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Back to School: Round Two

Back to School

With the holiday season coming to an end, winter breaks from school will also be ending.  Now is the perfect time to restock on writing supplies that you probably ran out of last semester!  Soon you or your children will be waking up and stepping out into the cold in the early hours to leave […]

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Everything Students Need for Back to School


Everything Students Need for Back to School It’s that time of year again!  The new school year is almost upon us, and now is the time to stock up on all the school supplies that you or your kids will need come the first day of school (and you better get out there and shop […]

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Set The Stage For Success


Tips for a smooth transition back to school For parents putting bright-eyed students on the bus for the very first time and for seasoned moms and dads who know the drill inside and out, gearing up for another year of school is a process. The shopping extravaganzas, trips to the doctor for physicals, endless forms […]

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6 Tips on Dealing with Life after College

succeed at life after college

Up until now, your calendar year has revolved around school schedules. Now you’ve graduated, and suddenly it’s all about whatever career choice you’re planning to make. You have more freedom than before, yet your choice of career will determine how much freedom – and happiness – you have for the rest of your life. Be […]

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We Heart Teachers

We Heart Teachers Promo - Zebra Pen

Teachers, thank you for all the important work you do! We Heart Teachers ❤ In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, we’re celebrating teachers from now through the end of June! SPECIAL OFFER FOR TEACHERS Save $5 on $20 purchase* And You Could Win a $25 Visa Gift Card or a Cadoozles Classroom Pack, a $134.40 value. […]

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National Campaign to Foster Early Childhood Education

USA Today Zebra PenSupport Early Childhood Education

Zebra Pen Corporation has partnered with USA Today on an initiative to support early childhood education. Early childhood experiences have a deep impact on the rest of a child’s life, and America’s future economic prosperity will ultimately be determined by the success of today’s children. This initiative aims to supply parents, teachers and children with […]

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Get Your Teaching-Groove Back After A Long Break

Get Your Teaching-Groove Back

Students and kids aren’t the only ones who have a problem bouncing back into a school schedule after a long break. After weeks of relaxing, waking up when you want to, and copious amounts of “me” time, teachers are sometimes also reluctant to start school again. When you’ve had a long break, you can feel […]

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Take Back the Classroom, Make Learning Fun Again

Cadoozles Classroom Pack

In books, movies, and real life, kids drag their feet as their parents walk them to the school bus or drop them off, but why does school get such a bad rap? Standardized lesson plans turn school into a boring place where students pray for the final bell and a long nap. We think it’s […]

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Which Patterns Would Your Kids or Students Choose?


For children in Elementary School, the beginning of the year can be hectic. They’re still adjusting to the concept of being in school all day, and each grade brings new teachers, classrooms and classmates. As an Elementary School teacher, it’s not always easy to find writing instruments that kids really enjoy. Elementary school children want […]

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5 reasons kids need steel for school


Let’s not kid around, high school’s a jungle – and kids are on the loose. The high school chapter is crucial for preparing your child for college and the real world. Students face harder classes and tests, and they have more to do than ever before. Motivation is a key factor in success, but it […]

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