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5 Ways to Start Off the Year Right

Every New Year’s Eve when that ball drops it’s always so hard to fathom that another year has come and gone. But each New Year is just like a clean slate allowing you to start fresh. Make 2017 the year that you make changes in your life that actually have meaning and allow you to lead a more positive and fulfilling lifestyle. Contrary to popular belief, there are some New Year’s resolutions that can be kept! Use this little guide as way to jump start your new year and the new you.

1. Organize your desk or living space

Living Space
You have no idea how much clutter affects you. It’s just another stressor added to your already hectic life. If you took a day to organize your desk at work or your messiest space at home, the weight you’ll feel lifted off your shoulders will be unimaginable. Organization is key to productivity. Give this tidying up trick a try and see how much more you will be able to accomplish when you know exactly where everything is. While you’re at it, pick up some shiny new pens for your desk or office like one of our Steel Series Pens, the F-402 or F-701, because now you’ll have found the perfect place to put them.




2. Take Up Meditation


Meditation does wonders for your mental and physical health. Our lives are so fast-paced that we often forget to take even the smallest increments of time for ourselves. Set aside some time each day, even if it is only 15 minutes, to relax, reflect, and meditate. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, take up a weekly yoga class. Another great way to relax is to color. Adult coloring makes you focus on the task at hand and shut out the world around you for a little while. Some adult coloring pages can be found here. Use our favorite coloring products to get started today: Sarasa Fineliner , Cadoozles Starters Colored Mechanical Pencils and Sarasa Gel Pens.fineliner

3. Say “Yes” More Often


Step out of your comfort zone! Be more open this year to new adventures and experiences. Agree to things that last year you never would have agreed to. Say “yes.” Getting out and trying new things is the perfect way to grow as a person—and just think of all the great stories you’ll have to tell.

4. Write Thank You Notes


The smallest tokens of gratitude often speak volumes. Handwritten thank you notes are the nicest way you can thank someone for a gift or a favor. They add just the right amount of a personal touch and show the person you are thanking just how much you care. Spice up your thank you notes with the Z-Grip Plus for supreme communications. This retractable ballpoint pen features easy-glide, low-viscosity ink and vibrant color for a smooth, bold writing experience.


5. Start a New Tradition


The New Year is the best time to establish a new tradition whether it is getting together with friends once a week for dinner or taking time to visit your family at least once a month or whatever your heart desires. Make your tradition meaningful and stick to it. You’ll be much happier for doing so.

Happy New Year! Find Zen in your pen. Zebra Pen.

8 Reasons to Write a Handwritten Letter

Who has time to write letters anymore? Like you have all the time in the world… right?

We know sitting down and taking the time to write a handwritten letter takes time, resources and energy. With any luck this list of reasons to write letters has inspired you to pick up a pen and surprise someone with a treat in their mailbox next week! Whether you’re sending a thank you card, a postcard, or a quick “thank you” letter, I promise you they’ll love it.

You’ll be glad you took the time.

To further motivate you; here are eight reasons to write a handwritten letter now, not later. It will become a lifelong treasure to the person lucky enough to receive it:

8 Reasons SMALL


Perfect presents for every person on your list

FAMILY FEATURES –  Holiday season means it’s time to start picking out stocking-stuffers and gifts that perfectly match every friend and family member – including four-legged ones – on your list. But when that list grows longer and longer and you find that not everyone is so easy to buy for, the right present can be difficult to find. Instead of spending more time head-scratching than giftwrapping, keep everyone jolly by going for one of these great gift ideas.


Practical Pens and Pencils If you’re searching for a present for someone who always seems to be difficult to shop for, give a practical gift, such as a Zebra Pen. There’s no doubt that it’s tough to find a gift for dad, which is why the sleek F-701 stainless steel ballpoint pen is perfect. Give the artist on your list a bit of inspiration with Sarasa colored gel pens or help your students take on schoolwork with Cadoozles mechanical pencils. Find more stocking stuffer ideas at



Capture3Luxe Accessories Sure to Delight Give the gift of luxury with brilliant jewelry imbued with lush velvet, the must-have fabric of the season. The I-shaped cuff from I.N.C. International Concepts features velvet detailing as well as clean architectural lines for a sophisticated and elegant, yet modern piece of jewelry that elevates any look and offers an unexpected take on the red-hot velvet trend. Fashionable, opulent and a fantastic value at $30, this cuff can be found exclusively at Macy’s stores and


Capture4A Sizzling, Tasteful Gift A gift true to the occasion is a delicious meal perfect for sharing with family and friends. The Tasteful Gift package ($69.99 with free shipping) from Omaha Steaks, which offers a holiday experience that can be shared with others, features premium steaks – two tender filet mignons and two beefy top sirloins – two boneless pork chops and an Omaha Steaks seasoning packet to emphasize the flavor. Dress up the meal with flavorful potatoes au gratin and caramel apple tartlets for a memorable finale. For more information, visit


Capture5Fit and Festive Need a gift for someone looking to start a fitness routine or the workout enthusiast who has everything? The Ab Carver Pro has a carbon steel spring engine that provides resistance while rolling out and assistance rolling back, activating more muscles than an ordinary ab roller. Its wide wheel and ergonomic handles deliver a powerful core and arm workout for those of any fitness level. It also comes with kneepads and a variety of downloadable workouts. To see success stories or purchase, visit Enter code HOLIDAY16 for 10 percent off.


Capture6A Holiday Treat Your Dog Will Love When shopping for your family this holiday season, don’t forget your fourlegged friend. Give your pup the gift of Pedigree Dentastix Treats to help combat dog breath and bring the whole family closer with holiday hugs and kisses. The Triple Action formula helps freshen breath, reduce tartar buildup and scrape away plaque to help clean hard-to-reach teeth. Pedigree Dentastix Treats come in various sizes and flavors. Learn more at Dentastix.

Cards for Kids

Making Holiday Cards with Kids

With the holiday season upon us once again, now is the perfect time to snuggle up inside and get to crafting! Holiday cards are essential for all your loved ones. There is almost no better way to express gratitude and season’s greetings to another person than with a handmade card with your kids. Zebra Pen has made the job of crafting a heartwarming card beyond easy with their colorful products like Sarasa Gel Pens , Sarasa Fineliner Pens , Cadoozles Starters  or the Super Marble Gel Pens.

Use this instructional video as a source of inspiration or follow along to create your own cards with you kids!

Reindeer Greeting Card

• Cut three ovals from tan felt
• Glue felt ovals to card surface
• Use brown Cadoozle Colored Pencil to make antlers
• Adhere purchased eyes to top part of felt ovals
• Glue buttons as nose for reindeer
• Write seasonal message on bottom with Cadoozles Colored Pencils



Metallic Joy Card

• Start with dark colored paper (this helps the Super Marble Gel pen show metallic colors)
• Find space toward left or right side of paper to start silhouette
• Trace snowflake with Super Marble Gel pens (or any seasonal image) onto paper
• Make small pattern like lines or shapes inside the silhouette
• Start from center and work toward outside edge (like in snowflake example)
• Draw or glue custom holiday phrase on side of page opposite your drawing



Christmas Carol Card

• Draw music bars on page with black SARASA Gel pen
• Glue buttons for the words with spaces between each
• Glue green and red colored buttons as notes
• Add note bars as in video example (Use black or colored SARASA Gel pens)
• Under each button along bottom with SARASA black pen: “We wish you a Mer-ry Christ-mas”



Ornament Greetings Card

• Draw circles or shapes on page with SARASA Fineline markers
• Color-in with designs and holiday patterns with Cadoozles colored pencils and SARASA Fineline markers
• Glue one ornament with a button (optional)
• Draw lines from ornament towards top of page with Black SARASA Fineliner marker
• Add small loops at top of ornament with two loops to look like the string is tied
• Write seasonal message on bottom with Cadoozles Colored Pencils

Stylus Pens: A Complete Guide

Why does Zebra, a maker of pens and pencils love technology? Because it has changed all our lives for the better. Instant access to information – anywhere, anytime – is not just a need but an expectation. People carry a computer with them wherever they go, like smart phones and tablets.

But people also carry a pen at all times to jot down notes, sign documents, sketch or write a message.

Both are essential to everyday life.

So Zebra looked at the intersection of these two needs, and decided to create a tool that links them both, and the StylusPen was born

The StylusPen functions like an ordinary ballpoint pen for traditional writing needs, and can also be used as a stylus to navigate most screened devices. It changes from a pen to a stylus and back again with a simple motion.

Two-in-one function and value.

Use StylusPens On:

  • Smartphones
  • iPads
  • Tablets
  • Laptops (with touchscreen capability)
  • Desktop Computers (with touchscreen capability)
  • Paper
  • Variety of writing surfaces

Advantages of StylusPens:

  • Precise, finger-free navigation of touchscreens
  • Operates over wide temperature range
  • Small amount of friction with technological surface
  • Fully functional traditional ballpoint pen
  • Does not clog or dry out
  • Easily switch between pen and stylus

Zebra Pen is proud to have been the first writing instruments company to design a StylusPen and we now offer several styles. Use this guide to choose the one that works best for you.

Our Products:

StylusPen Ballpoint Retractable Pen

This is the original StylusPen Ballpoint Retractable Pen, the brainchild of the innovative designers at Zebra Pen. Don’t be fooled by the minimalist design. This pen packs a lot of functionality into one tool. Easy-glide ink provides a smooth writing experience. The ridged rubber grip makes writing comfortable, and the easy-slide stylus nib works on most screens. It has a convenient clip for your pocket, folder, or bag.

Switching from stylus to pen is easy. A simple click of the clip retracts the tip. The lacquered barrel is available in 8 bold colors: Black, Green, Grey, Light Blue, Navy, Orange, Pink, or Violet.  Available only in Black ink and a point size of 1.0mm and 8.0mm stylus tip. Refillable.

StylusPen Telescopic Ballpoint Pen


When you’re short on space but big on ideas, grab this compact expandable ballpoint pen that extends to full length when writing and easily retracts to a shorter length for portability. The StylusPen Telescopic Ballpoint Pen is full sized, but collapses down to a compact size. Tuck the Telescopic neatly away in any pocket, bag or briefcase. You’ll love the quality construction of the brass barrel and its sleek, sophisticated look. Nicely balanced and works on most screens. In pen mode, the ultra-smooth ink makes it a pleasure to write with. Choose from 5 fashionable barrel colors: Grey, Light Blue, Navy, Pink, or Violet.  Available only in Black ink and a point size of 1.0mm and 8.0mm stylus tip. Refillable.

StylusPen Capped Ballpoint Pen


The StylusPen Capped Ballpoint Pen is what happens when ingenuity and style come together in one product.  This polished stylus pen has its ballpoint pen tip hidden beneath a cap that snaps on easily, and the designer metal clip adds flair. From pen mode, just cap it and flip it over in one swift motion, and voila, you have a stylus.  With its ultra-smooth ink performance, you’ll love writing with this pen and find yourself reaching for it time after time.  Choose from 3 lacquered metal barrel colors: Black, White, or Zebra Print.  Available only in Black ink a point size of 1.0mm and 6.0mm stylus tip. Refillable.

StylusPen Twist Ballpoint Pen

dFunction with a twist, and quite the looker. Whenever you want your stylus to become a pen, just do the twist. The StylusPen Twist Ballpoint Pen is a minimalist approach to our technological and written needs by incorporating two assets into one expressive tool. It’s also a very handsome pen, with sleek lines and a professional look that goes anywhere. The brushed metal and slim barrel will appeal to artists, designers and those with discerning taste. The easy-glide ink makes writing effortless and the smooth rubber stylus tip makes navigation a pleasure. Choose from 2 barrel colors: Black or Silver.   Available only in Black ink a point size of 0.7mm and 5.0mm stylus tip. Refillable.


Product Name Point Size Stylus Nib Size Barrel Type Barrel Colors Ink Color Grip Special Features
1.0mm 8.0mm Lacquered Copper Black
Light Blue
Black Yes Simple clip retraction; Easy-glide ink
StylusPen Telescopic
1.0mm 8.0mm Quality Copper Grey
Light Blue
Black No Contracts and expands; Low viscosity, ultra-smooth ink
1.0mm 6.0mm Lacquered Metal Black
Black No Snap-cap function; Low viscosity, ultra-smooth ink
Twist Ballpoint4
0.7mm 5.0mm Brushed Metal Black
Black No Simple twist function for ballpoint exposure; Easy-glide ink


Pick a pen that is tech-savvy and functional.  Choose StylusPen.  Find Zen in your pen.

A Handwritten Letter is a Powerful Message

Some say writing a handwritten letter is memorable way to touch the people you love. Research says it can actually make you happier. Or maybe you have heard that it confirms the importance of a relationship, it helps you pause long enough to say things that matter or it’s a classy thing to do.

No matter what you’ve heard or what you believe, a well-written card can be some of the least expensive and most meaningful gifts you will ever give. With a few strokes of the pen, you have the power to encourage a loved one, thank a friend, or kindle a romance.

The hardest part is getting started, so let’s make it simple.

This holiday ask yourself these simple questions to get started: Who do you need to thank? Who do you appreciate most this week or this month? What friend or relative would be surprised to hear from you? Write that down right now. Now write down few thoughts that you want to add to the letter. Don’t worry about penmanship right now. Next, all you’ll need to do is find the right card, transcribe your message, slap on a stamp, and remind yourself to raise the little flag on your mailbox. It was made for a purpose. That was so easy!

Below is an infographic with a few facts on how we write.

Handwritten Letter small

SOURCE: A survey of 2000 people by luxury travel brand Signature from Thomas Cook.

Guide to 3 Series

Spotlight on Zebra Steel 3 Series

The Steel 3 Series is a complete writing instrument collection featuring a unique and durable steel barrel. This truly special group includes America’s #1 steel ballpoint pen, the F-301, plus a compact ballpoint pen, rollerball, gel pen, highlighter, fountain pen and mechanical pencil.

The Zebra Steel 3 Series combines style, durability, and value, and is a popular choice for the workplace, whether it’s an office or studio; on the job site or in the field.

The quality-designed, long-lasting stainless steel barrel is what makes these pens so unique and popular. It’s a hard-working pen, but stylish enough for any professional setting. What’s more, each pen in the Zebra Steel 3 Series features a comfortable rubber grip, plus a secure metal clip, so it will always be there when you need it.

Explore the 3 Series collection. These pens make any job that much easier!

F-301 Ballpoint Retractable Pen



Introducing America’s #1 steel ballpoint pen: the F-301 Ballpoint Retractable Pen.  This stainless steel beauty has premium features, including a sleek steel barrel, textured grip, and metal clip. Its easy glide ink delivers a smooth writing experience and outshines the competition. The F-301 Ballpoint is ideal for portability and works as hard as you do, even on your busiest days.  Choose from three ink colors with matching grip: Black, Blue, or Red.  Available in a 0.7mm, 1.0mm, and 1.6mm point size.  Refillable with F-Refill.

F-301 Ballpoint Retractable Pen—Breast Cancer Awareness




Zebra Pen is a proud sponsor of the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. With its pink trim and grip, use the Breast Cancer Awareness F-301 pen to express your support for breast cancer research. This pen features all the same benefits as the traditional F-301 Ballpoint (steel barrel, comfortable grip, easy glide ink performance, etc.). We know that pink is tough, and we recognize the efforts of those who bravely battle breast cancer every day. Available only in black ink and a 0.7mm point size. Refillable with F-Refill.


F-301 Compact Ballpoint Pen


A flexible and versatile pen, this go-anywhere version of the F-301 Ballpoint Retractable has the ability to collapse down in size, so it can be stored or carried with ease. Expand the pen to write and work, then collapse it later for portability. With a stainless steel barrel and clip, a no-slip, textured grip, and easy glide ink, the F-301 Compact is as practical as it is stylish. Available only in Black ink and a 0.7mm point size. Refillable with F-Refill.


301A Ballpoint Retractable Pen


Show your true colors with the 301A Ballpoint Retractable Pen – all of the great features of the original F-301 Ballpoint Retractable, but now available in four fashionable barrel colors: Blue, Gold, Grey, or Maroon!  Amp up your style and express yourself with this sophisticated pen.  The textured grip of this pen allows for a comfortable writing experience with every use.  Because of the secure metal clip, you won’t have to worry about losing your pen or having it roll around your work space.  The easy glide ink delivers a smooth writing performance, and it’s the perfect pen for everyday use. Available only in Black ink and a 0.7mm point size. Refillable with F-Refill.

M-301 Mechanical Pencil




All of the quality and style you expect from our 3-Series pens, but now in a mechanical pencil!  The rugged, sophisticated M-301 mechanical pencil is ideal for writing, sketching, and drafting.  Featuring a stainless steel barrel that is the hallmark the Steel line, this mechanical pencil is a practical addition to your Steel collection. The ridged grip allows for comfort when writing, and a handy eraser can be found neatly tucked under the cap. A durable clip ensures easy portability, too.  Available in 0.5mm and 0.7mm point sizes.  Refillable with standard lead.

G-301 Gel Retractable Pen



Do you love Gel pens? This one’s for you. The G-301 is equipped with the same sleek stainless steel barrel and popular features as its F-301 counterpart, but is filled with Gel Ink. The smooth flowing G-301 makes writing and drawing both clean and effortless. The easy glide of the gel ink will make this your go-to pen for everything.  Choose either Black or Blue ink with matching grip. Available in a 0.7mm point size.  Refillable.

V-301 Fountain Pen


The V-301 Fountain Pen is new and improved. The upgraded design features a new, and fitted, stainless steel nib to drastically improve performance and ink flow.  The V-301 has all the great Steel 3 Series features, plus a fitted cap to protect the tip. This fountain pen looks refined and professional and makes writing a pleasure. A convenient metal clip lets you keep it with you on the go.  Choose from Black or Blue ink.   Refillable with V-Refill.

R-301 Rollerball Pen


If you love the smooth effect of a fountain pen, but want the ease and value of a rollerball, you’ve found it here in the R-301 Rollerball Pen. Its precise arrow tip lets you exert less pressure when writing, producing smooth and crisp lines and a carefree writing experience.  The sturdiness of this steel pen stands up to everyday demands, and the easy-off cap allows you to protect your pockets and preserve ink.  The ribbed grip makes the R-301 comfortable all day long. Choose from Blue or Black ink.  Available in a 0.7mm point size.  Refillable with R-Refill.

H-301 Highlighter


Over those old, bulky highlighters? Come experience the versatile, ultra-sleek H-301 Steel Highlighter. The minimalist design looks great, and is highly functional. With its chisel tip you can mark or underline with ease and precision and never have to worry about smudges or smearing. The lightweight H-301 Steel Highlighter is easy to carry and secure with its metal clip.  The rubber grip allows for control and comfort. Choose from two vibrant color: Pink or Yellow. Refillable with HL-Refill.

Product Name Series Type Barrel Colors Ink Colors Point/Lead Sizes (mm) Grip Features
3-Series Ballpoint RT Pen Steel Black





1.6 mm

Non-slip, textured Metal clip, Easy Glide Ink
3-Series Ballpoint RT Pen Steel Black 0.7mm Pink, Non-slip, textured Pink trim, Metal clip, Easy Glide Ink
F-301 Compact
3-Series Ballpoint RT Pen Steel Black 0.7mm Non-slip, textured Metal clip, Easy Glide Ink, Collapsible
3-Series Ballpoint RT Pen Blue Gold Grey Maroon Black 0.7mm Non-slip, textured Metal clip, Easy Glide Ink
3-Series Mechanical Pencil Steel 0.5mm


Non-slip, textured Metal clip, Eraser
3-Series Gel RT Pen Steel Black


0.7mm Non-slip, textured Metal clip, Smooth Gel Ink
3-Series Fountain Pen Steel Black


Non-slip, textured Metal clip, Easy-pull cap, Steel nib


3-Series Rollerball Pen Steel Black


0.7mm Non-slip, textured Metal clip, Arrow tip
3-Series Highlighter Steel Pink


Non-slip, textured Chisel tip,

Metal clip, Smooth Glide Ink

Did You Wish Your Boss a Happy Boss’s Day?

October 17th marks the annual celebration of Boss’s Day. Several different countries around the world take part in celebrating bosses. Back in the fifties, a woman working for her father registered this day with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to make it a national holiday. She believed that taking one day a year to show appreciation for bosses and all of the hard work they put in at the workplace was well-deserved.

Today, this holiday is more representative of strengthening the relationships between employers and employees. Having a good or bad boss can truly make or break your work experience on a daily basis. When one stops to think of the pressures of everyday life on top of managing stores, businesses, or companies that bosses consistently face, they begin to realize just how big of toll it takes on a person. Boss’s Day is the perfect excuse for an employee to express a little bit of gratitude, a simple “Thank you” suffices!



Getting a gift for your boss has never traditionally been expected, but if you do feel so inclined, Zebra Pen has got you covered. Our Steel line of pens makes for the perfect small token of appreciation. The F-701 is a heavy-duty, stainless steel pen that exudes executive. This slightly weighted pen makes for a premium writing experience. Is your boss more of a pencil person? The same great features of the F-701 can be found in its counterpart, the M-701 mechanical pencil. Check out more information about our Steel 7-series and the rest of our Steel line at:

Don’t forget to wish your boss a happy Boss’s Day!
Find Zen in your pen. Zebra Pen.

How You Can Show Your Support?

Every October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  This devastating disease affects millions of people and the ones that they love each year.  Zebra Pen is a proud sponsor of the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  We show our support for those who courageously fight breast cancer through our line of Breast Cancer Awareness products, which features pens like the F-301 and BCA Pink Ribbon Ballpoint Retractable Pen.  You can support the brave battle that those with breast cancer endure by using our Breast Cancer Awareness Products or making a donation to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  Every little bit counts when it comes to funding the research to cure breast cancer or giving people access to screenings.  And don’t forget to think pink all month long!


Fall Crafts for Kids with Cadoozles

With autumn just beginning, now is the perfect time to create some adorable autumn inspired crafts with your kids!  Our Cadoozles Starters Colored Mechanical Pencils are the ultimate accompaniment to any and all crafts.   Cozy up with some apple cider and slippers and get to crafting.

Craft Stick Scarecrowscarecrow

Suggested Supplies:

  • Cardstock paper
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Felt
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Cadoozles® Starters Colored Mechanical Pencils
  • Googly Eyes

Assembling Craft:

  1. Cut the hat and nose out of the felt
  2. Glue sticks to cardstock to keep them together and sturdy
  3. Use Cadoozles® to color sticks for hair
  4. Glue eyes, nose, hair and hat to already adhered sticks in that order
  5. Use Cadoozles® to draw on mouth for scarecrow


Paper Plate Owl

Suggested Supplies:

  • Paper Plate
  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Cadoozles® Starters Colored Mechanical Pencils



Assembling Craft:

  1. Use Cadoozles® to draw on the feathers of the owl’s chest
  2. Fold the two sides of the plate to create the wings of the owl. Then fold down the top to create its head
  3. Color the wings with Cadoozles®
  4. Cut the eyes, beak, and feet from the construction paper
  5. Glue the eyes, beak, and feet to the paper plate

Original craft can be found here:


paper plate pumpkin maskPaper Plate Pumpkin Mask

Suggested Supplies:

  • Paper Plate
  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Cadoozles® Starters Colored Mechanical Pencils
  • Toilet Paper Roll
  • Green Pipe Cleaner
  • Stapler
  • Craft stick



Assembling Craft:

  1. Use Cadoozles® to color the paper plate as the pumpkin
  2. Cut out the center of the plate with scissors
  3. Cut about 3 inches off the toilet paper roll and staple to the top of pumpkin plate to create the stem
  4. Twist pipe cleaner around a Cadoozle® and carefully slide off to create the vine
  5. Staple this vine near the stem of the pumpkin
  6. Cut leaves from construction paper and staple them near vine and stem
  7. Glue a craft stick to the bottom to the pumpkin to complete mask

Happy crafting! Find zen in your pen. Zebra Pen.