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Which Steel is Right for You?

SiStock_000008662203Smallo many stainless steel designs, so little time!

Sure, we may have gone a little overboard by making 15 varieties of steel pens and mechanical pencils, but what can we say? We’re wild about pens.

The hardest part about choosing a stainless steel pen or mechanical pencil is figuring out which one is best for your needs. With all of the different model numbers, it can get confusing finding the right one for you, so let’s start with the basic question:

Do you need a pen, or a mechanical pencil?

Let’s start with mechanical pencils:

If you already love using our other mechanical pencils, you’ll love using these stainless steel versions.  We offer two varieties: M-301 and M-701.


The Original 3-Series features a sleek, sophisticated appearance housed in a rugged steel body for lasting performance. The M-701 offers a premium writing experience and features designer stainless steel from tip to clip. If your environmental conditions or career path call for a rugged, durable mechanical pencil, then look no further than these two pencils.

Now onto the Pens:

These pens really do offer an unparalleled writing experience. We have 12 different varieties of steel pens. So how do you sort them apart? Let’s start with pen type: Do you want a ballpoint pen (F-301, F-402, F-701)? How about gel (G-301), rollerball (R-301) or a fountain pen (V-301)?



If portability is a concern for you, try our Expandz Ball Point or Compact Ball Point (F-301), or Telescopic Ball Point pens.


Expandz-all f301-compact

Check out our steel product page to see the full selection!

What Month is it?

If you answered Z-Month, you’re correct!

What do you get when you dedicate an entire month to celebrating zebras? Simply put…we’re calling it Z-Month. We’re taking the entire month of June, and using it to spread global awareness for the conservation efforts of the largest zebra species – Grevy’s zebra.

It’s a win-win!Zebra Facebook Promo

Zebras win. You win. We’re not only donating $15,000 to the AZA to help save endangered Grevy’s zebras, we’re also celebrating with you! Throughout the month of June, we’ll be getting you involved with awesome prizes, promos, fun-facts and so much more! Don’t miss a moment of this exciting adventure! Like us on Facebook for daily updates, and while you’re there, share your ‘Zoo-tine’ by telling us your first stop when you visit the zoo. One winner will be chosen each week throughout the month of June to receive a 4-pack of tickets for a ‘Behind the Scenes VIP Tour’ at your closest participating AZA member zoo.

Special offers? Oh yeah!zebrapromo_FIN

One last thing: Be sure to check out our Special Offers page! We’re giving 15% off select animal pattern pens, and 25% off all Sarasa pens that help tame your world!

Want more?

Get more! Check out our partnership with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums!


Pens in the 1800s

The 1800s was a great century for advancements in medicine, social revolution and, of course, pens.

The big thing in the 1800s was the fountain pen, which used a steel point and an inkwell. The late 1800s brought us a fountain pen with its own self-contained ink, which meant not having to dip the pen in an inkwell.


Before the steel pen points were invented, writers would use quills, reeds or still brushes as pens.


The famous ballpoint pen was patented by John H. Loud, an American inventor, in 1888. The pen didn’t see much use until World War II, but pilots started using ballpoint pens because they wouldn’t leak at high altitudes. The pens became much more popular after the war, and are a popular choice today.

Dry Ink in 1 Second

TSplatteredInkhe Problem:

You know the feeling. You’re in the middle of writing something when, all of a sudden, you notice ink all over your palm. How embarrassing! This problem has plagued societies for centuries. The pain of slow drying ink has affected all of us, especially lefties!

We know ink can be a crucial deciding point for purchasing a pen, so we treat ink with respect at Zebra. If we can think of new ways to use technology to bring innovation to the way we use ink, then we can improve our products and make them that much more lovable.

ColorSwatchesWe brought this problem to our Ink Innovations Lab to do some testing, and we came out with a break-through ink solution that we’re pleased to share with you!

The Solution: Evolutionary Rapid Dry Ink

Our solution was the result of rigorous testing and improving of our ink, but before we could improve our ink, we had to take the following variables into account:

  1. Users writing pressure when putting pen to paper
  2. Paper Stock
  3. Bold point sizes, e.g., 1.0mm
  4. Ink color

See the results of our chart by visiting our Ink Innovations page. Our Rapid Dry Inks allow you to create and write fearlessly and…smearlessly. And test the rapid dry ink test by trying our new Sarasa RDI 14-Pack!

Share Your Talents!

StandOutCalling all fans!

We know our pens can be used to help you do amazing things. We know you’re out there. The doodlers, drawers, writers, dreamers. The game-changers. The visionaries. The people who see things differently.

Share those skills!

DragonflyWe want you to share your amazing art, writing and even videos right here in this blog category. Do you draw or write for a living? Maybe it’s a hobby that you’re passionate about. Either way, we want you to share some of your favorite work that you created with Zebra products. We want to feature your work in this space!



handwritingHere’s how you can get involved:

Write a post on Facebook with a picture or video of your work, and write “Post on Share Your Talents.” Upon review, your work will be selected and displayed in this blog category.


What are you waiting for? Let’s get this blog category up and running!

5 Reasons for Steel

Need a pen you can count on? How about one that’s durable and rugged enough to handle your lifestyle? If you’ve never experienced the satisfaction of using a Zebra Stainless Steel Pen, let us be the first to introduce you to them!

Here are five reasons to believe in Zebra Steel Pens:

1. Durable

Firetruck and hose

There’s a reason these pens are used by people who work in the harshest conditions like the Army, First Responders, Construction workers and Engineers. No matter what conditions you’re in, Zebra’s stainless steel pens are built to weather any storm. These pens are perfect for harsh work conditions.


2. Reliable


If you’re looking for a pen you can rely on, this pen fits the mold. From a high quality build that fits comfortably in your hand, to the smooth ink-flow, you won’t need any other pen by your side.


3. Test of Time


Zebra Steel pens don’t just pass the test of time – they ace it. These products are designed to withstand years of rigorous use in the harshest conditions. If you’re running low on ink, you can easily replace the ink cartridge and keep running with the same pen until you lose it or someone else steals it. Either way, this pen lasts.


4. Ink Flow


You may be concerned about the practical use of a pen made out of steel, but fear not. Zebra Steel Pens write smooth and efficiently.


5. Variety


With nearly 15 stainless steel pens to choose from, we bet there’s one out there that’s perfect for you. Our pens range from compact, refillable highlighter, Emulsion ink, rollerball, fountain pen, mechanical pencil, to a lot more!


Find the right Zebra stainless steel pen for you, right here on our website!

5 Fun Facts About Lefties

Sure, we all know that left-handers are uncommon (about 10% of the population), but we found a lot more interesting facts than that!

Here are five we think you’ll enjoy:

Tennis racket and ball1. Lefties are better at competitive sports

One-on-one sports like tennis, boxing and fencing are among many sports in which lefties have been found to triumph.



mixed oil paint with paintbrush2. Art comes more naturally to Lefties

You may not be a Picasso, but art, music and writing are considerably filled with left-handers. They are the creative professionals. “Left-handers have a higher fluid intelligence and better vocabulary than the majority of the population,” says Dr. Alan Searleman.


Multitasking businessman3. Lefties multitask better than righties

If you’re quicker at video games, sporting events, or other activities that require simultaneous responses, you’re probably left handed! Studies are finding that the major connection between the left and right brain is stronger in left-handers. Power to the left-handers!




adorable small cat on white bottom4. Human lefties are outnumbered – not so much with other species

Lefties make up roughly 10% of the population. However, species like cats, rats and mice are equally right and left-handed. Question: If a left handed human is considered a bear-paw, would a left-handed bear be considered a human-paw? Don’t answer that.


5Counter calendar august 13.. Lefties have their own day!

Are your calendars marked for August 13th? For left-handers, that’s the day to focus on the left-handers lifestyle. Does that mean every other day is right-handers day? I don’t see how that’s fair.