buy a pair of flattering sunglasses? A symbol of style and the epitome of cool, sunglasses are must-have accessories for every man. From aviators to classic wayfarers, there are many types of sunglasses to fit your face and your style. Not only will they protect your eyes from harmful rays, they will make you look good.


Consider this list of accessories a starting point when thinking about ways to update your wardrobe, and while shopping for items that provide the function you need every day. And remember to find your own Zen.

Guide to Steel

 Looking for a great pen? You don’t have to pay a lot of money for a sturdy, well-designed pen that looks as good as it functions; one that works as hard as you do. Consider the Steel line from Zebra Pen, a collection of remarkable writing instruments that are a significant upgrade from everyday plastic pens, and they are surprisingly affordable.

These are popular pens, and for many reasons. First and foremost, the barrels are made of stainless steel—sleek, smooth, strong steel. Add in features like a comfortable grip, smooth flowing ink and easy refills, and we are talking about a special collection of pens. Whether it’s the best-selling F-301 that manages to be both lightweight and durable, or the impressive F-701, as precise as the best tool on the workbench, there is a Steel pen or pencil that is right for you. All very reasonably priced.

Like a maker of fine automobiles, the Steel Collection is numbered. Choose from the everyday 3-Series, high quality 4 Series or top-of-the line 7 series. An array of different ink colors, grips and barrel designs let you and make it your own.

Here is a detailed guide to the Zebra Pen Steel Collection.


F-301 Ballpoint Retractable Pen


Introducing America’s #1 steel ballpoint pen: the F-301 Ballpoint Retractable Pen.  This stainless steel beauty has premium features, including a sleek steel barrel, textured grip, and metal clip. Its easy glide ink delivers a smooth writing experience and outshines the competition. The F-301 Ballpoint is ideal for portability and works as hard as you do, even on your busiest days.  Choose from four ink colors with matching grip: Black, Blue, Green or Red.  Available in a 0.7mm, 1.0mm, and 1.6mm point size.  Some colors are not available in certain point sizes. Refillable with F-Refill.

F-301 Ballpoint Retractable Pen—Breast Cancer Awareness

Zebra Pen is a proud sponsor of the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. With its pink trim and grip, use the Breast Cancer Awareness F-301 pen to express your support for breast cancer research. This pen features all the same benefits as the traditional F-301 Ballpoint (steel barrel, comfortable grip, easy glide ink performance, etc.). We know that pink is tough, and we recognize the efforts of those who bravely battle breast cancer every day. Only available in black ink and a 0.7mm point size. Refillable with F-Refill.
F-301 Compact Ballpoint Pen


A flexible and versatile pen, this go-anywhere version of the F-301 Ballpoint Retractable has the ability to collapse down in size, so it can be stored or carried with ease. Expand the pen to write and work, then collapse it later for portability. With a stainless steel barrel and clip, a no-slip, textured grip, and easy glide ink, the F-301 Compact is as practical as it is stylish. Only available in Black ink and a 0.7mm point size. Refillable with F-Refill.
301A Ballpoint Retractable Pen



Show your true colors with the 301A Ballpoint Retractable Pen – all of the great features of the original F-301 Ballpoint Retractable, but now available in four fashionable aluminum barrel colors: Blue, Gold, Grey, or Maroon!  Amp up your style and express yourself with this sophisticated pen.  The textured grip of this pen allows for a comfortable writing experience with every use.  Because of the secure metal clip, you won’t have to worry about losing your pen or having it roll around your work space.  The easy glide ink delivers a smooth writing performance, and it’s the perfect pen for everyday use. Only available in Black ink and a 0.7mm point size. Refillable with F-Refill
M-301 Mechanical Pencil



All of the quality and style you expect from our 3-Series pens, but now in a mechanical pencil!  The rugged, sophisticated M-301 mechanical pencil is ideal for writing, sketching, and drafting.  Featuring a stainless steel barrel that is the hallmark of the Steel line, this mechanical pencil is a practical addition to your Steel collection. The ridged grip allows for comfort when writing, and a handy eraser can be found neatly tucked under the cap. A durable clip ensures easy portability, too.  Available in 0.5mm and 0.7mm point sizes.  Refillable with standard lead.
G-301 Gel Retractable Pen

Do you love Gel pens? This one’s for you. The G-301 is equipped with the same sleek, stainless steel barrel and popular features as its F-301 counterpart, but is filled with gel ink. The smooth flowing G-301 makes writing and drawing both clean and effortless. The easy glide of the gel ink will make this your go-to pen for everything.  Choose either Black or Blue ink with matching grip. Available in a 0.7mm point size.  Refillable with the JK-Refill.
V-301 Fountain Pen

The V-301 Fountain Pen is new and improved. The upgraded design features a new, and fitted, stainless steel nib to drastically improve performance and ink flow.  The V-301 has all the great Steel 3 Series features, plus a fitted cap to protect the tip. This fountain pen looks refined and professional and makes writing a pleasure. A convenient metal clip lets you keep it with you on the go.  Choose from Black or Blue ink.   Refillable with V-Refill.
R-301 Rollerball Pen

If you love the smooth effect of a fountain pen, but want the ease and value of a rollerball, you’ve found it here in the R-301 Rollerball Pen. Its precise arrow tip lets you exert less pressure when writing, producing smooth and crisp lines and a carefree writing experience.  The sturdiness of this steel pen stands up to everyday demands, and the easy-off cap allows you to protect your pockets and preserve ink.  The ribbed grip makes the R-301 comfortable all day long. Choose from Blue or Black ink.  Available in a 0.7mm point size.  Refillable with R-Refill.
H-301 Highlighter


Over those old, bulky highlighters? Come experience the versatile, ultra-sleek H-301 Steel Highlighter. The minimalist design looks great, and is highly functional. With its chisel tip you can mark or underline with ease and precision and never have to worry about smudges or smearing. The lightweight H-301 Steel Highlighter is easy to carry and secure with its metal clip.  The rubber grip allows for control and comfort. Choose from two vibrant color: Pink or Yellow. Refillable with HL-Refill.


F-402 Ballpoint Retractable Pen

The 4-Series of the Steel takes a step up in refinement. The F-402 Ballpoint Retractable Pen has the same classic stainless steel barrel as the 3 series, but it is a little heftier. It’s well balanced for a better writing experience with more comfort.  The upgraded non-slip, rubberized grip, has a more professional look. Style and durability are key when it comes to the F-402.  This pen fits perfectly into an executive shirt pocket, folder or bag. A designer metal clip keeps it secure.  Choose from 2 ink colors: Black or Blue.  Available in a 0.7mm point size. Refillable with F-Refill.

F-701 Ballpoint Retractable Pen



This is a beautiful pen. The 7-Series of the Steel Family offers the sleekest look with a top-of-the-line writing experience. And it is strong enough to withstand the rigors of even the most demanding workplaces. The F-701 Ballpoint Retractable Pen is a favorite of engineers and architects, who appreciate good design, as well first responders who have to rely on their tools, no matter how harsh the conditions. The heavy-duty stainless steel barrel is rugged and strong and resists corrosion.  The knurled metal grip adds comfort and control, and the retractable plunger mechanism is soft and silent with every click. The F-701 is handsome pen, a style statement and the last pen you’ll ever need.   Available in Black ink and a 0.7mm point size.  Refillable with FRefill.
M-701 Mechanical Pencil

The M-701 Mechanical Pencil has all the upgraded features as the F-701 pen, but with the function of a mechanical pencil. Featuring a designer stainless steel tip, barrel and clip, the M-701 is ideal for any writing needs, sketching or drafting. Its functionality is first-class. The knurled grip provides total control and advancing the lead is whisper quiet. Well balanced and sleek, this mechanical pencil exudes style and professionalism, and makes a perfect complement to the F-701 pen.  Available in a 0.7mm point size.  Refillable with standard lead.

Product Name Series Type Barrel Colors Ink Colors Point/Lead Sizes (mm) Grip Features
3-Series Ballpoint RT Pen Steel Black






1.6 mm

Non-slip, textured Metal clip, Easy Glide Ink
3-Series Ballpoint RT Pen Steel Black 0.7mm Pink, Non-slip, textured Pink trim, Metal clip, Easy Glide Ink
F-301 Compact
3-Series Ballpoint RT Pen Steel Black 0.7mm Non-slip, textured Metal clip, Easy Glide Ink, Collapsible
3-Series Ballpoint RT Pen Blue Gold Grey Maroon Black 0.7mm Non-slip, textured Metal clip, Easy Glide Ink
3-Series Mechanical Pencil Steel 0.5mm


Non-slip, textured Metal clip, Eraser
3-Series Gel RT Pen Steel Black


0.7mm Non-slip, textured Metal clip, Smooth Gel Ink
3-Series Fountain Pen Steel Black


Non-slip, textured Metal clip, Easy-pull cap, Steel nib

3-Series Rollerball Pen Steel Black


0.7mm Non-slip, textured Metal clip, Arrow tip
3-Series Highlighter Steel Pink


Non-slip, textured Chisel tip,

Metal clip, Smooth Glide Ink

4-Series Ballpoint RT Pen Steel Black


0.7mm Soft, rubber grip Designer metal clip, Easy Glide Ink

7-Series Ballpoint RT Pen Steel Black 0.7mm Knurled, metal grip Metal clip, Easy Glide Ink
7-Series Mechanical Pencil Steel 0.7mm Knurled, metal grip Metal clip


Our Steel series of pens, pencils, and highlighters are as strong as they are sophisticated.  Choose a pen that is suitable for all your needs.  Find Zen in your pen.  Zebra Pen.

Everything Students Need for Back to School

Everything Students Need for Back to School

It’s that time of year again!  The new school year is almost upon us, and now is the time to stock up on all the school supplies that you or your kids will need come the first day of school (and you better get out there and shop soon, before all of the good stuff is gone!).  At Zebra Pen, we love the back to school rush almost as much as we love pens—and that’s a lot of love.  But really what’s not to love?!  Back to school time means new beginnings, cooler weather, and, of course, new school supplies! Here’s a list of supplies you’ll probably need.

Writing Implements

  • Pencils

The pencil is a humble tool, except when it’s not. Every student in every grade needs one for test-taking, note-taking, math problems, sketching and drafting. Now more than ever, people are choosing mechanical pencils, because they are versatile, refillable, never need sharpening, and are fun to write with. Zebra offers a wide range of mechanical pencils, from the simple #2 needed for standardized tests, to the Z-Grip collection featuring fun patterns, to the DelGuard, the most advanced mechanical pencil for everyday use, with lead that is virtually unbreakable.




  • Pens
    A good pen is always appreciated, and there’s a world of pen options for every kind of student. Choose from ballpoint, gel, fountain and more. A range of point sizes, ink colors and barrel patterns provide both function and style, so you’re sure to find your new favorite pen from among the well designed, reliable and affordable pens offered by Zebra. Look for sturdy, well priced pens for younger students. Middle and high schoolers can find a pen that expresses their personality, and older students will appreciate mature options that are attractive and functional. Here are two popular choices: the sleek F-301 steel barrel pen, and the super smooth Z-Grip Plus.



  • Highlighters
    When it comes to test prep, highlighters are essential and improve study habits. But not all highlighters are alike. A versatile chisel tip like the one found on the no-smudge Steel H-301 lets you highlight blocks of text or underline precisely. Students also love the bold, versatile Zazzle Liquid Highlighter and the double-ended tip that doesn’t bleed through on the Zebrite Double-Ended Highlighter.





  • Colored Pencils
    Whether students are working hard on a drawing for their mom on Mother’s Day or color-coding their periodic table, they are going to need colored pencils. Our Cadoozles Starters Colored Mechanical Pencils are part of a whole new generation of colored pencils, wildly popular with kids of all ages. (Parents have been known to “borrow” Cadoozles Starters for their own projects.) Share the love!


  • Erasers
    Even the most perfect students make minor mistakes! A handy Eraser makes every student’s life just a little bit easier, while they toil away on math problems or attempt to find an object’s velocity. Stock up on these little essentials.


Craft Supplies

  • Crayons
    Crayons are a must-have for younger students, and many teachers include them on back to school supply lists. Every student should have crayons – just to bring a little color to their school projects.


  • Markers
    The crafty cousins to crayons, markers are also an essential for the creative student and art class projects. And don’t worry about your kids getting marker all over their clothes or hands, most markers are washable and non-toxic.


  • Glue Sticks
    Another essential, the youngest learners will be sure to need glue sticks when working on class projects. They come in different sizes, and most are washable and non-toxic.


  • Safety Scissors
    An arts and crafts staple, safety scissors are exactly what they sound like, and safe for little hands. They are the perfect addition to any basket of supplies needed for young students as they head back to school this fall.







  • Ruler
    As a rule, students will need a ruler. For classwork, art, crafts and projects, rulers come in different sizes, materials and colors. As students move up grades in school, math and science classes often require implement rulers, too!


Travel Essentials

  • Backpack
    For many students, the best part about going back to school is all the new accessories they get to sport. New backpacks are a perennial favorite.  Nothing makes students happier than getting to stroll into school on the first day with a brand new backpack with a cool design or their favorite superhero.


  • Lunchbox
    The perfect accompaniment to a new backpack is a new lunchbox! Kids will love busting out their cool, new lunchboxes to show their friends during lunchtime.  Find the cutest sets of backpacks and lunchboxes at your local retailers.



  • Pencil Case/Crayon Keeper
    Help your student to keep all of their pens, pencils, markers, crayons, etc. all together with a nice pencil case. It will make their lives that much easier when they know they can always reach in their bags and know exactly where to get a writing instrument.


Organization Tools

  • Notebooks
    Every student is going to need notebooks to take notes and do their schoolwork. From college-ruled lines to spiral binding to having graph paper, all notebooks are different so find the right one for your child’s back to school needs.


  • Folders
    Folders are ideal for helping students keep all of their handouts and assignments organized. There are many different styles, colors, and materials to choose from when it comes to folders, so find the one that best suits your child’s needs.


  • Planner
    Help students stay organized and on top of all their homework assignments and test dates by equipping them with a planner. The most studious and meticulous students will thank you for it!


  • Post-Its
    For the ultra-organized student, post-its are vital. They can be used to jot down memos, take small notes, study, make reminders, and so on.  You can start your student off small with a simple stack and move on to larger piles of post-its down the road.



  • Book socks
    As students begin to enter middle school and high school, teachers may start to require that they cover their text books. Book socks are a great and inexpensive way to protect your child’s text books.


  • Calculator
    Calculators get bigger and fancier as students move from grade to grade. From the simplest calculator to a big graphing calculator, make sure your student has what they need to succeed in their math and science classes!



  • USB Flash Drive
    High school and college students alike will need a flash drive to ensure that all of their files are backed up and saved. They save time and are hassle-free!


A Guide to Zebra Sarasa® Pens

A Guide to Zebra Sarasa® Pens

Do you love gel pens, but hate smears and smudges? Are you looking for bold, bright colors?

Sarasa® is the pen for you!

For everyday writing, keeping organized or creative expression, the smooth, reliable Sarasa® does it all.  A wide barrel and comfortable grip make writing a pleasure, and it’s   retractable, too.

Fast drying ink to the rescue

Zebra’s ink innovations lab perfected the Sarasa® ink formula that eliminates smearing. Using Rapid Dry Ink (RDI) Technology, the ink dries in less than a second on most surfaces, so you can write, draw or color to your heart’s content. No smudges, no smears. No worries.

Lefties love Sarasa®

For the tens of millions of people in the US who are left handed, writing with an ordinary pen can be a messy experience. As they move their hand across the page, the slow-drying ink blots and smears. Very frustrating. But Rapid Dry Ink (RDI) Technology delivers a clean, smear-proof writing experience for everyone.

Color your world

It seems like everyone is going crazy for color these days. Feeling creative? Sarasa® is perfect for artistic expression, and a popular choice for adult coloring. Sarasa® comes in 14 vibrant colors – all bold, beautiful and smear free. For keeping organized, taking notes, marking up papers or simply for the joy of it, Sarasa®’s colorful collection is fun and affordable.

Wow, a high performing, retractable gel pen with smooth flowing, fast-drying ink, wide barrel and comfortable grip. And it comes in 14 colors. Sarasa® could be the perfect pen!

Zebra offers several types of Sarasa® pens, so you can find the ones that are right for you. Explore the product line in our Guide to Sarasa® pens.

Sarasa® Gel Retractable Pen – Rapid Dry Ink Technology!


A fan favorite. Our top-selling retractable gel pen comes in 14 bold, vibrant colors and delivers a smooth flowing, no-smear writing experience. Life is never dull when you have Sarasa® gel pens.

Ideal for creative expression, the Sarasa® Gel Retractable Pen line features ink that is noticeably bright and vivid. And thanks to Rapid Dry Ink (RDI) technology, it dries in less than a second on most surfaces, so it never smears or smudges. Great for lefties. Available in a variety of point sizes. Write with joy and confidence, and express yourself with Sarasa® Gel Retractable Pens.

  • 14 Vibrant Ink Colors
  • Rapid Dry Ink (RDI) Technology dries in less than a second on most surfaces.
  • No Smears. No Smudges
  • Smooth flowing
  • 5mm/0.7mm/1.0mm Point Size
  • Left-Hander’s Best Friend

Sarasa®  SE Gel Retractable Pen – Rapid Dry Ink Technology!


A pen beloved by lefties, the Sarasa® SE Gel Retractable Pen has a wide barrel, and it features many of the same benefits as the standard Sarasa® gel pen, like Rapid Dry Ink Technology for a smudge free experience. The Sarasa® SE Gel Pen delivers unrivaled vibrancy and smoothness, making it the perfect pen for creative expression, and it really amps up its style with a sleek clip, ridged grip and elements that match the ink color. The Sarasa® SE Gel Pen delivers unrivaled vibrancy and smoothness, making it the perfect pen for every creative project or person. Choose from 8 vibrant ink color options: Black, Blue, Green, Light Blue, Orange, Pink, Red, or Violet.  Available in a 0.7mm point size.  Selected inks are refillable.® -se-gel-retractable-new-2/?source=pen-type

  • 8 Vibrant Ink Colors
  • Rapid Dry Ink (RDI) Technology dries in less than a second on most surfaces.
  • No Smears. No Smudges
  • Smooth flowing
  • 7mm Point Size
  • Left-Hander’s Best Friend
  • Sturdy Metal Clip
  • Comfortable Rubber Grip
  • Metal Clip and Ridged Rubber Grip for Comfort While Creating

Sarasa Fineliner

 Sarasa Fineliner Pen defines new fine ink performance with a unique writing and drawing experience. The needle point is preferred by those seeking the performance of a fine tip pen, but the ink lay down of a fine tip marker. Smooth expressive long-lasting color writing for the artist in all of us. Choose from 12 color options: Black, Blue, Dark Blue, Gold, Green, Light Blue, Light Green, Light Pink, Orange, Purple/Violet, Red, Silver, Yellow, Brown, Dark Brown, Fluorescent Green, Fluorescent Pink, Fluorescent Purple, Fluorescent Yellow, Golden Yellow, Light Magenta, Ruby, Sky Blue. Available in 0.8mm needle point tip. Sold individually and in packs.

Sarasa Fineliner

  • 12 Vibrant and quick drying colors
  • 8mm Point Size
  • Water Resistant
  • Acid Free Archival Quality
Product Name Barrel Type Ink Colors Point Sizes (mm) Clip Grip Features


Plastic 14 Vibrant Varieties 0.5mm 0.7mm


Plastic Grooved rubber grip Rapid-Dry Ink Technology, Smooth-flowing, smudge-free ink
Sarasa®  SE
Plastic 8 Vibrant Varieties 0.7mm Metal Ridged rubber grip Rapid-Dry Ink Technology, Smooth-flowing, smudge-free ink
Sarasa Fineliner®


Plastic 12 Vibrant Varieties 0.8mm Plastic None Rapid-Dry Ink Technology, Smooth-flowing, smudge-free ink, Fine tip


Zebra’s new package makes shopping for pens easier

Why is it so hard to shop in stores these days? Shoppers have enough challenges, and one of the more frustrating problems is trying to sort through all the products on the shelf to find what you really need. Companies don’t make it easier with their cluttered and confusing packaging. The simple task of buying basic supplies, like pens and pencils, is far more stressful than it needs to be. As Zen (the spokes-animal for Zebra pens) would say, “Simple is always better.”

Zen is a very wise advisor.

“We decided to streamline our package design and make changes that would help our customers find exactly what they were looking for,” said Ken Newman, Director of Marketing for Zebra pens. The company recently unveiled new designs that will hit stores this fall.

To begin the design process, Zebra went to the experts (actual shoppers) to understand their wants and needs, and the best way to communicate this information.

“Our customers told us what they wanted, and that is what we gave them,” said Newman. “We tested designs, and chose the one that was most impactful and shopper friendly.”

Each package features a bold, black + white Zebra on the left. This easy-to-spot brand symbol is a promise of innovation, high quality and good value. Zebra’s individual brands, like Sarasa, and Cadoozles, appear in the upper right corner along with a description of the product, i.e. “Gel Retractable,” or “Mechanical Pencil,” so there is no doubt what you are buying. The key benefits and other features are listed clearly.

“Now when a shopper is standing in the aisle, he or she can look for the Zebra, then zero in quickly on the product that is needed. Each of the products is color coded, to make it even easier for future purchases,” said Newman. No confusion, no time wasted, no worries.

Now you can Find Zen in Your Pen, and in the Store.

Finding a Zebra product in store is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3.


Go with the Flow with Z-Grip

Our Z-Grip line of pens is where simple, effective style meets high performance writing.  Z-Grip pens are a reliable, affordable, and smooth-flowing pen that you’ll reach for every day. There are a wide variety of Z-Grip pens to choose from. We’ve created the following guide to help you choose the right Z-Grip pen for your specific needs, available in a variety of ballpoint ink, gel ink and mechanical pencils.


Z-Grip Basics is a convenient choice for every day home, office and school needs. Features a triangular barrel and rubber grip for comfort. Since the barrel is translucent, you can easily monitor the ink supply. And Z-Grip basics comes in the color of the ink, so you always know what color you’re going to get. Z-Grip Basics come in the following ink colors: Black, Blue, Green, Red.



Ballpoint Retractable
The Z-Grip Ballpoint Retractable pen is a leader in the world of retractable ballpoint pens. With comfortable ridged grip and clear barrel, you’ll be writing comfortably all day long and keep an eye on your ink supply. Available in 8 colors! Black, Blue, Red, Green, Violet, Teal, Fuchsia, Orange.


Z-Grip Fashion Ballpoint Retractable
Our traditional Z-Grip Ballpoint Retractable Pen in fun patterned barrels. Share your personality with the variety of colorful designs of the Z-Grip Floral Collection now with ultra-smooth low viscosity ink performance. Z-Grip Floral Ball Point Retractable is available in 5 matching ink and grip colors: Violet, Turquoise, Fuchsia, Light Green, and Black.


Z-Grip Retractable Ballpoint Pens — Animals
Different is good. Delivering the same core performance as the traditional Z-Grip Ballpoint Retractable Pen, the Animals collection comes in a range of different prints to choose from: tiger, zebra, peacock, and cheetah prints. Don’t be afraid to express your inner animal.


Z-Grip Retractable Ballpoint Pens — Safari Collection
Safari scenes for those who seek adventure.  An everyday pen doesn’t have to be boring. The safari collection allows for the same comfort and easy ink glide performance as the traditional ballpoint pen while letting you walk on the wild side. Fun animal print designs include: Zebra, Lion, Puma, and Giraffe.


Z-Grip Mechanical Pencil
Looking for an everyday pencil that doesn’t look or feel like one? This easy-grip mechanical pencil features a ridged grip and delivers on all fronts: value, performance, comfort, and style. The Z-Grip Mechanical Pencil is top of the class in sleekness and value, this top-selling mechanical pencil is preloaded with 2 leads and never needs sharpening.  Choose from 2 point sizes. Available in 3 colors: Black, Blue, and Red.


Z-Grip Mechanical Pencils — Safari
The Z-Grip Animal Prints mechanical pencil allows you to express yourself both on paper and in style. This animal print mechanical pencil is big on style and performance but low in price. Featuring a traditional ribbed rubber grip and sturdy metal clip, the Z-Grip Animal Prints mechanical pencils offer a little less tame version of the traditional mechanical pencils with fun barrel designs including tiger, zebra, and cheetah.


Z-Grip Gel Retractable Pen
Your maximum comfort is guaranteed, thanks to this retractable gel pen’s barrel and comfort grip providing a superior writing experience. Smooth ink performance guarantees crisp, clean lines for all your writing needs. Check-safe ink makes it ideal for important documents. The Z-Grip Gel Retractable Pen is available in three matching ink/barrel colors: Black, Blue, and Red.


Z-Grip Gel Stick Pen
Classic look and feel now in a cool gel stick pen! With a translucent barrel for ink-supply monitoring, plus a comfort grip and metal clip for maximum comfort and portability, the Z-Grip Gel Stick Pen is the ideal pen for all your needs. Check-safe ink makes it an easy choice for signatures on any important papers and checks.  Available in Black, Blue, and Red.


Z-Grip Neon Ballpoint Retractable Pen
When regular ink simply won’t do, make a big, bold statement with Z-Grip Neon. Express yourself both on paper and in style by making a lasting impression using the Z-Grip Neon’s ultra-smooth ink in 7 ink colors: Black, Blue, Fuchsia, Green, Red, Teal, and Violet.



Z-Grip Plus Retractable Ballpoint Pen
Style plus performance! This stylish and professional pen takes the value of Z-Grip to a whole new level. With sleek, fashionable barrel designs and a non-slip latex-free grip, this smooth and attractive ballpoint pen writes like a dream. The new pen of choice for supreme communication, this retractable ballpoint pen features easy-glide, low-viscosity ink and vibrant color for a smooth, bold writing experience. Available in nine colors that are reflected on the barrels of the pen: Black, Blue, Green, Light Blue, Light Green, Orange, Pink, Red and Violet.



Z-Grip Flight Ballpoint Retractable Pen
The Z-Grip Flight ballpoint retractable pen delivers on style, performance and value. A bold and sturdy retractable pen that combines the dry time of a retractable ballpoint pen with the smoothness of a gel for effortless writing.  With its chic design and silky writing style, the Z-Grip Flight Ballpoint Retractable Pen truly soars above the rest. Available in seven matching barrel/grip and ink colors:  Black, Blue, Red, Violet, Pink, Green, and Light Blue.


Z-Grip Flight Ballpoint Stick Pen
Our accessories are a reflection of our personality, regardless of their simplicity. Z-Grip Flight ballpoint stick pen delivers on everything you expect from Z-Grip: style, performance and value.  Superior ink performance delivers a smooth writing experience in the sleek stick style you love.  Available in seven ink colors with barrels to match:  Black, Blue, Red, Violet, Pink, Green, and Light Blue.



Z-Grip Max Retractable Ballpoint Pen
Ready to maximize your writing experience? With Z-Grip Max Retractable Ballpoint Pen you can take ordinary writing to the next level. Bold yet sleek, this retractable ballpoint pen features a wide comfort barrel with colored grip and colored push button to identify ink color at a glance.  Available in three core ink colors: Red, Blue, and Black.


Z-Grip Max Bold Retractable Ballpoint Pen
Make every statement a bold one.  When you really need to make your point, this bold pen is the way to go. Wide barrel ensures superior writing control. The Z-Grip Max Bold Retractable Ballpoint Pen has style, comfort, and flare. Available in seven vibrant ink colors: Black, Blue, Red, Green, Teal, Fuchsia, and Orange.


Z-Grip Max Bold Retractable Ballpoint Pen (Pink) – Breast Cancer Awareness
Show your support for the fight against breast cancer with this bold pen featuring a subtle pink ribbon. The BCA Z-Grip Max Bold Retractable Pen is a small symbol in recognition of the brave efforts of those who battle breast cancer and those who seek a cure.  With sleek black ink and the same comforts as the traditional bold retractable ballpoint pen, this pen is perfect for everyday use.


Z-Grip Max Mechanical Pencil
This wide-grip mechanical pencil is as sturdy as it is stylish. Break-resistant lead and ergonomic barrel ensures your writing confidence and comfort. The Z-Grip Max Mechanical Pencil is top of the line for all your writing needs.  Available in Black and Blue.


Z-Grip Max Gel Retractable
Feels good in your hand, looks good on paper. Super-wide barrel provides exceptional writing control, while the extra-large soft rubber grip ensures optimum comfort. Acid-free archival-quality ink prevents skipping and smearing. Retractable tip protects pockets and purses. Write boldly, write confidently.  Available in five matching barrel/ink colors: Black, Blue, Red, Green, and Purple.


Z-Grip Z-Grip Fashion Z-Grip Neon Z-Grip Flight Z-Grip Plus Z-Grip Max
Available Ink Technology Ballpoint, Gel, Mechanical Pencil Ballpoint Low Viscosity Ballpoint Low Viscosity Ballpoint Low Viscosity Ballpoint Ballpoint, Gel
Available Point Sizes 0.7mm (Mechanical Pencil) 1.0mm 1.0mm 1.2mm 1.0mm 0.7mm (Gel
0.7mm (Gel) 1.0mm (RT Ballpoint)
1.0mm (Ballpoint) 1.6mm (Bold)
Available Colors Black, Blue, Red, Green, Violet, Fuchsia, Light Green, Teal, orange, Black Black, Blue, Red, Green, Black,Blue, Pink, Violet, Black, Blue, Red Black, Blue, Red
Light Blue, Fuchsia, Violet Green, Light Blue, Red
Retractable/ Stick Retractable Retractable Retractable Retractable, Stick Retractable Retractable
Barrel Materials Plastic Plastic Plastic Plastic, Materials Plastic Plastic
Clip Metal Clip Metal Clip Metal Clip Designer Metal Clip Metal Clip Metal Clip
Grip Ridged Grip for Comfort Support Ridged Grip for Comfort Support Ridged Grip for Comfort Support Comfort grip Ridged Grip for Comfort Support Extra large contoured rubber grip
Barrel Color Transparent Animal Print/ Floral Print Transluscent White with color accents Vibrant barrel reflects ink color Gray/Transluscent
Pen Type Ballpoint, Gel, Mechanical Pencil Ballpoint Pen Ballpoint Ballpoint Ballpoint pen Ballpoint, Gel
Refillable No (ballpoint, gel) No No No No No
Yes (mechanical pencil)

Set The Stage For Success

Tips for a smooth transition back to school

For parents putting bright-eyed students on the bus for the very first time and for seasoned moms and dads who know the drill inside and out, gearing up for another year of school is a process. The shopping extravaganzas, trips to the doctor for physicals, endless forms and paperwork all culminate in a single moment: the first day back to school.

Often, it’s this first day (or days) that set the tone for the school year to come. Help your child feel prepared and confident to tackle whatever the school year brings with these tips for a successful start.

Plan well-balanced meals:

Summer break brings a lax approach to many aspects of life, and healthy eating is often one of them. However, nutrition plays an important role in overall development and countless studies show correlation between academic performance and good nutrition. As the school year approaches, work at creating healthy menus. If hectic scheduling makes it difficult to get well-balanced meals in lunchboxes and on the dinner table through the week, allocate a portion of the weekend for a family prep session.

Reinstate bedtimes:

Easing back into earlier bedtimes will make things smoother for everyone when the alarms start ringing on early school day mornings. Well before the start of school, gradually back off more time each night – in 15-minute increments, for example – to get kids back in bed early enough to capture at least 10 hours of sleep, the amount recommended for school-aged children and adolescents by the National Institutes of Health.

Get creative to boost enthusiasm:

Part of the fun of heading back to the classroom is a shiny new set of supplies. Build your kids’ excitement by letting them select the tools they’ll use to bring home good grades, like pens and pencils. Despite a keyboard and touchscreen-driven world, sales of color-focused products like felt-tip markers, porous (fine line) pens and colored pencils are on the rise.

In an effort to follow and respond to trends, Zebra Pen continues to introduce products that allow for personal expression, whether in the ink color chosen for notes or the barrel design to complement your kids’ style.

“We’re conscious of the influx of technology in the school, but still see the importance of writing instruments in the school environment. There is a great deal of pen or pencil and paper activity in the classroom and we have focused on providing products that meet the needs of teachers and students alike,” said Ken Newman, Director of Marketing at Zebra Pen.


“Our Sarasa retractable gel pen, which comes in 14 vibrant colors, boasts one of the fastest drying inks on the market. And for those looking to express style through design, consider a Z-Grip Plus ballpoint pen, featuring our smoothest ballpoint ink and a fashion-friendly barrel design, or perhaps a traditional Z-Grip ballpoint with a floral or animal pattern. For the younger writer whose world of writing is confined mostly to pencil, the Cadoozles line of No. 2 and colored mechanical pencils offers functionality and fun.”

There are options for every stage of a student’s development, whether they are a beginner, intermediate or have progressed toward the end of their academic careers. A complete selection can be found online at

Explore outside of academics:

Developing interests outside the classroom builds confidence and character, teaches discipline and may help reveal hidden passions or talents that translate into future scholarships or career choices. Now is an ideal time to explore the options available in your community and complete necessary registrations as many extracurricular activities are closely linked to the traditional school calendar.

Follow the paper trail:

The volume of paperwork associated with sending a child to school can be overwhelming. From registration forms and emergency contact sheets to physicals and immunization records, the list goes on and on. Keep on track with a list of all the materials you’re responsible for completing, along with special notes for those that require visits to the doctor’s office or other appointments.

Take a tour:

Especially for new students, but even for experienced kids, spend some time getting familiar with the school before the big day. Seeing the bus drop-off location, classroom, bathrooms, cafeteria and any other major features ahead of time can help soothe jitters and lets you pro – actively answer worries or questions about how those first days may unfold.

Establish a transition tradition:

Celebrate the end of summer and the fresh start ahead by creating a special family tradition. It may be a final backyard campout for the season or a scrapbooking project that captures memories from the summer and describes goals for the school year. The time together to talk about what lies ahead can help get the family geared up for a successful school year.

Express Personality with Style Encouraging your child to develop his or her own unique personality can be tough with social “rules” and official policies that determine dress code, supplies and more. When you get down to it, though, there are dozens of ways to let kids explore personal expression with – out breaking any rules or subjecting them to unwanted attention.

Accessories: Even at schools with uniforms or dress codes, there is some latitude when it comes to accessorizing. Dress codes vary, but many allow flexibility in things such as socks, shoes, hair bows and jewelry.

 School supplies: Let kids choose their own writing implements as a personal statement of self-expression, which is especially important to middle and high school students. With so many options, it’s easy to bypass the basic bargain selection and choose from an array of new designs and creative features, such as those offered by Zebra Pen.

 Personal space: For younger students, the area designated as a student’s own may be limited to a backpack or storage cubby. For older kids, there’s an entire locker to consider. Customizing these personal areas lets kids assert a clear stamp of individuality. Photos, artwork and treasured mementoes bring these personal spaces to life.


Guide to DelGuard Mechanical Pencil

Imagine being in calculus class scrambling to finish a test or thinking up the idea for the world’s next great novel.  You rush to grab your pencil and start to write down answers and ideas…then your pencil tip breaks.  By this point you have nothing to write with and you have reached your breaking point.

Zebra Pen has introduced the DelGuard Mechanical Pencil to solve all your lead breakage problems, while developing a writing instrument with precision and comfort.  The unbreakable lead breakthrough in our new DelGuard Mechanical Pencil is the latest in mechanical pencil invention. This new innovation will allow you to write smoothly and eliminate irritating interruptions of lead breaking.


The standard mechanical pencil usually is constructed with one spring around the lead.  With only one spring surrounding the lead, it is left vulnerable to breakage.  The more the pencil is clicked, the more likely the lead is to break.  However, the DelGuard Mechanical Pencil is changing the game for how mechanical pencils are assembled.  Instead of only one spring protecting the lead, this new pencil has two springs playing defense.

The DelGuard Difference

With a double spring mechanism that absorbs pressure at any angle, the DelGuard Mechanical Pencil works with all writing styles.


The DelGuard features include:

  • 3 Click Lead Advancement: Click the pencil once, click it twice, click it even three times and the lead still will not break.


  • Zero Lead Clogging: Lead clogging is also prevented because the internal mechanical parts guard the lead. This feature even solves the problem of those small lead bits so they won’t get misaligned and clog the pencil.
  • Double Spring Mechanism: A technical novelty, the double spring mechanism absorbs pressure at two angles.  No matter how it is held or how hard it is pressed, this new technology does not let lead break or clog.  The lead is protected by the double spring mechanism leaving it virtually unbreakable.  One spring softens the vertical pressure, while the second spring absorbs pressure from the diagonal writing angle. This reduces the overall pressure on the lead causing less breakage.


  • Innovative New Design: Currently, there is no other mechanical pencil with this new technology on the market. The advancements made by the engineers of the DelGuard Mechanical Pencil will leave even the most devoted mechanical pencil users impressed.

The DelGuard Mechanical Pencil’s sleek barrel and precise point take style and innovation to the next level, making it the perfect pencil for all your daily needs.  You will be able to write smoothly and confidently without having to worry about the annoyance of lead breaking.  Zebra Pen’s cutting-edge mechanical pencil is the last mechanical pencil you will ever need.

Your Guide to Mechanical Pencils

Mechanical pencils are more popular now than ever before. There are an endless amount of options to pick from, so how do you decide which one to buy?  Whether you are a professional or a student, Zebra Pen offers a wide selection of pencils; each thoughtfully designed to meet your needs. We’ve developed this guide to help you choose the mechanical pencil that is just right for you.  First, we would like to introduce a variety of reason as to why using mechanical pencils will make your life that much easier.

Advantages of Using a Mechanical Pencil

  • No need to sharpen it. Unlike the standard wooden pencil, you will never have to sharpen a mechanical pencil. The lead is never going to get dull and more lead is just a few clicks away.
  • Consistency of lines. As you write with a regular pencil, the lead becomes duller and wider making the lines change. This change causes the writing to appear thicker.  With a mechanical pencil, the width of the lead never changes.  The lines remain consistent regardless of how often the pencil is used.
  • Balanced. The more a regular pencil is used, the more it loses its balance. The constant sharpening makes it shorter and shorter.  Mechanical pencils never lose their balance and stay the same size because they do not get sharpened.
  • Refillable.  Regarding both lead and erasers, mechanical pencils are refillable.  There is no need to dispose of a mechanical pencil when you finish up all its lead.  Simply just fill it back up with lead and continue on writing.

Now that you know several advantages of using a mechanical pencil, consider some of its most important features.

Key Features

  • Lead size. Mechanical pencils are available in different lead sizes. These sizes typically range anywhere from 0.5mm to 2.0mm depending on your needs.
  • Retractable tip. Like to carry a pencil on you at all times? Mechanical pencils are deemed safe for all types of pockets. They have a retractable tip that prevents damage to clothing and legs, depending on what pocket you stash your pencil in!
  • Comfortable grip. Gone are the days where you have to search for a grip that you end up struggling to attach to your wooden pencil. Many mechanical pencils come equipped with a grip made of rubber so you can write comfortably while holding your pencil.  Zebra Pen offers select styles of mechanical pencils with a steel grip to please any rugged or sleek aesthetic you want to achieve.
  • Clip.  Feel like you are constantly looking for a pencil that you swore you just had? Most mechanical pencils have a pocket clip so you can securely place your pencil in a shirt or pants pocket. These clips also prevent mechanical pencils from rolling around on a surface. 
  • Erasers.  The erasers on mechanical pencils are small and typical hidden underneath a cap. Some mechanical pencils can even go as far as having a retractable eraser.
  • Not bulky. Mechanical pencils are not bulky in size and are easily portable.

Mechanical pencils have numerous important features that all come into play depending on how you will use your pencil.

What Can You Use Your Mechanical Pencil For?

  • Writing.  A mechanical pencil is perfect for notetaking, journaling, or office work.  Since you won’t have to worry about sharpening it, you can keep on writing to your heart’s content.
  • Drafting/technical writing. Mechanical pencils are becoming the preferred writing utensil of many technical writers.  A good drafting mechanical pencil should have a comfortable, textured grip and long, narrow lead sleeve.  Most drafting pencils use a lead size of 0.5mm or 0.7mm.
  • Art and sketching. The balance of mechanical pencils and variety of different leads size make them very appealing to artists and avid sketchers.

With all of the knowledge you now have about mechanical pencils, you should be able to make a confident decision when it comes to selecting the right mechanical pencil.  Zebra Pen offers a wide array of mechanical pencils available in a range of styles, colors, and sizes for you to choose from based on your needs.

We should begin with one of our most popular lines, Steel.


M-301 Mechanical Pencil


The M-301 Steel Mechanical Pencil has many of the same amenities as the best-selling F-301 Retractable Ballpoint pen.  With its steel body, comfortable grip and a handy eraser, the M-301 is a great pencil for drafting as well as everyday use.  Sized perfectly for pockets and equipped with a metal clip, this pencil is perfectly portable. Refillable with standard lead.  Available in 0.5mm and 0.7mm lead sizes.

M-701 Mechanical Pencil


Featuring designer stainless steel barrel and a knurled metal grip for writing confidence, the M-701 is sleek, sophisticated and superior in functionality. It is a quality mechanical pencil that is top of the line in writing comfort and control.  The M-701 is ideal for drafting and for someone looking to convey style through their writing instrument. Available in 0.7mm lead size. Refillable with Standard Lead.


DelGuard Mechanical Pencil


Here’s the latest in mechanical pencil innovation, our new Zebra DelGuard Mechanical Pencil.  This genius new pencil features a patented double spring mechanism absorbs pressure regardless of how you hold it or how hard you press down.  Standard mechanical pencils only have one spring guarding lead, but the DelGuard has two springs protecting the lead at all time.  This technology leaves the lead much less vulnerable to breakage—practically impossible!  The DelGuard Mechanical Pencil is the perfect pencil for notetaking and great for all writing styles.  Refillable with DelGuard lead refill and erasers.  Available in 0.5mm Lead Size.


Z-Grip Mechanical Pencil


The Z-Grip Mechanical Pencil is a top-selling, everyday tool that doesn’t look or perform like one. This mechanical pencil comes preloaded with 2 leads and is never in need of sharpening. A great pencil for writing or taking notes, this easy-grip mechanical pencil features a ridged grip making every writing experience a comfortable one.  The clear barrel allows you to monitor your lead supply.  Choose from Black, Red, or Blue matching grip and clip colors or Safari or Fashion prints.  Available in 0.5mm and 0.7mm Lead Sizes.

Z-Grip Mechanical Pencil—Animal Prints


If you feel like taking a little walk on the wild side then the Z-Grip Mechanical pencil in an animal print is the pencil you’ll need.  You can express yourself both on and off of the page using this pencil.  Delivering the same comfort and performance as the traditional Z-Grip Mechanical Pencil, the animal prints version just adds that always needed bit of flare.  Available in Cheetah, Tiger, and (of course!) Zebra print. Refillable.  Available in 0.7mm Lead Size.

Z-Grip Max Mechanical Pencil


If you’re looking to maximize your writing performance try the Z-Grip Max, a wide-grip mechanical pencil.  A user-friendly barrel and smooth grip ensure writing confidence and comfort.  The Z-Grip Max is designed with a translucent barrel and chic metal clip.  A top performing mechanical pencil is paired with effortless style in the Z-Grip Max.  Available in Black or Blue.  Refillable. Available in 0.7mm Lead Size.


Zebra #2 Mechanical Pencil



The Zebra #2 Mechanical Pencil is a modernized take on the classic wood case pencil.  Simple, but still highly functional, the #2 Mechanical Pencil features a large eraser that serves as an easy lead-advancing mechanism.  With a hexagonal barrel, it still has that classic pencil feel.  Ideal for note-taking, list-making, and test-taking, each pencil comes with 3 leads.  Refillable. Available in 0.7mm Lead Size.  The standard #2 Mechanical pencil is compact in size at 5.125” and available in Black or Yellow.


Style #2 Mechanical Pencil


A stylish step up from the Zebra #2 Mechanical Pencil, the Style #2 Mechanical Pencil offers the same amenities as its predecessor.  The hexagonal barrel still allows users to get that classic pencil feel while writing.  It has a large eraser that acts as an easy-to-use lead-advancing mechanism.  This mechanical pencil is ideal for note-taking, list-making, and test-taking.  It comes with 3 leads.  The Style #2 Mechanical Pencil comes in the standard 6” size and is available in 6 fun patterns! Refillable.  Available in 0.7mm Lead Size.


MLP2 Mechanical Pencil


The Zebra MLP2 Square Lead Mechanical Pencil will help you ace whatever you are embarking on.  This heavy-duty pencil is perfect for test-taking. Its unique elliptical barrel shape prevents rolling, while the sturdy, square lead promotes identifiable markings needed for exams. The MLP2 mechanical pencil is also ideal for carpentry work. Extra-wide, strong lead discourages breakage and allows for heavy marking and pressure.  Refillable.  Available only in 0.9mm Square Lead Size.


Cadoozles Mechanical Pencils


As functional as they are cute, the Cadoozles Mechanical Pencils are designed specifically for young writers.  These fun kids mechanical pencils have vibrant, playful barrel patterns that are great for collecting and trading!  Simply push the built-in eraser to advance lead and remove eraser to refill.  The perfect tool for every classroom, these mechanical pencils come in fun seasonal and reward patterns that make learning fun.  They are compact in size—great for small hands!  Available in 0.9mm Lead Size.

Cadoozles Starters Mechanical #2 Pencil


Start ‘em off right with Cadoozles Starters Mechanical #2 Pencil, a classic #2 mechanical lead pencil that is long-lasting and hard to break.  This awesome pencil is easy to hold and can withstand the pressures of beginning writers.

Cadoozles Starters Colored Pencils


Cadoozles Starters Colored Pencils are perfect for kids who love to live and learn in color.  Brand-new writers get a little bit of extra help with this well-designed beginner’s mechanical pencil that features a triangular barrel for easy gripping (and no rolling!). Thicker lead promotes a proper grip and means less lead breakage too! With 12 vibrant colors, your child’s imagination will run wild.  Available in 2.0mm Lead Size.


Product Name Style Barrel Colors Lead Advancement Lead Size (mm) Eraser Grip Features Advanced Features
M-301 Everyday Steel Push Button 0.5mm 0.7mm YES Black Plastic Durable steel barrel  
M-701 Executive Stainless Steel Push Button 0.7mm NO  knurled Stainless Steel Sleek look
DelGuard Professional Black Push Button 0.5mm YES Plastic groove Two spring technology Lead Cushioning, Extending Lead Sleeve
Z-Grip MP


Everyday Black



Tiger Zebra Cheetah

Push Button 0.5mm 0.7mm YES Rubber Great everyday mechanical pencil Multiple colors and wraps to choose from
Z-Grip Max MP Everyday Black


Push Button 0.7mm YES Rubber Ergonomic barrel  
Zebra #2 Student Black


Push Button 0.7mm YES Plastic classic-look  
Style #2    Student 6 patterns Push Button 0.7mm YES Classic Pencil Hexagonal Barrel


MLP2 Craftsman Blue, Black Push Button 0.9mm Square YES Rubber elliptical barrel with metal pocket clip  
Cadoozles Everyday Student Animal and various patterns Push Button 0.7mm 0.9mm YES Plastic Classic Pencil Hexagonal Barrel


Cadoozles Starters Mechanical #2


Everyday Student Classic yellow Push Button 2.0mm NO Plastic


Perfect for beginner writers  
Cadoozles Starters Colored Pencils Everyday Student 12 colors match lead Push Button 2.0mm NO Plastic


Perfect for beginner writers Great for coloring

 Zebra Pen offers an expansive line of mechanical pencils in a variety of styles to meet your every mechanical pencil need.  Find Zen in your pen.